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  1. Re: Nobody Knows You When .... chord progression confusion

    That’s it exactly David, that harmonizes the notes in the runs I was referring to
  2. Re: Nobody Knows You When .... chord progression confusion

    When playing solo mandolin on vocal tunes, like this one, I often choose chord voicings that allow for a moving “bass” figure on the 4th string and in the case of this song, add little chromatic runs...
  3. Re: Nobody Knows You When .... chord progression confusion

    Yes those are the notes JB and are quick, mostly chromatic runs which I cannot resist on these type of tunes. They have become a bit cliche for a reason, they’re perfect for these tunes an never grow...
  4. Thread: Levon Helm

    by Mark Gunter

    Re: Levon Helm

    Thanks for bumping this!

    Here's another more recent thread of interest to Levon fans

    Check out my post #15 ... it has a newly...
  5. Re: Nobody Knows You When .... chord progression confusion

    C / E7 / A7 / / / Dm / A7 / Dm / / / F / F#dim / C / A7 / D / D7 / G / G7 / is the progression I normally use, with a "bass" run on the G string from the C down to A for the C / A7 and a "bass" run...
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    Re: Pig Jicking?

    Hi Doug, a question: Are you still discussing Irish music per se, or mandolin playing in general? I've left my own voice out of this ornamentation thing since the question was about ITM vs. Bluegrass...
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    Re: Pig Jicking?

    Like most things mechanical in music, DUDDUD picking is simply a matter of practice in order to internalize - if you desire to use the technique.

    In my own playing, I'm a big advocate of...
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    Re: Three string chords - good and bad?

    Also, even in solo playing, root can be omitted on many chords. It will be implied in the context of the chord progression, so the listener will “hear” the root - actually the modulation of the...
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    Re: Three string chords - good and bad?

    Using the bottom 2 or 3 strings to do most of the work (G & D courses with the A course) and using the top two strings (sometimes the A course used this way and very often the E course) to simply add...
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    Re: How to practice Circle of 5ths

    Bill, it is not the name of the landing note that makes a fifth or fourth; the note names and chord names are relative. A fifth does not refer to a chord or note but rather names an interval. The...
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    Re: Just tuning. Will it make things better?

    I highly recommend the book by Stuart Isacoff, Temperament: How Music Became a Battleground for the Greatest Minds of Western Civilization
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    Re: Just tuning. Will it make things better?

    Study a bit about music history in regards to tunings - you’ll learn why the true intervals cannot be practically accounted for in any portable musical instrument, what tuning schemes were developed...
  13. Re: How has the mandolin changed your guitar playing?

    I continue to neglect guitar in my own life. Once I really got interested in mandolin, the first couple years I hardly ever practiced or learned anything on guitar, but I still used it when playing...
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    Re: Hide glue question

    Just to say there seem to be the impression in a few of the posts that aliphatic resin glue joints are non-reversible - this is not the case. Most of those glues are both thermoplastic (can be...
  15. Re: A strange contraption for measuring and installing new string

    I have grown to detest string changes on slot heads. Applaud your efforts, but this doesn’t make the task appear any more appealing to me :)
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    Re: Sweep picking on mandolin?

    Most mandolin and guitar methods and tablatures, and some sheets, use something more like the capital Pi symbol and the carat or (often inverted) v letter.

    An "open bottomed box" similar to the...
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    Re: Crosspicking vs "the Other Kind"

    Sherry, you won't find an example like that because you are putting the terms "flat picking" and "cross picking" vs. each other ... but they are not opposed to one another. "Cross picking" is "flat...
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    Re: Tips for moving up the neck needed

    Step one: Pick a tune that you really love to work with.

    Step two: If you don't already know it, learn the melody in first position along with learning the chord changes.

    Step three: Go up the...
  19. Re: How do you think of the fretboard - closed patterns or just n

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    Re: NVNVNVNV - reasons?

    Default - not absolute, just default. Why? To set the groove. But this does not apply to some musical forms, necessarily, like jigs,etc.

    Playing 2/2 or 4/4 (common time, "common" is sort of...
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    Re: New Mandolin Style

    Really interesting and imaginative, but I doubt its practicality re: acoustics. I think there is good reason why the traditional Gibson scroll of the F models was placed "outside" the sound chamber,...
  22. Re: New to mando...coming from guitar...where would you start?

    Thousands of members here were in your shoes at some point, guitar players drawn to the mandolin. It took me a year or so to sort of begin to find a mandolinny voice for myself, as in the beginning I...
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    Re: What 7th Chords Go with What Major Keys?

    Keep it simple, just learn the dominant 7 chord of every chord you know by adding the flat 7 note to those chords. Then just learn how to make the major 7 chords by simply adding the 7 note.

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    Re: Going backwards

    Yes indeed, this happens to most, if not all, musicians.

    This can be especially daunting to a beginner - and exacerbated by the beginner's growth in 'hearing' more accurately what they're doing,...
  25. Re: Imagining Bernie Madoff - my first post here

    Great work, I like it!
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