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  1. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    I've just paid this year's renewal fees for The Irish Mandolin and I thought it might be an opportune moment to give a bit off an update on how the site has been developing over the last little...
  2. Re: English Country Dance tunes (David M. Brown arrangements)

    A Waltz For Corwin

    Here is another of the arrangements from the Country Dance book -- this one is not actually a country dance but a modern folky waltz, written by Mickie Zekley (of Lark In The...
  3. Replies

    Dubova tenor guitar

    A while back I asked Michael Dubova if he would be interested in building me a tenor guitar. He hadnít done one, but was was keen to try. He really is great to work with and receptive to my ideas...
  4. Re: Customer selecting specific woods for custom build

    luthier88 said it well.
    A builder developed a characteristic sound, with enough experience. He/she can vary that sound to some extent, but few can comply with "I want it to sound like mandolin X"...
  5. Re: Customer selecting specific woods for custom build

    The luthier who recently made my octave mandolin was totally amenable to my selecting woods. First we discussed the tonal qualities of all the woods that I was curious about until we decided on a...
  6. Re: Customer selecting specific woods for custom build

    We collect wood for years and know, or at least think we know, the characteristics of our wood in the stash, and we learn to shape and graduate the raw materials that we have to our best benefit. If...
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