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    Re: Anyone busk with their mandolin?

    Although I havent been up there in a few years, Burlington VT used to be a fantastic scene for street performances. So many amazing musicians setup right on Church Street. Most of them did pretty...
  2. Thread: Pick Talk

    by DaveNils

    Re: Pick Talk

    Being a total gear junkie, I amassed a stupidly large collection of picks....BC, Primetones, Clown Barfs, Red Bear, etc....the list goes on...They all collect dust now once I got comfortable with...
  3. Re: What’s the nicest mandolin you’ve ever seen?

    The honey amber Ellis A5 Reserve that recently hit the TME inventory is definitely in the running for me. The second I clicked on the link my jaw hit the floor. Nearly identical to what I imagine my...
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    Re: Good Tone - How long does it actually take?

    As a fellow beginner, I have noticed that aside from technique and equipment, a huge contributor to the tone that I am able to pull from the mandolin on any given day is how/where I have stored the...
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    Re: New Ellis Mandolins at Music Emporium

    The 1 piece back on that F5....:disbelief: wowza
  6. Re: Changing my mandolin strings for the very first time

    Sounds like you were going to tackle this last night and I am a bit late in responding here but as someone who is fairly new to mandolin and has just successfully gotten through his first few string...
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    Re: Who Has a Northfield F5-S with Airloom case?

    FWIW, I have a F5-S and it is the loosest fit in the Airloom case of the 3 mandos that I own. My other 2 I have to carefully press the instrument into the case whereas the Northfield there is plenty...
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    Re: Well MAS has got me bad!!!!

    I agree wholeheartedly with you here. I have been lucky enough to have both a MT and Pava A for the last few months. Ultimately, I only plan to keep one and it has been difficult deciding which. The...
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    Re: Question on "tiers" of instruments

    I can attest that the Sue's advice was true for me. I used to be convinced that I wasn't worthy of moving up from my 400 dollar Loar. When I got over that and bit the bullet on a new Northfield my...
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    Re: NMD "Northfield A5 Special"

    Very nice! I had my eyes on that one for quite awhile. Was actually very surprised it lasted as long as it did over at Gryphon. Glad a fellow Mass resident took it home so I don't have to consider it...
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    Re: NMD My Pomeroy A

    Very Nice! Hadn't looked much into Pomeroy Mandolins but this sent me deep down a rabbit hole listening to sound samples and looking at photos on his website. Moved right up to the top of my list for...
  12. Re: Another satisfied new Northfield owner. NFS-F5

    The Music Emporium as an absolutely gorgeous A5 Special right now. Im hoping I can make the ride over to give it a whirl before it heads out the door.
  13. Re: Another satisfied new Northfield owner. NFS-F5

    Enjoy, I certainly love mine. Bought it pretty spontaneously wanting to step up from my Loar 600 I learned on. Since then I have also tried out many other models, often more expensive, but I am...
  14. Re: Northfield F5S consistency (or buying without checking)

    Enjoy :) I could not be more pleased with mine at the price point. Tough to beat them. All you have to do is look at the sheer volume of new ones that are constantly up for sale and how few used...
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    Re: Help this beginner

    I've been playing about 1.5 years and tried a variety of instructional methods both online and in books. I am currently spending most of my time learning with David Benedict and his Patreon page. It...
  16. Re: I have MAS and check the classified hourly…

    Im just glad that i'm not the only one who's refreshing the classifieds hourly. The obsession did help me land the A style I wanted at the price I wanted afew months back though. The seller admitted...
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    Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    Just read this article over the weekend and found it fascinating, albeit a bit scary. Very applicable to this thread:
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    Re: Northfield 4th Gen F5

    As a F5S owner myself, who thinks the sound exceeds many if not most of the pricier mandolins ive gotten my hands on, your post is definitely eye opening. Id love to take a 4th gen or a Master Model...
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    Re: Buying without being able to play

    Fwiw, I upgraded from a Loar LM 600 to the Northfield S series 3 months ago after trying out countless other models at 2 different local shops. I am absolutely in love with it and have nothing but...
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