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    Re: Rescued from the Bat Cave.

    Very cool, and great work! Got any "before" pics?

    I just won the eBay auction for one of the Korean copies that aren't branded Harmony but look virtually identical. I will probably start a post...
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    Re: New to me Big Muddy on the way

    I got the Big Muddy HR-1 today, and I am not disappointed. Excellent playability, with the radiused fretboard and with a kind of U or very soft V shaped neck profile. The neck is taller top to...
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    New to me Big Muddy on the way

    First of all, hi everyone! It's been a LONG time since I've posted, I have been spending most of my time playing guitar in recent years. I hope you are all well.

    I've been getting the desire to...
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    Re: Washburn M118 SWK

    Good timing- I played one for a few minutes this past weekend, new at a store. I never thought I'd be that impressed with an F style instrument in that price range, but I like it very much- how it...
  5. Re: Help me ID an instrument (possible mando content)

    Thanks, I am not that familiar with banjos and thought tenors usually had a longer scale.
  6. Help me ID an instrument (possible mando content)

    Can someone help me identify this instrument? All I have is this grainy cell phone pic. It is played by one of my favorite bands, The Devil Makes Three. We saw them at The Cat's Cradle last night,...
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    Re: headstock damaged by clip-on tuner

    On the other side of things, I've found the Intellitouch spring to be too weak in some cases, more on guitars than mandos if I remember correctly. The one I've been using for years that I have had...
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    Re: Mandolins and Hot Rods

    F-2 Dave, have you heard the Reverend Horton Heat song, Galaxy 500? :-)
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    Re: The construction begins of the mandocello


    Some of you pros may not realize how helpful posts like these are to those of us who are still just learning. Threads like this are so educational and thought-provoking.

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    Re: Titebond Extend Wood Glue

    Pretty interesting, it looks like good stuff. Is the only difference that it is slower setting? Compared to hide glue, you have an eternity to work with regular Titebond before it sets up, I...
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    How dou determine your neck heel width?

    How dou? Dang Chihuahua, walking on my keyboard. I meant "How do you"

    As I progress through my first scratch built mandos, I may be overthinking things, but when you first cut out your neck...
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    Re: Cigarbox Mandos on Elderly

    I don't know anything about this particular maker, but cigar box instruments have quite a following, and can be very playable and a lot of fun. I built a 3 string cigar box guitar that sounded...
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    Re: Best acoustic guitar under $2000ish

    +1 for the Taylor. My 410 I bought new in 1994 is amazing.
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    Re: My new Collings MT2-O

    Holy smokes. She's a beaut, Clark!
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    Re: my new and first mandolin

    Congrats man. The first mando is always so exciting.
  16. Re: Storing wood for instruments- leave as boards, or cut to leng

    Lots of good suggestions here. Does anyone care to comment on a good way to stack longer boards like this? Flat with spacers of some sort inbetween? Boards on their side?
  17. Bob Benedetto's "Making an Archtop Guitar" book- mando resource..

    I wonder if any of you have this book, and if it has complimented your other mandolin building resources, especially for the guitar bodied mandolin builders. My wife bought it for me because I'm...
  18. Re: Storing wood for instruments- leave as boards, or cut to leng

    Awesome story, experiences of any kind with people like that are priceless.
  19. Re: Storing wood for instruments- leave as boards, or cut to leng

    Thanks guys, good info. I did think about how cutting to size would lock me into building only instruments that size, but I didn't know if it was worse to leave it in board form. Makes sense about...
  20. Storing wood for instruments- leave as boards, or cut to length?

    I recently picked up a 12' x 15" curly maple board that is thick enough for one piece mandolin backs. I have enough wood that I probably won't get to this new stuff for some time. Do you recommend...
  21. Re: $100 Challenge at the Musical Instrument Maker's Forum

    This is a really cool idea, I hope you decide to do it. I am interested in seeing everyone's results.
  22. Re: Post a Picture of Your Mandolin-Related Presents!

    Good timing since I'm working on a couple of flat tops based on Don Kawalek's plans :-)

  23. Re: Swap use of Siminoff H5 body assembly fixture for an A5?

    Just a thought, Roger makes a fine kit, and he will let you customize the level of completion. Speaking from experience, building from scratch for the first time is not an easy undertaking...
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    Re: Hill No. 22 First A style

    Gorgeous!! I love the binding, the headstock design and inlay, the whole thing. Great work man.
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    Re: Woodcraft maple sale

    Thanks... no problem on my end, by the time I learn to resaw it will probably be petrified :)) Kidding aside, I did plan to put it away for a while anyway.
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