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    Re: Dr. Arm for Mandolin

    Some people use an arm rest and really like it. I say more power to them!

    Some people don't use an arm rest and get along fine. I say more power to them!

    It's your mandolin. Enjoy.
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    Re: Does my mandolin sound cheap???

    I think your mando sounds just fine. I would agree with the previous posters. Don't be afraid to pick a little harder. It will come along with practice and confidence!
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    Re: Capo for an octave

    I use a capo quite a bit on my octave. Some keys are just finger busters on the longer scale octave, so I use it to get myself into more friendly positions. I enjoy the opportunities to utilize...
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    Re: Happy Birthday Scott Tichenor!

    Happy birthday Scott! The cake maker really screwed up this year. :)

  5. Re: Unique description of a beautiful 1923 A4, for sale in Japan

    Kind of reminds me of the fun and craftily worded descriptions you'd read from Mandolin Brothers.
  6. Re: A2 Sold by a Gibson Teacher-Dealer in Canada

    Great bit of information about the history and music scene of that era! Thank you for sharing.
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    Re: Education (trip to Carter's)

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us. A visit to a store with more than two mandolins to try seems like a rare treat from where I'm sitting.
  8. Re: Looking for some insight into microtonal mandolin

    I like it! To me it's like discovering a new color. My western music ear says those notes shouldn't be there, but they pop up like tasty treats. Very exciting!
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    Re: Sam knows all!!!

    Sam Bush - the Original Tennessee Stud! :grin:
  10. Re: Article: 2021 Monroe Mandolin Camp Mandolin and Banjo Video S

    Congratulations to the winners!
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    Re: Terminology Question

    "Grammar police?"

    Please, friends. It is 2021. :confused:

    We prefer to be called "grammarians."

    Thank you.

    Edited to add: Congratulations to the scholarship winners for both banjo...
  12. Re: Intermediate Mando - Good Mando to Step up to?

    Just my two cent, subjective thoughts and experience...

    The potential models you posted indicate you are looking for a F5 style instrument, under a thousand dollars. As most folks here would...
  13. Re: Kalamazoo KM 11 - What's the current street price?

    Update - Add this one to the "This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer" file.

    The seller seemed a little irked at the suggestion that his instrument may be worth less than the asking...
  14. Re: Songs/tunes that drive our partners (and families) crazy!

    I've only received the 'glare of death' from my wife on one occasion. It was one o'clock in the morning and I thought I was making good progress on the second section of the Theme from The Good,...
  15. Re: Kalamazoo KM 11 - What's the current street price?

    Mick and Mike - Thank you for your input!

    You pretty much confirmed what I suspected; anything north of $500 is wishful thinking on the seller's part. I believe I will make an offer on the local...
  16. Kalamazoo KM 11 - What's the current street price?

    I have located a Kalamazoo KM 11 for sale in my hometown. I haven't handled it, but photo's I've seen look promising.

    If it is in decent playing shape, with no major repairs needed, what...
  17. Re: New Eastwood "Duo-Sonic" Style Tenor Guitar

    I really have to give Eastwood credit for making a variety of tenors that I almost want. :confused:
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    Re: Eastwood Mandocaster - 7 colors

    We are living in a golden age! Mandolins of all shapes, and colors.

    I am glad that someone has recognized that the mandolin market needs more options!
    These look like fun.
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    Re: Easiest Jam Tunes to Memorize

    Around these parts, some nice ol' timey jam songs that pop up nearly every time are; You Are My Sunshine, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, I'll Fly Away, Amazing Grace, and Angel Band.

    Some more...
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    Re: Learning to Jam A Primer?

    Sherry, I've really enjoyed your recent adventure with your Weber and am glad you have found someplace to get out and play. We're rooting for you!

    I'll share a few reflections on my experiences...
  21. Thread: Sorensen VX

    by trodgers

    Re: Sorensen VX

    Good for you! I really dig how Mr. Sorensen tips the hat at traditional mandolin design, then blasts off for outer-space. Very cool looking instruments, for sure!
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    Re: Music Store Etiquette

    Glad to hear this tale of adventure (and acquisition) has come to a happy ending. I would bet a lot of us were enjoying Sherry's excitement!

    Happy Playing, Sherry!
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    Re: Eastman H4 style Mandola

    I too would like to hear more. I've been casually looking for a mandola for a couple of years. I am not a fan of F style mandolins, but the Eastman's seem to be about the only budget priced...
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    Re: Hands on with a Zeta acoustic mandolin

    Thank you Daryl for your thoughtful review. I truly value the 'expert opinions' we get here on the Mandolin Cafe.

    I've very happily been playing my Collings MT for a number of years and have...
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    Re: Cases and covers

    Perhaps we should be thinking outside the box here. Perhaps that extra-extra-layer of protection could come in the form of a carefully executed steel cage, to protect the instrument, case and case...
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