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    Re: Arpeggio in B Major

    Tim O'Brien's Arpeggios has all the keys:
  2. Re: Scooping the fingerboard and faux frets...

    One of my projects completed this last year was to convert a bass from fretted to fretless, and I learned some things that may shed light on your scooping. I found a company that makes maple business...
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    Re: How Much Difference Do Speakers Make?

    Find some recorded music you like and listen to the same recording on you r PC speakers, in your car , and then find someone who is audiophile with expensive speakers or just another musician who's...
  4. Re: Jethro & Steve Goodman "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

    I was lucky enough to see Steve and Jethro performing together at 2 different editions of the Philly Folk Fest in the mid 70's. Those two were always joking, and both could play so well. Jesse's Jig...
  5. Re: New Tim O'Brien Release Today - 'He Walked On'

    Nice mandolin soloing on "The Same Boat, Brother"!
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    Re: New mixer

    +1 on Reaper (@ $60) vs Free Audacity. a little learning curve required, but very easy to set up for this task. Editing after recording is a little more difficult on any DAW.
  7. Re: What price level and up gets you a "lifelong keeper" mandolin

    I bought my "lifelong keeper" mandolin in '93 for about $1850.. See my signature below. I consider myself an intermediate skill player.

    I've put almost as much into repair and upgrades: re-fretted...
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    Re: Electric mandolin - who's interesting?

    Nash the Slash took it to extremes.
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    Re: Question for Thomastik strings users

    I use the TI stark (heavy guage) and have for over 10 years. When I'm in a band they get changed after about 1.5 yrs. I've gone over 2 years. Lately, I've been doing some recording and I tend to put...
  10. Re: Aaron Weinstein's New Apitius yorkville mandolin

    Please string this with TI flat wounds and share in another video. I suspect it would sound jazzalicious!
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    Re: My mandolin got eaten by a Stratocaster.

    At the beginning of the pandemic I bought a cheap HH Squire ($160), figuring I might have a little fun. I have since repalced everything but the neck, and a new one is on order. Now all the big...
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    Re: Do you name your instruments?

    No, with one exception. My '71 Precision bass was named Humphrey when I was still in college (45 years ago), and old friends still ask after it by name. It was my first quality instrument. As I...
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    Apitius Yorkville

    This is the first video I've seen that gives a full review of the instrument, acoustic and amplified. I have a feeling that it will sound perfect to my ears with flatwound strings. This instrument...
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    Re: Dr. Arm for Mandolin

    Not and add-on musician in general, but I did add an arm rest to my Flatiron a few years ago when the finish started showing wear. Banjos need armrests, all that metal really digs into the arm...
  15. Re: David Grisman/Danny Barnes Acoustic Encounters
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    Re: Ready to get my hillbilly on!

    There are always too many guitarists. I'm just OK on guitar, but I put in the time on bass and mandolin so I could play in more jams. I play banjo, too, but it's hard to make work across as many...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    Here's a collaboration of East and West Coast musicians on the Justin Townes Earle tune "Harlem River Blues". I was lucky enough to get the intro and a solo. recorded with cellphones and tablets and ...
  18. Re: Sierra Hull + Sam Bush play baseball + perform "Sugarfoot Rag

    Not Just Bill M, lots of others helped him out. In the doc "Revival" they go into it.
  19. Poll: Re: Vintage Flatiron Performer A (1993, Bozeman) vs Eastman MD305

    Buying my '93 Performer F was a huge upgrade for me. I still get the itch for another mandolin from time to time, but I haven't succumb, yet. I've had it refretted and replaced the bride and the...
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    Re: Cases and covers

    So, Jack would have lived if he had a mandolin on the Titanic?
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    In the Mood

    Great version fronted by Mark Stoffel on FB, But I can't seem to post it here.
  22. Re: The merciless camera (recording ourselves as a reality check)

    I find having a beard hides the drooling while playing.
  23. Re: Virtual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass today

    Tim O'brien playing in Steve Earle and the half-grass Dukes.
  24. Virtual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass today

    One of the great events in SF is available online today from 2-5PM PST today. no Mandolin Headliners anounced, but check it out.
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    Re: Speakers for mixing

    +1 for the KRK's. I've been using mine for 30 years.
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