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  1. Re: Happy birthday to me - My new Pomeroy #274

    Someone (not me of course!) should start a Pomeroy registry.
  2. Re: Happy birthday to me - My new Pomeroy #274

    I play Irish and old time on my Pomeroy oval and love how it sounds. But I've played it in a bluegrass jam in a pinch and it performed well. Enjoy your beautiful mandolin!
  3. Re: Vintage photo of a Lyon & Healy mando cello

    I was wary of reproducing a photo the seller clearly didn't want copied. However I found another copy of it.

  4. Vintage photo of a Lyon & Healy mando cello

    Thought some might be interested. I'd buy it if the price was more reasonable.
  5. Re: Kentucky K1000 Master Model need help with serial number

    To broaden the subject a bit, I wonder if they have changed their system. My newish KM950 has a serial number 20010169. But there is no 20th month and I'm sure it was made more recently, not in...
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    Re: Happy Birthday, Mandolin Cafe!

    Happy birthday to the best site on the web (well, maybe after the New York Times)!
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    Unusual instrument

    I came across this mandolin in a photograph from about 1930, possibly taken in Italy. A two-point f hole instrument that looks like a flat top and has a Lyon and Healy style headstock. Look...
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    Re: Raccoon In The Attic (jig)

    I live in Toronto (why so many Toronto stories?) and had a raccoon family in my unused garage one summer. This summer I cleaned it out wearing a protective mask and gloves.

    Once I came downstairs...
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    Re: How many Mandolins to own

    Guess I'll chime in. I have an F5 (for bluegrass), and an A oval (for old time and Irish), and a good but less valuable A5 for travel and just for fun. I don't include the two flat-tops that I...
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    Re: Pomeroy workshop photos

    Hope so, too, Bob!
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    Pomeroy workshop photos

    As the happy player of a Pomeroy oval hole (#258), I've wished for some workshop photos on Don and Josh Paine's site. But I've just discovered some on Flickr. For those interested.
  12. Re: Does your mando need a setup? Learn to do it yourself!

    I just got mine. Thanks, Rob!
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    Re: Gold Tone TG-18

    I have a TG-18 that I used to play Irish music and like it a lot. The reviews seemed to have been mixed so I was surprised when I tried it. It's been quite a few years since I got to try a...
  14. Re: Mando wall hanger at Paulís Coffee and Tea in CO

    And of course there is the espresso machiato, which is espesso with some milk and foam.

    Just to digress again.
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    Re: Two Kentucky KM950s that got away.

    Just thought I'd let people know that another KM950 has appeared on Amazon Canada. Right now the price is 1630. Canadian (already a good price) but it might go down. I'm very happy with mine. It was...
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    Re: My new Aria M-300

    That instrument was sold under a few different names. Including El Degas in Canada (the importer). I had one for a while. It was a fun instrument, clear tones, a bit on the bright side, induced not...
  17. Re: OM closed position fingering and pinky and FFCP

    I don't know if my own experience is of any help, but here it is. I've owned a number of tenor guitars and have usually sold them because of either frustration at the scale length or because they...
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    Re: Hamlet Two-Point Review

    Beautiful instrument, Kevin, use in good health (as my mother would say). As someone with a partner who has been many a thesis advisor, I have seen so many struggling students, made worse by the...
  19. Re: Eastman oval-hole vs f-hole: Difference in access to upper fr

    The sale length of most ovals and Fs are actually the same. They are for Eastmans. As a result the bridge gets placed differently (as you can see), which also effects the tone.
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    Re: Two Kentucky KM950s that got away.

    Thanks, Bob. Three isn't enough? An F5, an A5 and an A4? Don't encourage me!
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    Re: Two Kentucky KM950s that got away.

    A follow up. Well sure enough another KM950 showed up on the site. It listed at 1800 Canadian. After two or three weeks it went to 1300. I told myself that if it went below a thousand...
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    Re: "The Great Mandolins" postcards

    I like them too, Sue. The second set has sold. Guess I'll stick to historic pics of players.
  23. Re: Tear drop or pear-shaped A style--what's your preference?

    Nicely said, Jeff. I suppose I ought to give my own opinion (which, as Monty Python said, is my own. Well, that was 'theory' but same thing).

    I started the thread because over time my preference...
  24. Tear drop or pear-shaped A style--what's your preference?

    A somewhat trivial question, although not in terms of aesthetics.

    Some A style mandolins are in what's usually called a pear shape, after the old Gibsons. Modern examples: Heiden, Pomeroy,...
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    Bush Island Bounce

    Little tune I made up while on holiday.
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