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    Re: To be or not to be (a bluegrass player)


    When I play in public, it is mainly in a church setting, although I've been the on-call mandolinist for a couple of bands before. One claimed to be "bluegrass style", but that really meant...
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    Re: Best prices Gibson F5

    IMHO, a newer model signed by David Harvey is hard to beat. The best value would generally be a used F9, if you can find one.
  3. Re: Stewmac shipping outrageously expensive and NOT eco-responsib

    I would add to that by saying that right now is one of the hardest times ever for small businesses. Expenses are going up at the same time that supply is going down.. Many businesses are lucky to...
  4. Re: F5 Upgrade Guidance - Gibson, Collings, Northfield

    There are many out there who consider the newer Gibsons to be some of the best mandolins the company has every produced. If you haven't played one, you owe it to yourself to give it a try, especially...
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    Re: ISO Luthier to carve and install new top

    Man, sorry to hear that. I know it must hurt, it is painful for me to look at.

    I don't have any suggestions for you, other than to perhaps let us know where you live in case there might be local...
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    Re: Northfield 4th Gen F5

    Nice looking mandolin, congrats!
  7. Re: Gibson F5-G with bottom edge damage (need advice Buy or Pass)

    I'm no expert in repair. But I would not buy an instrument with that level of damage until I was able to have a competent repair person give me an assessment. I wouldn't mind some scratches and dings...
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    Re: Ugliest F-4 ever?

    All I can say is WOW! Someone went to a lot of trouble to make that. But why?
  9. Re: Mandolin Tasting: Gibsons, Buckeye, Duff, Northfiled

    Well, after viewing the results, I'm a little surprised, but not too much. Plus, my ears are rapidly aging, so it's hard to hear subtle differences on computer speakers. I would be happy to own any...
  10. Re: Mandolin Tasting: Gibsons, Buckeye, Duff, Northfiled

    My ears liked #5, #6, and #1 in order of the top three, but they all sounded good.

    But I must say that the production, playing, and mixing of this tasting was top notch! Great job in the way it...
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    Re: RIP Nanci Griffith

    RIP Nanci, you were a true talent and left this earth too soon.
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    Re: Lakota mandolin straps

    I just want to put my 2 cents in about Lakota Leathers. I wrote to Kenny about a slight problem and the response was outstanding, well exceeding my expectations. But when I read about the About page...
  13. Re: What's the big deal about changing strings?

    Five minutes is very fast, a lot faster than I can do them. It probably takes me around 20 minutes, but I actually like the process and take the time to look over and inspect my mandolin. My dad...
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    Re: Engleman Ellis F5 at Gruhn

    Wow, that is absolutely amazing! Can't figure out if I love the top or the back more.
  15. Re: How to Keep a Headstock Tuner from Damaging Your Instrument

    Well, I've often said that it's ok to mod an instrument if it helps you to play. So I decided to go ahead and drill my Taylor guitar to mount the tuner. I usually play the mandolin in the choir, but...
  16. Re: How to Keep a Headstock Tuner from Damaging Your Instrument

    I'm still thinking about the irony of this: Drilling a hole in your headstock to mount a tuner that is designed to keep from damaging the finish of your instrument. :confused:
  17. Re: How to Keep a Headstock Tuner from Damaging Your Instrument

    Wow. I've never had a problem putting on a strap button on an A model, or a pickup on my F, or whatever. But putting a hole in the headstock for a tuner - gonna have to think about that one first. I...
  18. Re: How to Keep a Headstock Tuner from Damaging Your Instrument

    Mine came today, I put it on my Gibson F5, and I love it! I mounted it on the top most screw on the treble side tuners, and it works great. The tuner itself seems to be a bit of an upgrade from the...
  19. Re: How to Keep a Headstock Tuner from Damaging Your Instrument

    I'm sitting here with my morning coffee wondering why this thread is so long. I've been using the D'Addario micro for a few years now and love it. So I thought I didn't need to read this thread, but...
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    Re: Antiqued/distressed instruments?

    I'm pretty much like Allen here. I treat my instruments with respect, but if they need a strap button or pickup, I put one on and don't even think about it. I have an electric guitar that's a case...
  21. Thread: My New Baby

    by Austin Bob

    Re: My New Baby

    Man, that is a very nice looking pair right there! I can see why you are so happy to have scored your new mandolin, they are just perfect together. Enjoy!
  22. Re: Any atheist / agnostic Bluegrasser's out there?

    Not gonna play your game.
  23. Re: Any atheist / agnostic Bluegrasser's out there?

    Religion and politics are two of the easiest ways I know to shut down a thread on this board.

    This is a site about mandolins, plenty of other places to talk about those things.
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    Re: What do you keep your picks and stuff in?

    For my instrument cases, I use some plastic medicine cases I found in the drug store. Cheap and effective. 193431

    This is what I use on my desk, I bought it 20+ years ago on a trip to the...
  25. Re: Thoughts on Gibson's Rosewood Fretboard F5Gs

    I completely understand your concern. You mentioned you were considering a Gibson "for many reasons", and I would guess that one of the reasons would likely be the long history of Gibson mandolins....
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