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    Re: The Banks Hornpipe—Colin Botts

    Terrific. I'd never heard of him. Thanks for this.
  2. Re: Article: Simon Mayor Mandolin Retreat to Focus on the Music o

    Sounds like a great event altogether. What's not to like?
    I've often felt that we should focus more on the harp as a source of material. Suits the mandolin, I think, and the music of O'Carolan is a...
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    Re: Andy Irvine / Paul Brady

    So it was truly great to hear this.

    Sometimes the music wasn't as tight as it could be, there were a few forgotten lines and some fluffed introductions but the magic was still there for sure....
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    Re: Andy Irvine / Paul Brady

    So, tonight's the night!

    Perth Concert Hall, Scotland. I'll be there.
  5. Re: Update on "The Irish Mandolin" - and other stories

    I'm sorry you haven't been well, Aidan.

    "Anyway, I take heart from these stats. It would appear that there's plenty of life in the old dogs yet and the sense of purpose which I get from watching...
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    Re: Pharis and Jason Romero

    You might like this podcast about them.
  7. Re: New 2-point Octave Mandolin in Tawhai

    I see Lyttelton, where you are, is apparently 'brimming with bohemian artists,cafés, quirky shops and restaurants'.
    Sounds a good area for an instrument maker to be!

    One of my kids lived in NZ...
  8. Re: New 2-point Octave Mandolin in Tawhai

    Looks nice. I'd never heard of Tawhai actually. However, I approve of New Zealand builders using New Zealand wood.
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    Re: Ye Vagabonds tour USA and a question

    I must say they're quite amusing, those Begleys.

    Why is there a capo on the set Brian plays with Cormac. Is it tuned down or something?
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    Re: No plectrum but fingerpicking only

    The only time I ever saw anyone do this was in a Scots band called Alba in the seventies. They had a stringy thing going on with Sean O'Rourke (JSD Band) on bouzouki, Tony Cuffe (later in Ossian) on...
  11. Simon Dunson Fretboard Journal podcast

    Fretboard Journal has a new podcast with Simon.

    Worth listening.
  12. Re: What’s the nicest mandolin you’ve ever seen?

    Holding the instruments over their faces is something they do. I saw them once at their festival Mandopolis, and I think I remember they did that as they stood up at the end of their performance...
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    Re: Kerman Mandolin status as of 2019

    One of the well known Israeli mandolin players, Alon Sariel, now seems to play two mandolins by a builder from India called Mintu Biswas.

    Check out his recent Mandolin Mondays performance.
  14. Re: What’s the nicest mandolin you’ve ever seen?

    For a collection of unique mandolin family instruments, check out the Melonious Quartet from France, with instruments made by André Sakellaridès, who sadly died last year.
    This video shows them...
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    Re: Brendan Gleeson plays a vintage Gibson

    Brendan is a pretty good musician - no question.
    I have a Mary Staunton CD which he plays on called Circle Of Friends (2010) where Mary notes that she has known and played with Brendan for over 20...
  16. Re: who is the young man on stage with the legends

    The singing is fantastic!
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    Re: Kenny Baker

    I had a couple of his LPs. Frost On The Pumpkin was a really great record.
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    Re: Music from Central France

    Fun new video from La Machine
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    Re: RIP Pharoah Sanders

    He had a very long career. I first came across him on Coltrane's Live at The Village Vanguard Again, and only last year he got a 5 star review in the Times for his album with Floating Points and The...
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    Forgive me if it was mentioned and I missed it, but one thing which makes a big difference is how far the body of the instrument is from the strings. In other words, the closer the strings to the...
  21. Re: New Steve Cooney guitar album of harp music

    I've just listened to Steve's beautiful CD at lunchtime today, and I thought it would be good to watch him play some of this stuff.

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    Re: Useful Tip For Changing Strings

    If your instrument has a moveable bridge, then it is certainly a good idea to keep tension on to keep it from moving. For an instrument with a fixed bridge, that wouldn't be a problem.
    Other than...
  23. Re: Any good reputable sellers in Europe after the closing of TAM

    I'm afraid TAMCO in Brighton, England is a big loss to the mandolin community. I am not aware of anywhere else that even comes close.

    Moloney Music in Galway, Ireland is in the EU but not in the...
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    Re: DO I need a better mandolin?

    I don't generally think it's a good idea to buy an instrument without trying it.

    I would stick with what you have for now, until maybe one day you get a chance to try some others somewhere and...
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    Re: post a video of yourself

    I met Negar in Crete in March 2019. She was teaching an oud course, and I was doing groupwork with Efren Lopez at the same time. Her concert was fantastic. Very nice lady as well.
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