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  1. Mandolin teacher in the Detroit Metro area ?

    Can you help me finding a mandolin teacher (in person, not on line) in the Detroit Metro area? I live in Rochester Hills, Michigan. I play acoustic guitar and I am new to mandolin. Thanks !
  2. FS: New Recording King ROST-7 Dirty '30s Series 7 Tenor Guitar.

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    Re: string a Baritone Uke like CBOM?

    Charlie, one of the moderators of the forum, tunes his Bushman Jenny baritone uke to octave mando tuning (GDAE) using hard tension classical guitar strings and using the 5,4,2 and 1 strings. I am...
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    Re: Buying a Bushman Tenor Ukulele

    Mando.player, PLEASE ! I also want to buy a baritone uke and tune it GDAE, but I don't know what strings to buy for that !
    Can you tell me which gauge you use for the octave mando tuning ? Thanks...
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    Re: Mandola recommendations

    I have a modest option to suggest: The TM 475 mandola from Trinity College. It is part of their professional series.
    Gorgeous solid woods, including a stunning rosewood for back and sides, fine...
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    Anyone played the Soares'y Mandocello ?

    You can have this Mandocello (23 inches scale, strings gauges in unison: 0.70-0.50.-0.30-0.20) for around $ 500 shipped. it is an archtop model with f-style holes, all laminate body with one piece...
  7. Why there are no Youtube lessons of Octave Mandolin ?

    I play acoustic guitar, I have a mandolin and now an octave mandolin.
    I am less than an intermediate player with guitar, and a beginner with mandolin.If I want to learn a song or a well known piece...
  8. Can anyone compare the TC and Goldtone 800 + octave mandolins ?

    Goldtone has recently introduced a new version of its octave mandolin, called 800 Plus, with a 22 inches scale length and some interesting features (including an adjustable bridge similar to a...
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    Re: Mandola string gauges?

    I have a Trinity College 17" scale mandola and use D'Addario J 72 lights. They are perfect for the instrument.
    I would not suggest to use the J 76 because in my opinion with a 17' scale mandola the...
  10. Thread: Tc tm 625

    by gerardo1000

    Re: Tc tm 625

    Well I have a Trinity College Professional series TM 475 mandola and it is wonderful.
    It really looks like it was built by a luthier (I know it's not) the finish is perfect and the carved
    top and...
  11. Got a new TC TM 475 at a great price is AWESOME !

    I was looking for a nice but not too expensive mandola to buy, and after several days
    of search, looking almost everywhere, I noticed a special price (less than $500.00) on for the...
  12. Thread: Tc tm 625

    by gerardo1000

    Re: Tc tm 625

    What is the TM 625 model ? Is it a mandola, an octave, a bouzouki ? Thanks.
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    Re: Anybody tried this one

    You can find a brand new Johnson bouzouki on E Bay for less than a Luna bouzouki. Just look for a seller that sells the bouzouki without mentioning the brand (he told me he can't do it because he's...
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    Mandola or Octave mandolin ?

    If you were forced to own just one of the two instruments, what would you choose and why ? Thanks
  15. Re: Using a long scale bouzouki as an octave mandolin... ?

    Problem is: even if I tune the bouzouki down to FCGD and capo it at the 2nd fret,, would an octave mandolin string set be too
    thick ? I mean, they are made for octave mandolin whose neck lenght is...
  16. Re: Using a long scale bouzouki as an octave mandolin... ?

    Michael, Padre,

    Thank you for your opinion. Do you agree that if I do that it would be better to replace the current string gauge with
    an Octave mandolin string gauge ? Otherwise I am afraid that...
  17. Using a long scale bouzouki as an octave mandolin... ?

    I got a new Johnson 500 Irish bouzouki from Amazon a few days ago, and I am enjoying it a lot. After a few experiments, I settled for unison strings (as opposed to octave) and to GDAE tuning. I like...
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    Re: Crazy idea...

    Hi Keith, thank you for the link to Very useful !
    I looked at your photo album and I noticed that you have replaced both the
    nut and the bridge on your 12 strings guitar to convert it...
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    Re: Crazy idea...

    Keith, how did you solve the issue of mandocello loop end strings ? I mean, I guess that I would need ball end strings, and I don't know if they make it ? Thanks
  20. Re: Where to find a gig bag for a bouzouki (26.50 inches scale)

    But it seems to me that banjo bags are too large at the bottom ? A banjo drum with resonator is bigger than the lower body of a bouzouki, and I am afraid that the bouzouki will "rattle" inside the...
  21. Where to find a gig bag for a bouzouki (26.50 inches scale) ?

    I looked on-line and I found nothing apart from super expensive hard cases.
    Could a banjo gig bag be an option ? Thanks.
  22. FS: Mint Blueridge Tenor guitar with custom Access gig bag

    <Post removed by moderator. Please limit selling to the classifieds.>
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    Crazy idea...

    What happens if I buy an ultra-cheap 12 string guitar, take out the first and the last pair of strings, and re-string it with 8 mando-cello strings ? (Of course, widening the nut slots).
    The overall...
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    Re: TC Bouzouki Upgrades?

    I was told by a bouzouki maker that replacing a bone saddle with an all rosewood or all ebony bridge warms up the tone.
  25. Where to find a better bridge for my new Bouzouki ?

    OK I finally ordered a Lionheart bouzouki from Very reasonable price including shipping to US, it will help me to understand if I like the bouzouki or not.
    From the reviews that I...
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