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    Re: Apollo Mike Marshall picks

    I have a ProPlec that I use and ordered one of these. I’ll be able to give my own [limited] opinion in a few weeks.
  2. Re: Playability of a new Eastman 305 question

    String height at the nut is something that affects the feel a lot, but it's also something that's can be a lot harder to undo, once cut too deep. I know factory instruments tend to be universally...
  3. Re: Eastman Tailpiece Replacement Available for Free

    The new ones don't look a lot different from the one on my 2009 Eastman. I wonder what they changed? The metal? I know the plating changed on the 815 from "gold" to nickel, but I didn't think there...
  4. Re: New Bela Fleck Album out - My Bluegrass Heart

    Just ordered the double CD!
  5. Re: Mandolin > K&K Twin Internal > Grace Bix - Help please

    Pedals generally don't work well with passive pickups, UST or soundboard transducer, in my experience (I used to do some live recordings), so use the FX loop for all of that stuff, which should be...
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    Re: Always use a strap? Even when seated?

    Like some others here, the strap is pretty well attached to the mandolin - loop around the scroll and grommet holding the strap button end - so it's on the mando all the time. At this point, I only...
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    Re: Eastman MD315 or MD 515?

  8. Re: New Bela Fleck Album out - My Bluegrass Heart

    I watched a live version of Round Rock on YouTube of most of those folks - don't know if that's the recording that's on the album, but it was really good. I will probably order the [double CD] if...
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    Re: The Loar LM400 or LM520

    For $500 there's a selection of better (IMO) makes available. If you're strumming chords, and oval hole might suit you better. I would seriously recommend buying something from one of the sponsors...
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    Re: Eastman MD315 or MD 515?

    The difference between bound/unbound fingerboard is something I'm more sensitive about here in the Gulf Coast area, where our humidity swings, especially in the winter months, can be pretty drastic....
  11. Re: New MP3 by David Grisman and Tony Rice - On and On from the a

    A favorite of mine from the old Rounder Album, this is a nice version. (Maybe I've been "overwoke" but there is a "stalker blues" hint in the lyrics though!)
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    When I should have been learning more fiddle tunes and, especially, figuring out how to improvise for the past month, I found a way to do something else - just like I always did in school...
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    Re: Eastman needs new strings

    Yes. Originally I thought the plan was to have XS replace XT, which replaced EXPs. But, the XTs are still on their website, and it multiple gauges. XS are still only available in medium gauge. They...
  14. Re: Advice on buying a new mandolin? Been playing for 15+yrs

    I’d think that would be a difficult budget to find what you are looking for in these times.

    I’ve never heard that it as common for either of those brands to become “warped,” even at the entry...
  15. Re: Looking for advice on best mandolins around 5K

    I've never been to IBMA but the reality is that right now the supply of just about everything is very limited. There have been a couple articles here, in case you missed them.
  16. Re: Looking for advice on best mandolins around 5K

    Ha. I always miss that "Listing Ended" notice! Wish they'd use a bigger font or watermark the dang page!
  17. Re: Looking for advice on best mandolins around 5K

    If your son wants to try instruments, the best would be to go somewhere there's a good selection to sample from. Nashville is probably the most obvious choice.

    You don't say where you are, but...
  18. Late PSA - 20% off D'Addario at GC - 28-Aug

    Just saw this at a guitar forum. Sadly, it ends Aug 28, and I don't know what timezone, but the discount code THANKS gets you 20% off D'Addario products (?). I just grabbed another set of XS strings.
  19. Re: Mandolin Tasting: Gibsons, Buckeye, Duff, Northfiled

    That was great! Didn't change my vote, which surprised me that it was 2 Gibsons (#2, then #1). Listening to them being played made me decide that I'd give that Duff 3rd place. Thanks again.
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    Re: Videoing mandolin

    A lot of videos are made with smart phones. Not sure what level of quality you want to get to, but this is a rabbit hole at least as big as the mandolin one.

    The dead horse I like to beat is that...
  21. Re: Mandolin Tasting: Gibsons, Buckeye, Duff, Northfiled

    I'm so far from having any idea of what a "perfect" mandolin should sound like, this was just a fun listening exercise for me. All of them sounded like an instrument I should not be allowed near :)....
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Here I'm doing Long Black Veil with a friend I used to play with somewhat regularly (B.C.) but this is the just the 2nd time in a couple weeks we got together and I demonstrated my fledgling, mad...
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    Re: Killer Monteleone at Gryphon

    I saw that classified yesterday. At $33k it was a bit over my credit card limit; but, I guess it was a bargain to have gone that fast!
  24. Re: New John Reischman Album - New Time & Old Acoustic

    The download still only delivers a single track. Maybe a bit of delay getting everything in place.

    Edit: Around 9:30 AM (Central Time) I got an updated email and, now, the download does contain...
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    Re: Picks....a different angle.

    Try a lighter gauge? You're hitting less mass, unless you've gone pretty heavy on the strings.
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