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    Re: Bravo D'Addario XS Strings!

    I have found them to be long lasting through some mighty hot and humid SC gigs. They are starting to show some wear after many months but still are staying in tune pretty well. They are past their...
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    Re: Wegen vs. Primetone vs. Clown Barf

    I think there is more difference for the player. I don't hear any glaring differences in my speakers. It is a very good sounding mandolin regardless of the pick. I might like the clown barf at least...
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    All I have ever gotten that site was Irish Washer Woman, for no reason. It is a dead site on both of my browsers.
  4. Re: How fun, I met my mandolin instructor - Sharon Gilchrist

    Could she fix the rattle in my ears too?
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    Re: The case of Cedar Creek Cases continues.

    Never had a problem with offensive smells from a TKL case, but Superior cases and many others yes. I put a smelly soap bar in the case to mask the odor. I have found that leaving the case open for a...
  6. Re: Article: An Update - A Pandemic Supply and Demand Story

    I checked with some local stores in SC and NC and yes the used market is strong and the new inventory is not all it could be. There is a lot of interest but the price increases are making folks...
  7. Re: Article: New Music from The Harrisburg Mandolin Ensemble - Mo

    Sounds mighty fine. Congratulations!
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    Re: Don Williams

    Nice oval hole sound on that mandolin. Don's music was always a bit of sanity in a crazy world.
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    Re: Two Kentucky KM950s that got away.

    Congratulations. Now all you need is one more mandolin. ;-)
  10. Re: John Hartford's First Band (Ozark Mountain Trio)

    Who is fiddling o that cut?
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    Re: Education (trip to Carter's)

    A room full of instruments is also a room full of sympathetic vibrations and overtones
  12. Re: Jethro & Steve Goodman "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

    He was a good one for sure. Saw him a couple of times and one time John Prine stopped in and and joined him on stage as he had just played a gig down the road. Jethro died young at 68. Oh my.
  13. Re: Was the mandolin played in traditional folk before Bill Monro

    My grandfather played mandolin long before bluegrass was a thing. So yeah it was around before then.
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    Re: Wallace Stevens

    Then there is this nice
  15. Re: NMD Ellis A4 Deluxe with Hummingbird inlay.

    I'd wait a minimum of 6 months for the varnish to set up. Don't use polish until then either. Wipe off the with a soft cloth. Just enjoy it now and add that stuff later.
  16. Re: NMD Ellis A4 Deluxe with Hummingbird inlay.

    The beauty of Ellis' work speaks for itself. They are the best IMHO.
  17. Re: Reeltime Travelers: Has Their First Album Vanished?

    Martha is still out there. Roy Andrade is on staff at ETSU and can be seen sometimes on the ETV show Song of the Mountains with the bluegrass and old time bands from the school. Can't think of the...
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    Re: Jethro's Mel Bay mandolin book.

    I have the old version of this book, it is still relevant.
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    Re: favorite festival tent?

    Back in the 80's to the mid 90's I had an L L Bean tent that was great. Haven't stayed in a tent in 20 years.
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    Re: Do you name your instruments?

    I named one. It is red and I call it Red Barker. The name fits that mandolin nicely.
  21. Re: JUNE mandolins and guitars now in Virginia

    Good luck Walter, you sure picked a lovely place to move too. Not nearly as hot as Campobello.
  22. Re: What artist/album got you started with Trad?

    I started with blues, Josh White, Howlin' Wolf and simultaneously Frank Proffitt and Wade Ward on banjo.
  23. Re: Using cheaper mandolin for extensive practice.

    Why if I have great instruments do I want a cheap one? Makes no sense. I can't any of them with me.
  24. Re: Learning The Basics -vs- Being A Slave To The Basics

    One must know the rules implicitly before breaking them.
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    Re: Kentucky KM-1500 (Amazing Deal)

    I heard a wicked good sounding Kentucky the other week at a gig I played. I thought it was something other than Kentucky but when I saw it I was wrong, it sounded great.
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