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    Re: ArtistWorks discount - What do you think?

    Hey Drew, I'm with you on adding time to my membership(s) every Christmas, I've been doing that for the past few years. I sure hope by Christmas that they take the "new" off of Sierra Hull's and...
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    Re: ArtistWorks discount - What do you think?

    It's easy to undo the automatic renewal by just going to your account and hit the cancel under auto renewal. As far as the playing games with the percentages off or dollars off a lot of businesses...
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    Re: ArtistWorks discount - What do you think?

    I agree with Josh, they're always having deals and they've had the 50% off at Christmas time for about 10 days and that's when I always (re)subscribe to the course's I'm taking or want to take. That...
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    Re: Northfield F style strap

    I have one and like it. It came with my Northfield Big Mon that I purchased used off of Reverb. The Big Mon is great too!
  5. Re: Has anyone ordered one of the Synergy Carbon Fiber mandolins?

    Alfons, I did ask them about putting an extra strap button on because in the description it says it comes with one strap button. They said that actually it will have 2 strap buttons on it they just...
  6. Re: Has anyone ordered one of the Synergy Carbon Fiber mandolins?

    That's sure nice of your brother Rick! They have a tele like carbon fiber that looks pretty cool, I wonder which guitar your brother has?

    I was emailing back and forth with Synergy for a few...
  7. Has anyone ordered one of the Synergy Carbon Fiber mandolins?

    I ordered one about 2 weeks ago. It says 6 to 8 weeks build time on their site and then with shipping from Canada to AZ I'm guessing maybe the end of November I'll be seeing it? I'm pretty excited...
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    Re: New Bela Fleck Album out - My Bluegrass Heart

    I just got the double cd delivered today. I'll be checking it out as well as seeing Bela Fleck in concert in Tempe AZ for the "My Bluegrass Heart" tour. It should be great! But Sam Bush will be...
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    Re: Tell me it gets easier.

    I'd put a plug in for Artistworks, they have two mandolin teachers now with Mike Marshall and Sierra Hull. I've been taking the Mike Marshall mandolin course on Artistworks and love it and his...
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    Re: New Mando... Hamlett Two-Point

    That's a beautiful mandolin. Enjoy it!
  11. Any subscribers to the Station Inn TV channel??

    I've been a subscriber for at least 2 years and just in the past month I've been experiencing problems with being able to view any past content. I had several shows I had put on "my list" to watch...
  12. Re: Has everyone seen the new Bluegrass Unlimited?

    I just started subscribing to it a few months ago after giving up my subscription about 5 years ago and I love it. I thought it seemed a bit different than the prior years I subscribed. I loved the...
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    Re: New carbon fiber mandolin builder

    I checked out that synergy site and they don't have that mandolin listed on it. They have Uke's and a couple of electric guitars but no mandolin. Is that a prototype of a carbon mandolin they're...
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    Re: Big Mon Engleman or Red Spruce?

    I haven't played both but I did just buy an Engleman topped Big Mon and I really like it. I also have an adirondack topped NF5S from Northfield, I guess comparing the two is like apples to oranges...
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    Re: What are you looking forward to?

    I'm looking forward to my new to me Northfield Big Mon and learning to play the mandolin better as well as the guitar and banjo. I'm looking forward to jamming, something I've not done any of really...
  16. Thinking of getting a Northfield Big Mon and I have questions....

    regarding what is the better top for a mandolin like that, the Engleman Spruce or the Adirondack Spruce? I currently have a Northfield NF5S with an adirondack top but thought I'd like to get...
  17. Re: Difference in build between a Northfield NF5S & Silverangel E

    I loved the tone and your playing on the Silver angel Spencer. What kind of top is on that?
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    Re: Experiences with ArtistWorks

    Yeah, I've been doing quite a few courses through Artistworks and I've never noticed a comment other than encouraging from other people on the site. I find other peoples VE's very helpful. There...
  19. Re: Difference in build between a Northfield NF5S & Silverangel E

    That's the one I'm looking at.
  20. Difference in build between a Northfield NF5S & Silverangel Econo

    I bought a wonderful Northfield NF5S about a year ago and recently I've been thinking about maybe adding a Silverangel econo A to my Northfield mandolin. I really don't see any specs on the...
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    Re: Experiences with ArtistWorks

    I love their courses and especially the bluegrass courses. I've been taking Tony Trischka banjo, Bryan Sutton guitar (fantastic), Michael Daves bluegrass vocals, and Mike Marshall mandolin courses...
  22. Thread: Beginner info

    by Deblues

    Re: Beginner info

    Artistworks is having their half off sale for their annual subscription to their classes, which makes the class $140 for the year. Mike Marshall teaches the mandolin there geared towards bluegrass...
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    Re: An open letter to Classifieds users

    Hi Scott,
    I just sold my mandolin but before I deleted the ad I had sent you a PayPal payment. When I deleted the ad something popped up to send you a payment for the ad but like I said I'd already...
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    Re: New Northfield Big Mon on it's way.

    Those look like great mandolins. I bought a Northfield NF5SA a few months ago and love it. I'm sure you're going to love it once you get it. Congratulations!
  25. Re: Quarantine Collaboration - (and appreciation)

    Very cool! I really enjoyed that and nice story.
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