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    Re: Nugget Info 2021

    My sense is that Mike Kemnitzer probably builds to any specs within the usual range, but that the real issue is that demand for his instruments far exceeds production. A terrific Fretboard Journal...
  2. Re: Do great looking mandolins have to sound better?

    Just as a coda to this, I know of an absolute top guitar builder who had a customer come to him and say “Build me an instrument out of the best-sounding piece of spruce in your shop that you could...
  3. Re: Do great looking mandolins have to sound better?

    Beautifully figured wood typically costs more than plain, but any connection to the sound of the instrument likely derives from economics—i.e., a builder whose instruments are sufficiently...
  4. Re: A nice version of June Apple feat. Sierra Hull

    Really nice groove to this, great playing!
  5. Re: Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and all the very best to you

    Hi Bill—Wonderful note to close out a difficult year. For many of us, playing music and having this on-line community have been real pillars holding things together. Here’s to looking back on 2020...
  6. Re: Great quote about instruments from Gordon Lightfoot

    Great quote! I have often thought that guitars have three components to their sound: string, wood, and air. A trinity of sorts. Which makes a kind of sense, in that it is a string that vibrates...
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    Re: Wrote lyrics for "Cold Frosty Mornin'"

    Mark, great arc and spare use of words in this. Terrific job!
  8. Re: Skill Progression/Benchmarks, MAS and Instrument Upgrades

    I played guitar barely passably for forty five years or so. Finally bought my first top-flight instrument in 1998, but it was too aggressive and oddly held me back. Replaced that three years later...
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    Re: Sierra Hull- tone tips video

    Just watched this, and it is very clearly presented. Plus her tone in incredible!
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    Re: 3-Part Chris Thile Master Class online

    Please add “Time Travel” to Chris Thile’s resume
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    Re: Douglas fir

    James, that “Cricket” mandolin is really something!
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    Re: Has Waverly Jumped the Shark?

    It really is too bad there’s not such a wide range of choices as with guitars. Rodgers tuners for guitars set an amazing standard, both for beauty and ease of use. Although they are about twice the...
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    Re: Mother-of-Pearl nut?

    Thanks everyone, for the helpful insights. (Especially James, for the purple/yellow mammoth ivory chop info!). It sounds like tradition for mother-of-pearl nuts may be a good part of it, but...
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    Mother-of-Pearl nut?

    Dear Luthiers—In the acoustic guitar world, nuts are at least in my experience almost exclusively made of bone. (By contrast, bridge saddles on flattop guitars vary from bone to ivory, to fossilized...
  15. Wow, what unabashed energy!

    Wow, what unabashed energy!
  16. Re: How to Open a Vintage Guitar Store in Seven Easy Steps

    Great story! Walter is a natural writer and an astute observer of the music business. It’s a gripping account even though at the end it is easy to see how Walter and Christie succeeded—they did what...
  17. Great time feel! Absolutely LOVE Don...

    Great time feel! Absolutely LOVE Don Stiernberg’s tone, so smooth and such great pop, perfect for the music. A Nugget, I recall? Could not sound any better.
  18. Re: Happy 70th birthday today to Mike Kemnitzer of Nugget Mandoli

    Every great instrument leaves an indelible impression, but that is dedication!
  19. Re: New Joe Campanella F-5 at The Music Emporium

    Seriously beautiful instrument, with so much old violin vibe!
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    Re: Sorensen Tone

    Wonderful tone!!!
  21. Re: Luthiers! Advice on back seam hairline crack ...

    Dear rcc56, Sunburst, and Andrew—Many thanks for this helpful input! I will proceed as suggested. —R.
  22. Luthiers! Advice on back seam hairline crack ...

    Hi, I have a 2” hairline separation of the center back seam adjacent to the heel, and have seen recommendations to rub some hot hide glue into the separation. to stabilize it and stop it from...
  23. Re: Great new composition by Joe K. Walsh - mandola and bass

    That Smart mandola has just a fog of beautiful harmonics!
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    Re: Concerning Loar copy mandolins

    Timothy, Bill would not be the first builder who began life as a draftsman! —R.
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    Re: Concerning Loar copy mandolins

    Hi Mike—You make a persuasive case that ANY F-5 mandolin is in some sense a “Loar copy” because the F-5 itself originated in the Loar era. So that it is perhaps one end of a spectrum, and toward the...
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