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    Re: Please define “intermediate”

    At our Fiddle Hell Festival, whether in person or online, attendees self-assess their levels to decide what workshops and jams to attend. Here's what we tell them (and note that the same person can...
  2. 15 violin etudes by Russian composers

    Originally these etudes from “Selected etudes for violin. Music school 1-3. “Muzyka”. Moscow, 1981” consist of only a melody, one single and sometimes a very simple voice and they are for first to...
  3. Re: Learning to find the notes on the mandolin neck

    Two thoughts, seemingly almost trivial, but they helped me thru your current stage of confusion:

    1- When I was at your point on guitar (uhm, six decades ago?), learning "up the neck" first...
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    Theory for beginners videos

    I have started a new video series teaching aimed at beginners interested in learning music theory. The first 6 videos with PDF files (tab and music notation) are here:
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    'When Mandolins Dream' Notation and Tab

    Hey everybody! It has been a while since I last posted here but thought I would post a new transcription that I just got done with.

    Here is the video link I transcribed the fingerings from:

  6. Chris Thile Transcription (Temperance Reel)

    Hello everybody,

    I've been working on figuring out the dusty end of my fingerboard (high up there on the neck) and decided to start transcribing solos that involved shifting positions. It looks...
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    Re: Chart for notation to TAB

    While reading older threads on a different topic, I came across this image offered by member Wayne Bagley in 2011:

  8. Re: Any and All Punch Brothers Tablature or Sheet Music

    I know this thread hasn't been active for a while but I've been transcribing some Punch Brothers songs over the summer and thought I'd post a link for anyone who's interested. My primary interest has...
  9. Re: Exercises to loosen left hand fingers for fretting

    In a similar vein, I was prescribed the following stretches when my tendons played up in my fretting hand and arm:

    1. face the wall, stick both arms out parrallel to the floor and place both...
  10. Re: Exercises to loosen left hand fingers for fretting

    I'm developing arthritis in the base of my left thumb and this stretch helps me a lot: Extend your left arm out to your side horizontal to the ground, place your hand on a wall with your palm flat to...
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    Re: Mike Marshall Lessons Worth It?

    Some advice: learn everything you can by ear, learn the chords of a song first, be able to sing the melody, find the melody on the mandolin, simplify the melody to just the core notes, fill up the...
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    Re: Pick Technique

    If I understand this correctly, you are moving the pick like a paintbrush, the tip of the pick always trailing behind the hand. For strumming with low to medium volume this may suffice, but to...
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    Re: Two Finger vs Closed Chords

    I would say that not all four-finger chords are chop chords. Can you simulate chopping with a closed-position chord? Perhaps, but that doesn't make it a chop chord. A closed-position A-chord,...
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    Re: Pick direction and string crossing

    The previous posting doesnt allow correct spacing of the letters. Here it is again:

    D down
    D up
    A down
    D up
    D down
    A up
    repeat a million times
  15. Picking question - not on pick direction, for a change!

    My fellow band members and I were practicing yesterday, and we started discussing the different techniques that each of us have, for holding and picking the mandolin / OM / Cittern. I've tried...
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    A classical guitarist taught me this exercise....

    A classical guitarist taught me this exercise. (If you're right handed otherwise reverse it) put your right arm across your chest as if it was a fretboard. Reach underneath with your left hand and...
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