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    Re: Tune from The Mandolin Store Site

    That video proves the old adage that even a flyaway pinkie can be trained to go where it is needed when it is needed. And if it's not an old adage, maybe it ought to be.

    Unfortunately my pinkie...
  2. Re: Where did the tab edit files on Mandozine go?

    I have put a zipped folder, called "" onto my Google drive. It is accessable at . It contains all...
  3. Re: Where did the tab edit files on Mandozine go?

    FYI, I just went to mandozine and found that the tab files are back up again. Thank you to whoever makes that possible.
  4. Thread: chisels

    by HonketyHank

    Re: chisels

    I am a whittler, not a luthier. So, FWIW:
    I bought a set of Wood River hand chisels about two years ago. I have used the 1/4" chisel a lot and the 1/2" chisel some. I haven't even sharpened the 3/4"...
  5. Re: A good reason to have more than one mandolin

    Adam Steffey says:
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    Re: Funny How Time Slips Away - Mandolin

    I like it, Mark. But I do hope that poor cat's time does not slip away.
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    Re: Newbie to the Cafe and the Mandolin

    Welcome Scott and neverenoughtea! There's good folks here. Even me, most of the time. I have learned a lot since I was a new Newbie. Now I am a not so new Newbie but still having fun.
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    Re: Mandolin Banjo?

    I have a Vega Little Wonder. I do like it but I don't play it much. It had a torn head when I got it, six years ago. I am pretty sure I have not replaced the strings since installing a new head. I...
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    Re: Mandolin Newbie

    Welcome to the cafe! I had a Tacoma up until a few years ago. I really liked it. But I decided I was getting too old to climb in and out of it so I traded it for an Avalon.

    Seriously - I'd like to...
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    Re: Hello everyone

    Hi Williow. Welcome!
  11. Re: MP3 of the Day - Ave Maria by Evan Marshall from the album Mr

    Thanks. I needed that.
  12. Re: Older Barnes & Mullins Flatback - missing tuner key

    You will probably get better answers than mine, but if not, here goes:

    If the end of the square shaft does not unscrew like a modern tuner shaft screw then I would scour eBay for "clock keys" with...
  13. Re: Making the A and E strings less "pingy" and general newbie re

    Those Ernie Ball strings are very light, even for being labelled as "Light". Most would call them extra light. A lot of folks use D'Addario Mediums (EJ74) as a good all around inexpensive set of...
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    Re: Fret Wire Questions

    FWIW, I have found the charts and info on this page to be useful for comparison of various fretwires:
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    Re: How Many Like Blonde Mandos??

    I have straw-blonde to deep honey-blonde within easy reach:
  16. Re: Ralph Stanley & Clinch Mountain Boys - GREAT 1972 video

    Well I finished the whole video and really enjoyed it. Thanks again. My favorite came just at the end when they were taking requests and Ralph responds to one yelled from the audience -- "We don't DO...
  17. Re: Ralph Stanley & Clinch Mountain Boys - GREAT 1972 video

    It's awful fuzzy at full screen, but the peghead logo looks un-Gibson-y. Maybe it's time for me to visit the eye doctor again.
  18. Re: Ralph Stanley & Clinch Mountain Boys - GREAT 1972 video

    Is that an Ibanez two-pointer? Did they make them way back then?
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    Seasonal Sight Reading Challenge

    Hint: It's a lot easier if you put a capo on the second fret.
  20. Re: What Child is This - Greensleeves - Guitar & Octave Mandolin

    I like the arrangement. And nice work with the OM. Merry Christmas!
  21. Re: Who thinks a Mandolin Cafe Patch would be a Good Idea?

    I would hate for one of my mandolins to spring a leak and me without a patch. I probably ought to have several on hand "just in case."
  22. Re: How is a kentucky km140 outperforming a Loar LM600

    First thing I would check based on your post is the bridge fit. If you can slide a piece of paper under any part of the bridge 'feet', it hasn't been fitted properly. You can learn how to fit a...
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    Re: Setup, Setup, Setup!

    Yes. I bought a Red Valley mandolin from a semi-pro musician who had used it extensively. I loved the tone, I loved the construction, and I hated the string spacing at the nut. The intra-course...
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    Re: Blem Mandolins

    I am confident that it is possible to get a decent deal on a blem on eBay and I also know from experience that you can get a bum deal on a blem on eBay. One person's "damage" is another person's...
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    Re: Homemade Casein Picks

    Just adding my name to the "Interested and Following" list. Thanks for the update.
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