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    Re: Sixties Music

    I play "The Letter" with a bunch of sus-2s thrown in. Rocks awesome. And speaking of M&P's John Philips, the Dead's version of his "Me and My Uncle" is a hoot, to boot.
  2. Re: Newbie (2 months) on the mandolin and needing help/advise.

    It's probably the setup, as Gfury says. Otherwise, you'd be having the same problem with every string.

    If it's not the setup, I've been told here that the most likely culprit is the nut. I had...
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    Re: Pickguard or no pickgaurd?

    Had one on my first mando. Ugly as hell, and I couldn't see how covering half of an f-hole helped anything.

    The rest have had no guard. Much prettier and more sensible, in my humble.

    I got my...
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    Re: Are travel mandolins worth it?


    And any mando is a travel mando if you travel with it. . . .
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    Re: Cases and covers

    I don't trust a case that isn't bashed to hell. The mando itself should show some life experience, too. (And relicking is NOT life experience!)
  6. Re: Any Roxy Music or Kinks fans, just asking

    That's because Brian probably isn't an average person.
  7. Re: Any Roxy Music or Kinks fans, just asking

    Kinks here. Love those guys!

    Beatles, Stones, and Who are the kind of Brit bands you settle for when you can't get any Kinks.
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    Re: Cullng the herd

    I know how you feel. But brace yourself: It's just wood and wire.

    An old friend ran the service department of a VW dealership in the very wealthy town of Greenwich, Connecticut. Some owners were...
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    Re: What's in your case?


    I might get one of these some day:

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    Re: '60s (?) Suzuki 226

    Get it!

    For a first mando, any will do. You won't start really feeling or hearing differences until you've played for a while. A-style, F-style, bowlback, resonator, or flattop? Oval or f-hole?...
  11. Re: Beginner ?ís about changing sound/tone

    As said above, try lots of different picks. You might even find that you'll have different favorite picks for different songs.

    I had a Dunlop Dawg for a while that was the warmest pick I've ever...
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    Re: technique

    Speed isn't technique.

    First learn the song. Then put feeling into it.
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    Re: How to remember tunes?

    Hm. I'm sure it works for you. But I know intimately the story of every song I've ever written, and that has never ever helped me remember them.

    The only thing that helps is playing them over and...
  14. Re: Where to hold right wrist/arm when playing tremolo?

    My right hand usually rests on the north end of the bridge. Loose is for guitar. Anchored is for mando.

    But I'm no pro.
  15. Re: New to mandolin. Looking for recommendations

    There are some good makers mentioned above. And I have a Red Line A that's wonderful (even though I'm selling it).

    Remember that A's sound like F's for a lot less money. The F's scroll, point, and...
  16. Re: New to mandolin. Looking for recommendations

    Good questions. I'm a guit picker, too, and mando is a whole different beast. So, to answer your questions.

    1. Tone and materials don't matter at first. It takes time to develop mando ears. So for...
  17. Re: What are, celtic-, bluegrass-, classical etc. mandolins?

    I dig blues, and my oval mando sounds bluesier than my f-hole mando does.

    But both sound good for any style I might play.
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    Re: How to remember tunes?

    Lots of great advice above. I'll add this:

    We all have different talents and weak spots. I'm fairly dexterous and imaginative, but I have terrible trouble memorizing - a real Teflon brain.

  19. Re: instrument an offensive weapon (no mando)

    We love her, but Rhiannon isn't the only cool player out there. Taj, Ry, Bela, Tony Trishka, and I'll think of some more after I've signed off.

    Nonetheless, what's the best pickup to put on a...
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    Re: Why Mandolin?


    I've been playing guitar since '68. About a dozen years ago, a friend asked me if I wanted to buy a mandolin.

    I said, "No."

    She said, "Fifty dollars."

    I said. "Deal!"
  21. Re: Long term planning for 1st mandolin and uke GDAE in the meant

    Trying them out is nice, but when you're starting out, they all sound pretty much the same. Unlike a guitar (or uke), it isn't until you've been playing mando for a while that you start to hear the...
  22. Re: Looking for Music Documentary Recommendations
  23. Re: What are your favorite albums featuring mandolin?

    Rich DelGrosso's Get Your Nose Outta My Bizness!
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    Re: how long should i practice?

    A friend who teaches music recommends twenty-minute sessions several times a day. He thinks it gives ideas a chance to settle.

    It's like rain. If there's a lot all at once, most of it just washes...
  25. Re: We don't need no steenking flat picks!

    Wow! Can't top that with a cherry!
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