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    Re: The best mandolins for your money...

    Well, I also posted it to the Facebook Mandolin Group, which is fun but far inferior to the Cafe. I had second thoughts about posting it here but did not heed them. Perhaps I'll wise up next time.
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    Re: RIP Arthur Stern

    The Stern Studios family is deeply saddened by the loss of our beloved Arthur Issac Stern who passed peacefully on September 22, 2021. His impressive 45-year career as an architectural glass and...
  3. Thread: RIP Arthur Stern

    by Dawg

    Re: RIP Arthur Stern

    I was deeply saddened and shocked to receive this news. Arthur was a brilliant artist and a true friend for over 40 years. His studio/home in Oakland was our playroom and hangout in the early days of...
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    Re: IBMA Awards Announcement

    This announcement from IBMA did not include the industry awards, but I figured I'd share this one since it is one of our fellow mando players.

    Writer of the Year - Tristan Scroggins
  5. Thread: Del Fest

    by Mandobar

    Re: Del Fest

    There's a lot of that going around.
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    Re: 61 F5 at Carters

    Just testing out a new strategy for publicity. Looks like it worked.
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    Re: Learning mandolin and music theory?

    Mandolin for Dummies, by Cafe member Don Julin.

    Once upon a time, that phrase was the punchline to a bunch of jokes, then the actual book was published and ... it all became clear! There will be...
  8. Re: New music from Adrian Gross and Friends - Adeline

    Big thanks for the share, it means a lot to see this featured on the Cafe. This record was way too much fun to make, thanks to everyone who checks it out.
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    Andy Statman Bought A Loar F5!

    A couple of weeks ago Andy Statman made the move and purchased a Lloyd Loar F5 from Larry Wexer ( in New York City. His father purchased a Loar for him when he was a teenager, but...
  10. Are you interested in a new method for the mandocello?

    Dear mandocello players,

    Perhaps you know my projects on, where I write some new books for mandolin, mandocello, mandola and octave mandolin.

    I got a couple of emails asking about a...
  11. Re: Article: Jethro Burns's Tea For One Rereleased by Acoustic Di

    on Friday I was talking to a class about chord-melody a/k/a "Jethro Style", mentioning recordings that featured ample displays of his pioneering technique. I said "one you gotta get is...
  12. Re: Article: Jethro Burns's Tea For One Rereleased by Acoustic Di

    What a release! Consisting of studio and live tracks, with some previously-unissued tunes, this is so welcome. Back in the day, the hunt was on for the vinyl, cassette copies of the album, anything!...
  13. My restauration of my Pochette Mandolin is finished.

    Some before and after pictures

  14. Oh gosh, it's really here! I'm so proud of this...

    Oh gosh, it's really here! I'm so proud of this tribute to your grandfather. Here's to all the brave Italian immigrant mandolinists who came here to forge a new life but kept the village dances alive...
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    Re: New Chris Thile album

    Adam is one of the most genuine individuals, musically, as well as personally that Iíve encountered. Another individual like that is Rachel Eddy.

    What Iíve learned from watching the hours and...
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    Re: Jethro's Mel Bay mandolin book.

    My 41-year old copy, still going strong.
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    Re: Middle of the night practice?

    You're onto us, MandolinCafe, but please don't give away the trade secrets! :mandosmiley:

    John, I'm delighted to hear that Peghead Nation is infiltrating your sleeping hours. It's not odd at all,...
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    Re: Question about Collings mandolins

    With all due respect, I would not consider the upper line "The Loar" mandolins to be in the same class as a Collings instrument.

    I know two fellows who worked for Collings. I don't know if...
  19. While I hardly consider myself a capitalist...

    While I hardly consider myself a capitalist ideologue, I think in this case, the invisible hand is going to take care of the mando market. If lots of people want luthier-level American made...
  20. Re: Article: New Music from The Foreign Landers - Put All Your Tr

    I will be interviewing David and Tabitha on my radio show on WTJU Charlottesville, VA about The Foreign Landers recording friday May 21st at 4pm US EDT. The show will also be archived on the WTJU...
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    NMD - Skip Kelley two-point

    Looks like my long journey is coming to a pleasing end. Those who remember my first posts, I was looking for advice on purchase. As many before have praised, I found this place searching for info on...
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    Old-time on Dotara (Indian Lute)
  23. Re: Aaron Weinstein's New Apitius yorkville mandolin

    Extra! Extra!! New video with the Yorkville just posted...
  24. Re: Any atheist / agnostic Bluegrasser's out there?

    I'm not here to have that discussion but if you'd like to find like minded folks why not take a trip over to Facebook and create a group. You'll find like minded folks. Since you're not looking to...
  25. Aaron Weinstein's New Apitius yorkville mandolin

    Hi all,

    I'm so excited by the new mandolin I just received from genius luthier, Oliver Apitius. In my opinion, there is no mandolin that is better suited to Jazz. And it plays like a dream. I...
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