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    Re: Want to take up the cello

    I actually started filling out the paperwork to rent a cello. I tried one in the music shop and could make a decent sound on it, so I thought this would be fun to have around for my retirement...
  2. Re: What do you keep your picks and stuff in?

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    Re: Gibson F2 and F4 mandolins.

    I've never bought a mandolin with its market value, now or potentially in the future, as a factor in my decision making. I bought an F-4 after playing it for about 6 months when it was on loan to me...
  4. Re: How has the mandolin changed your guitar playing?

    I have played guitar since I was 15. I started mandolin at age 45 and I started violin at 50. Now at 66, mandolin, mandola, and fiddle are my go-to instruments. I do have a couple of guitars,...
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    Re: Old vs New Oval

    I recently A and B'd my Coombe Mandola from 2009 with my 'teens Gibson H-1. It's a tough call: the Gibson is louder and has a more "hollow" sound--some call it "tubby" but I don't think that is the...
  6. Re: I decided to hang it on the wall: it might be safer there

    Oops, yeah. A-1!
  7. Re: I decided to hang it on the wall: it might be safer there

    This is the "Jeanette Greene" mandolin. It was purchased in over 100 years ago by Meredith Green in San Diego, CA, and went to her daughter, Jeanette, when she was in her 'teens. Jeanette stopped...
  8. I decided to hang it on the wall: it might be safer there

    It has been in its case most of the time for the last 100 years, but I think I am more likely to damage it pulling it out and putting it back than if I keep it on the wall.
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    Re: Bluegrass Gospel

    There’s a Bill Monroe album on Apple Music called “The Gospel Spirit”. It is nothing short of amazing.
  10. Re: How to Open a Vintage Guitar Store in Seven Easy Steps

    In 2002, when I first logged onto Mandolin Cafe, I had just started my little business designing and building underwater cameras for the nuclear power industry. I started playing mandolin to help me...
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    Re: From Violin to Mandolin - Questions

    I play Bach’s Cello suites on Mandolin. I use the violin notation that is transposed up an octave plus a fifth.

    I play violin as well.

    I play mandolin mostly on a teen’s oval hole Gibson...
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    Josh Turner Guitar Plays Mandolin
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    Re: What's The One That Got Away?

    Many years ago Don Macrostie was building a Red Diamond F5 for me, but I fell on financial difficulties and after many sleepless nights (I was starting a new business and had a lot of unexpected...
  14. Re: Thoughts on starter fiddles/transitioning to fiddle

    I started fiddle about 10 years ago with a free fiddle I got from a retired violin teacher. He had a closet full of old violins. It is an old European made fiddle almost 100 years ago. I took it...
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    Re: Picked up a fiddle recently..

    I’ve got about twenty years on the mandolin, ten years on the fiddle. I love them both. I play mandolin, and practice fiddle.
    I used to learn the tune on the mandolin first, and then go to the...
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    Re: F2/F4 style mandolins?

    As I sit here watching the smoke from the wildfires upwind of me, and see the wind getting stronger, I think of what I need to take with me if I should have to flee.
    In no particular order: my...
  17. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    [QUOTE=atsunrise;1739076]Here’s a guy who’s just done a little hike from his town onto this hill.
    He’s doing singing and playing a big fiddle with only two strings.

    Is this easier than playing...
  18. Re: What instrument is the hardest? My experience

    I torture myself, my dogs, and my family with violin, and although I can make notes that are almost in tune, I wouldn't represent myself as being able to play, even after 10 years. But the most...
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    Re: Should I pay for damage caused?

    My son got pretty good at guitar and was invited to play in a band. I bought him a Gibson Songwriter as he had fulfilled his end of a deal I made with him. The bass player, who had a day job and...
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    Re: What's your new fiddle tune?

    Hello, everybody. I just started on "First Night in Leadville", Ryan's Mammoth p42. Norman Blake does a version of this delightful tune (on guitar) on his album "Far Away Down on a Georgia Farm" ...
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    Re: A mandolin/violin relative price story

    According to Phil Salazar, the story goes that in the bow workshop, they build them first, then a violinist comes in and sorts them by how they play. They can look exactly the same, and be made...
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    Re: A mandolin/violin relative price story

    Ha! My bow was a little costly, but my violin was free. It's very expensive to replace the strings on my violin, though, and I've spent more money at the luthier on the violn than any mandolin. At...
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    Re: Gibson mandolin tailpiece cover

    I have the same on my '57 A-5.
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    Re: What's your new fiddle tune?

    Excelsior Hornpipe. Ryan's p 172
  25. Re: F4 vs F5; or, how do you like your oval holes?

    The best money I ever spent in my life was a wedding ring for my wife. Second best was my F
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