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  1. Re: English Country Dance tunes (David M. Brown arrangements)

    Thank you for posting these videos, they are very inspirational.
  2. Re: Classical Mandolin Skype/Zoom/Online lessons

    Oops, sorry for taking so long to get back, don't check my own threads often enough, apparently. Thanks to a nice email from Jim Imhoff I was able to find the local instructor Tim Connell who offers...
  3. Re: Classical Mandolin Skype/Zoom/Online lessons

    Thanks for both of your help. I was able to find a local instructor to help get me going in the right direction.
  4. Thread: Books

    by Peter Reynolds

    Re: Books

    NFI but Niles Hokkanen's Guide to Chords is my personal favorite mandolin chord book. It has the blues grass chords, open chords, closed position jazz chords, and common chord progressions to boot....
  5. Classical Mandolin Skype/Zoom/Online lessons

    I'm a New-ish mandolin player that has been picking for a bit more than a year at this point. I started with fiddle tunes, playing mostly from tab but more recently working on notation. However, I've...
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    Re: Your favorite Tab tune books?

    Thanks for all the great suggestions guys. After reading this I actually shot off an email to Voyager records asking if they had any intention of ever reprinting this book( they don't) but, as luck...
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    Re: Pig Jicking?

    I'm still essentially a beginner/novice mandolin player but I struggled with DUD DUD at first.(Although I was decent at alternate picking) It was absolutely painful trying to play a Jig as I would...
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    Your favorite Tab tune books?

    I recently picked up Aidan Crossey's new book of 100 ITM tunes, printed it out, and had it spiral bound at my local UPS store. It's been an absolute joy picking through the arrangements on this lazy...
  9. Sticky: Re: An invitation for members to use their real name

    Hello, would you mind changing my name to Peter Reynolds, please? Thank you!
  10. Re: Quality of a 2014 vs 2021 Eastman MD315

    If you're happy with instrument you have in hand I certainly wouldn't return it on the word of some internet strangers and hope the next one you get sounds better.

    I wouldn't spend any time...
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    Re: Mandola owners

    Sorry to post in an old thread but this seemed the most relevant and not terribly long ago.

    I also have an Eastman MDA815 and I'm trying to figure out if the Thomastik 164 set or the light 174 set...
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    Mandolin Tuned as a Mandola

    Has anyone here had success tuning a mandolin, standard 14"/36cms~ scale, down to mandola tuning?

    I was messing around on the McDonald's String tension calculator and it looks like the D'addario...
  13. Re: Customer selecting specific woods for custom build

    Thanks for the replies so far guys, very interesting to read all this.

    Sunburst do you normally let your customers have input, after giving them your thoughts on what different types of woods...
  14. Re: Customer selecting specific woods for custom build

    Wow! That's a great looking piece of wood and sounds like you got really involved and had fun in the building process.

    It's also a great point that maybe certain parts of the wood on the...
  15. Customer selecting specific woods for custom build


    First time posting here, but I've been lurking through the forum archives for a while.

    I'm hoping to ask the many builders on this forum what their opinion is of customers requesting...
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