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  1. Re: First instrument(s) suggestions - mostly Irish/celtic/folk

    NFI on my part but nice price on this A-jr in the classifieds from Gryphon Strings:
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    Re: Coleman's Cross

    That is a lovely pace for learner's to reference - might be easier for folks on YouTube to find it if in the title it's clarified that it is Coleman's Cross the jig - example: "Coleman's Cross (jig)"...
  3. Re: A tip thatís helping my clarity and speed

    Yes, great observation Simon - the fiddler Kevin Burke talks about this in one of his tutorial videos in reference to using the bow, but it's very applicable to using a pick when playing fast on a...
  4. Re: Just Ordered my First Mandolin, Advice?

    Also check out the free online lessons Baron Collins-Hill provides over at
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    Re: Workshop Topics Suggestions

    I think proper technique breakdown is a GREAT one for a beginner/intermediate workshop - it'll help save attendees so much grief further down the line. Lack of appropriate technique can really...
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    Re: The pulse of a tune

    I don't think it's an either/or scenario necessarily unless someone wants it to be (meaning they prefer fast tunes to have a staccato quality with the notes ripped through with the same emphasis...
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    Re: Strings for sore finger tips

    One other thing, make sure you're not pressing down too hard when fretting notes - if you have to press down hard then that could be your sign that your action is too high. But even with perfect...
  8. Re: What are your thoughts on Deering Tenor Banjos

    Tips for when you go try banjos out: bring a lighter pick - for tenor banjo playing something in the range of .60mm - .72mm works well, and pick down near the bridge (good rule of thumb is 1-2inches...
  9. Re: First instrument(s) suggestions - mostly Irish/celtic/folk

    I think the ones you mentioned are all good potential first mandolins - I'd also add Eastman to that list. If you're able to play any in person that would help as far as figuring out if the neck...
  10. Re: Mandolin playing mindset vs guitar playing mindset

    I'm a long time guitar player, but I also started playing the tenor banjo prior to picking up the mandolin way back when, so I think that helped ensure that I never approached it from a guitar...
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    Re: R.I.P. Paddy Maloney

    Interesting to note that the kind of ensemble playing that the Chieftans played a part in popularising would be something that Tony MacMahon later lamented as moving people away from the appreciation...
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    Re: R.I.P. Paddy Maloney

    Sad week for trad music as box player Tony McMahon died a few days ago as well. Oddly enough, when I heard about Tony's death for some reason the thought popped into my head wondering was Paddy...
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    Re: Monel strings

    I'm a fan of monels as well - I've got the D'Addario ones on my Girouard and much prefer them to PB, can't see meself going back.
  14. Re: What are your thoughts on Deering Tenor Banjos

    I'd always vote for a 19 fret tenor banjo meself - I started out playing 17 fret tenors and once I switched to 19 fret I far preferred the string tension on them and I find it facilitates playing...
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    Re: Is this how it starts?

    What a beaut that F-2 is and what a great pair it and the Straddling are! I reckon you're going to have many happy years of picking with the new acquisition!
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    Re: Screamin' CL deal on a (very worn) F2

    Enjoy Sue! Some of the best old Gibson I've gotten a chance to play had replaced parts/lots and lots of honest wear - it's how they sound and feel to play that matters! Have a great weekend with your...
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    Re: RIP Arthur Stern

    RIP Arthur. Sad to lose a member of the mandolin community.
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    Re: Rattle The Quilt

    This one is more commonly known as "Apples in Winter". Just a suggestion as well that it could be helpful to state when a tune is a jig/reel/hornpipe etc. either in the title of your video or in the...
  19. Re: Two hornpipes: Pat Galvin's and Cuckoo's Nest

    Irish Tune info lists "Pat Galvin's" as an alternate name for "The Homeruler", which was written by Frank McCollum (always like to give credit to the composer when we know who it is), from Antrim,...
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    Re: Warm up song

    It'd be "Dancing Eyes", a great Sean Ryan jig - I usually start with some scales and some warm up exercises from one of Enda Scahill's books, and then launch into this jig - for me it's a great warm...
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    Re: Contemporary Pumpkin Tops?

    Wasn't the Weber Vintage A a kind of pumpkin top-ish finish? I had one briefly and if I recall correctly the colour of the top definitely leaned towards the pumpkin end of the spectrum.
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    Re: Contemporary Pumpkin Tops?

    Pretty sure Max Girouard has done a pumpkin top oval A in the past.
  23. Re: Advice/Suggestions on characteristics of an ideal mandolin st

    - No metal or plastic

    - Non slippery on the underside of it so that it doesn't move around when you're wearing it

    - Leather that doesn't stretch: I had a mandolin strap once that stretched...
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    Re: Case options for flat top

    Nice case!
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    Re: Buying without being able to play

    On the theme of the OP looking for a European made instrument I looked up Capek's prices for F models and they list €2630 as the price for their Basic model and €3460 as the price for the...
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