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  1. Re: Electric mandolin - who's interesting?

    has anyone said Hayes Griffin yet?

    His album Midwestern Swing is great and features quite a bit of electric mando
  2. Re: late uncles mandolin found in closet-- Value? year? maker?

    This phone number goes to the Bluegrass Musicians Supply in Columbus, OH, which according to the internet is still open. It's been around forever and apparently back in the day the saturday morning...
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    Re: Kimble two point reviews?

    This was a great review! I read it in the physical copy. I was lucky enough to be able to play this mandolin too, and it is as great sounding as described.
  4. Re: Unexpected things/benefits about playing mandolin

    I have discovered so much new music, met a whole bunch of local like minded folks, made new friends, and overall enriched my life by picking up the mandolin.
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    Re: Andrew Collins Zoom Series

    Here is some more information, including a link to the facebook page to register,

    Its been wonderful, I have only missed...
  6. Re: Gender and age distribution of mando players

    Happy to see some nice discourse on this topic. More diversity in who is playing the mandolin will only make the music more interesting.
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