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  1. Re: Why are old Gibson snakeheads worth so much more?

    Well... that's where things get a little fuzzy. Paddleheads existed before the Snakeheads came along (during the "Loar Era"). Those pre-Loar Paddleheads did not have truss rods. Truss rods were...
  2. Re: Why are old Gibson snakeheads worth so much more?

    As far as 'worth' goes... I'd chalk it up to basic supply and demand.

    As far as 'playability'... In general the Snakeheads came with narrower nut-widths, enabled by the new trussrod feature....
  3. Re: Ultimate Vintage Snakeheadedness and Chocolatey Goodness

    Beautiful Top-of-the-Line Snakehead there Jim! If there's anything to the notion that playing time = opened up tone, I'd say there's a good chance that one will come to life after some time in your...
  4. Re: Cumberland bridge: Full Contact vs. Arched

    My opinion (worth only 2 cents) is that in general, a full contact bridge transfers string vibration to the top more efficiently. Also distributes the pressure across a wider area which might be...
  5. Re: This weeks mandolin that won't get a bid or buyer

    I'm just impressed the link didn't come back 404
  6. Re: Embarassing Question - Which Mandolin to Bring to Jam?

    Off topic... That's why those $199 Michael Kellys were such a blessing while they lasted. Thanks again for the heads up on that deal.
    And back on topic... An outdoor/autumn/campfire type jam, I'd...
  7. Re: Changing the strings on my new to me 2nd hand Gilchrist

    I'm reminded of reading AutoGuide forum and someone asking which tires to put on his XKE :)
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    Re: Bridge Adjustment Question

    I carefully put a wide, flat blade screw driver between the bridge and saddle and twist it just enough to take the pressure off (either bass or treble side). Corresponding adjustment wheel can be...
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    Re: Consignment Advice

    Thank you all very much for the replies. Some great info there and some important points to consider.
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    Consignment Advice

    I understand that some musical instrument stores/Cafe sponsors are willing to take mandolins and sell them on consignment. Seems like I remember seeing a store or two looking for instruments to...
  11. Re: Why are some songs not written in the key they are in?

    Reading this thread makes me appreciate Chris Henry's 'by-ear' approach all the more.
  12. Re: Are you ready for a new Carbon/Kevlar Sorensen mandolin?

    Good question.

    Whether there is any "development of time over time and play" or not, there will no doubt be a tone-enhancing device marketed, that will supposedly vibrate to the specific...
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    Re: Vintage Gibson Playability

    'Playable' is all in what you're used to. The frets are probably smaller and the neck/nut-width is probably wider than some of the mandolins you mentioned but regardless... the more you play it, the...
  14. Re: What’s the nicest mandolin you’ve ever seen?

    Shultz Loar. (Only seen it in pictures.)
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    Re: Favorite mandolin playing beverage?

    Bourbon. IPA as needed for hydration.
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    Re: Howe-Orme mandolin video

    Honestly, it did not seem like it would be up my alley. My interest lies pretty much in Bluegrass, Gibson Loar f5s and all things Loar-like.

    I watched your video though and found it fascinating....
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    +1 to that. How did we ever get to the point where "Authentic 1939" means anything but.?.
  18. Re: Helping out a mandolin themed film: Jacob's First Mandolin

    Two pretty significant fish.
    Is that a Wade Fern in a Calton? The old man really came through!
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    Not sure what you're missing, but there's 27 years worth of discussion on every conceivable side of that debate lying somewhere in the Cafe archives. Enjoy!
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    Not a big Eastman fan here, and I'm ambivalent re the whole 'relic-ing' thing. I have to say though that you did a really nice job on that 315 Doug.
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    That really is a shame. Like borrowing someone's car, taking it off-road and beating the snot out of it because it's your 'style' of driving.
    How you treat or mistreat your own stuff is your own...
  22. Re: Ryman Auditorium, february 11, 1995, Bill, Emmylou, Sam

    That was a nice way to start out the morning. Thanks.
  23. Re: 1982 F-5 Fern Mandolin Handcrafted by Doug McKee

    I looked up and down the interweb and like Russ, the only info I could find re Doug Mckee are the words posted here on this forum by Jim Hilburn. Sounds like Doug started in the early '70s building...
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    Re: Old New Guy -Any second day tips?

    Welcome to the Cafe Forum. As another guy who started this adventure in his early 50s, the first thing that comes to mind is this...

    Try to be comfortable and relaxed when you practice. It's...
  25. Re: Who thinks this is really an refurbished antique Italian mand

    C'mon Bernie... he has his own luthier. It must be legit.
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