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    Re: Mandola string advice sought

    I use the Curt Mangan sets pretty much exclusively, and highly recommend them.
    I have used the John Pearse, they were a little darker.
    I did not like the GHS.
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    Re: Do I need a mandola?

    True, I remember many post on this board a few years ago about "where can you get an octave mandolin" the choices were thin, Weber, Freshwater, Trinity College, now days it seems you can't find a...
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    Re: Mandolin Care?

    Best care for your instrument is to play it regularly.
  4. Re: Best mandolin video courses - Homespun or Peghead?

    While Peghead isn't strictly Bluegrass and Old Time, it leans that way, Artist Works works does seem a little more diverse.
    I like the Peghead approach, its more laid back, however it tends to be...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Pat Metheny's "Bright Size Life" on a pair of Webers, a Black Ice Octave and a Yellowstone Mandola.

  6. Re: Embarassing Question - Which Mandolin to Bring to Jam?

    if you have a nice mando, bring it out, show it off, let others check it out while you play theirs, you tend to start figuring out what you really like about different mandolins, and after that I can...
  7. Thread: Weber octar

    by tmsweeney

    Re: Weber octar

    Very cool. Is it called "Octar" just because of the guitar shape? - I am assuming its coursed GDAE, the 23 1/2 inch scale is the same as my Eastwood octave, a little stretchy for me compared to my...
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    Re: Beginner Mandolin Questions

    What would make a person start wanting to play the mandolin? Oh wait...

    For online, I have to go with Peghead Nation, just seems a lot more laid back than Artist Works, but you can watch...
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    Re: Nick's Front Porch Mandolin

    I like that "Lou's Blues", I remember Lou Martin lived around the NY Capital District for a while, saw him play with Walt Micheals at Old Songs I think.

    Nice pickin' there
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    Re: What's your new fiddle tune?

    since you went and got me hooked on the tune

  11. Re: David Grisman & Mike Marshall Livestream Nov. 18

    requesting Dawg Funk
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    Re: New to me Collings MT

    I picked up a Collings (2 of my friends had MT2s), I happen to stumble upon a used 09 F5 Blonde wide nut, I was specifically in the market for a wide nut but not necessarily a Collings.
    Needless to...
  13. Re: Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    Well I don't disagree we can have a variety of various picks in the arsenal, I do believe the pick itself contributes to right hand execution and tone production.
    So having some consistency makes...
  14. Re: Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    I also received a tone slab with a purchase, but I think it must be lighter than a 1.4 so it seems very bright, I will say I like the CT-55 on my mandocello, but for mandolins, I can't really tell...
  15. Re: Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    Thanks for the share experience guys, and Keith Rodgers I have worn the print off many a Prime Tone.
    If I play a worn Prime Tone and then use a brand new one - to me there is noticeable difference,...
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    Re: What's your new fiddle tune?

    I saw Norman and Nancy many times but somehow never with James, but he did make vinyl like "Full Moon on the Farm" and "Light House on the Shore" useless after the grooves were played off of them. I...
  17. Re: Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    and so I was playing "Farwell to Trion" from the fiddle tune discussion and started with the Blue Chip and I thought, "well this does sound and feel pretty good", I was interrupted by my cell phone,...
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    Re: What's your new fiddle tune?

    James is the man and whatever it is about his playing has always captivated me, there is a "humility" in his style that is infused into the music he plays. Plus he seems to have a penchant for...
  19. Re: Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    Well $35 versus $2 might be a valid reason.
    I will say the Dunlops do "wear" when you can't read the stamp on the one side - they tend to be somewhat diminished (to my ear anyway), if the Blue...
  20. Blue Chip CT 55 versus Dunlop Prime Tone 1.4

    probably been done before, I ordered a Blue Chip CT 55, but I have been using Prime Tone 1.4 and 1.5 pretty much for the last few years.

    at first I thought maybe the Blue Chip was a little fuller...
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    Re: Octave mandolin - F holes or an oval hole?

    I have both (both Webers) and I do prefer the F hole, granted its a somewhat higher end model (Gallatin versus Black Ice -which I think is the same as Yellowstone in construction and materials)
  22. Re: I canít remember if learning guitar was this hard

    I can attest to Collings having a signature sound, I have the F5 and a friend of mine has an MT with F holes I believe his is a few years newer than mine. Play them together (and especially with a...
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    Re: Appalachian Picking Society

    Great Music IMHO!
  24. Thread: Momento

    by tmsweeney

    Re: Momento

    I like the continuity of the "tone" on the album, kind of like the first DGQ or Tony Rice "Backwaters"

    That flute player always catches my ear!
  25. Re: Article: New in Print - Matt Flinner's The View From Here Tra

    just got my copy - I see a Don Grieser mention there as well, very very cool. I had figured out some of Red Shift by ear, but never completed that effort, no excuses now, though I am very interested...
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