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    Re: Going from mandolin to mandola, tunes

    You can move up the neck a bit on the mandola to get out of the confusion zone near the nut.
    Then you pick two roots an octave apart. Either four string to third or fourth to second.

    So you’re...
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    Re: What's this? 0-3-2-0

    I agree Mark, the problem is that a lot of guitarists think that TAB is text with [Gm] in between.

    But, 'what’s the Chord Tab?' seems quite self-explanatory to a mandolinist.
  3. Re: Mandolin Orchestra, Pink Floyd, Shine on…

    -yes, I love Pink Floyd! :)
  4. Mandolin Orchestra, Pink Floyd, Shine on…

    Been on YT for quite a while now, but can’t find the thread so shine on… Enjoy!
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    Re: What's this? 0-3-2-0

    If someone in a bar shouted: Hey that chord you just played, what are the string numbers?
    And you replied: Aah, the Chord String Numbers are 0230.

    Or you could say: Dude, it’s a C major, work it...
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    Re: Gong from mandolin to mandola, tunes

    Capo on the second fret of a mandola and play everything one course below OR you can even put lighter strings on and tune it to DAEB, that sometimes works well. A lot depends on scale length, the...
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    Re: Need more dog songs...

    -I was just about to post this wonderful song, thanks!
    This sounds like an octave mandolin…
  8. Re: TS, TRS, TRRS, anyone know why my doesn’t microphone work?

    Sorry, I didn’t say it correctly.
    I mean it’s like a Hollywood movie when there’s a landscape panning shot and then an actor starts talking before the camera view has changed to them. It’s often...
  9. Re: TS, TRS, TRRS, anyone know why my doesn’t microphone work?

    Thanks Keith, one of the reasons is that I like to record mandolin outside and sometimes it’s using a wide angle lens, for example as in intro shot. Then move to a close shot for the tune. If I can...
  10. Re: TS, TRS, TRRS, anyone know why my doesn’t microphone work?

    Many thanks Keith, Ray and Beanzy I really appreciate you taking the time to help and share this info.

    So it works! (Partly)
    I plugged the red lead with the TRS ends into the electret, active...
  11. TS, TRS, TRRS, anyone know why my doesn’t microphone work?

    Ok, there are four 6mm sockets for each dial on this Zoom H6. There’s also a 3.5mm socket at the top with the microphones. I need to attach the external microphone so I can use it at the same time as...
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    Re: PLEASE! A few Mandola pieces

    Ha,ha, check my YouTube channel.
    I actually only have an octave mandolin -a real mandolin is now out of my price-range as my proficiency on the octave has increased BUT I have posted a lot of...
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    Re: Should I Resist Waverly Tuners?

    Interesting, I’ve always thought that mandolins, for the most part are beautiful instruments. Someone even complimented me on my Rogue-clone the other day.
    But then the metalwork stuck onto the poor...
  14. Re: The Berkeley Old Time Music Convention - Berkeley, CA

    Now this sounds like it could be a lot of fun.
    Unfortunately I don’t live in the Bay Area anymore…
  15. Re: The Dilemma of Motivation, Attention Span, and Practice Regim

    1 Join our Newbie Social group. Post your version of Irish Washerwoman. Smile and congratulate yourself every morning for a week.
    2 Do it again.
    3 Give up whatever’s making you feel lethargic....
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    Re: Good Tone - How long does it actually take?

    Good days, bad days.
  17. Re: Anyone converted an old violin into mandolin?

    Better still, I’m thinking of putting some heavy CGDA strings on my GDAe fiddle and then actually play the thing… medieval, hurdygurdy-style!
  18. Re: question on Getting Into Jazz Mandolin exercises

    Interval training really helps when trying to play by ear.
    You hear a melody jump and your fingers will automatically jump the same amount.

    Even a little practice will help a lot.

    (Jumping up...
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    Re: Can anybody tell me what I have?

    Wow, actually quite pretty.
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    Re: Can anybody tell me what I have?

    Careful! Down in the basement it could be part of the building’s first floor load-bearing structure.
    See if you can find it on architectural drawings for the property.
    If not then burn it...
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    Re: What's this? 0-3-2-0

    Don’t know what it’s called Mark, but I found it really useful when learning to visualise doublestops for a geographical perspective of the fretboard. It may be useful to mathematics types and...
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    Re: The joy of arranging

    You say you have plenty of mandolinists? Well excuse me!

    If I was in a passenger-carrying balloon over the ocean full of sharks and we were going down because we had too much weight and everyone...
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    Re: Newly completed Mandolino Milanese

    Very nice, thanks for posting. I like that renaissance look.
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    Re: First ever tremolo
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    Re: Guitar Chord Photo Flash Cards

    Try search guitar chords. Good luck! :)
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