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    Re: Mandolins for 6k and under?

    I just stopped playing out with my Collings after a near-disaster. I swore she wouldn't be a case queen. She isn't... well, not entirely.

    Here's the thing - now I'm playing a 40 year old...
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    Re: Loar in Vintage Guitar Mag price guide

    These new instruments are so darn good... I think it's tough to justify any value added with these old ones.

    I was in a shop when a mid 60's Martin was brought in. Brazilian redwood sides. Cared...
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    Re: Hearing yourself in a loud jam

    This is probably an unsatisfying response, but when I encounter "bad" jammers I just think, "Okay, here we go... it won't be fun but I'll learn something - just not what I wanted to learn."

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    Re: Live Mics for Mandolin

    I just conducted some "very scientific" tests. I recorded my beautiful mandolin (MT2... of which I'm not worthy) with a 57 and a cheap SDC into my DAW.

    Then I played it back from the DAW into my...
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    Re: Live Mics for Mandolin

    Wow... this is such a key point. I've found SDC's to be feedback nightmares but that's because I can't RTM or notch out issues. And I find the SM57 so sufferable for mandolin that I'm about to head...
  6. Re: "Live From Here" Musical Guests: Clearly I'm Not Hip

    I think Thile is a great interpreter of music. As a curator and composer I just don't have the same tastes I guess. I have a thing for masterful musicianship. I figure I'm stuck listening to a...
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    Re: Single-mic or not ?

    So I'm Myrtle is already broken. Used very gently for maybe 6 gigs. And during our indoor season it proved unusable... even with a live sound guy mixing us with a fancy A&H mixer on the glass.
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    Re: Eastman MD305 purchase

    Now that I've had the Collings for a few months... I love how I don't think about it. At all. I really don't think or focus on the instrument at all. Anything that's going on is either on the...
  9. "Live From Here" Musical Guests: Clearly I'm Not Hip

    I think I'm pretty musically open-minded. I love Broadway musicals, Rage Against the Machine, Bach, Chris Stapleton, old time, Bluegrass... you get the idea. If it's good, I'll listen to it.
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    Re: Excellent $2 DIY Mandolin Strap!

    I find this comment extremely inappropriate. Why would you think it's okay to force an alligator to eat a banjo player?

    Alligators deserve better... ;)
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    Re: Playing with Feeling

    Someone did an analysis of tempo on classic songs before everyone played to a click.

    Turns out, time varies when played by humans. The metronome inculcates and internal sense of pulse. Then, you...
  12. Re: Ideas for Quick-Swap A5 Strap: Under neck extension

    Great ideas. I'm going to ponder them.

    Yes... I should've given you a photo. I was at work (lunch break) and just wanted to get the question out there before I saw a squirrel and completely...
  13. Ideas for Quick-Swap A5 Strap: Under neck extension

    I want to quickly/easily swap between two straps... my "gig" strap with my mic pack, cables, etc. and my general purpose jam strap.

    Because I loop the strap under the fretboard extension and back...
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    Re: Undiscovered Loar

    I don't drool over this like I do a Collings. These new kids are really making outstanding instruments.
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    Re: Guitar or Upgrade My Mandolin

    Do you have a decent digital recorder? Listening to your practices during your morning commute will do far more for your playing than a guitar or a tailpiece? I think it's an indispensable part of...
  16. Re: Practicing Intentionally - Things to Practice

    >Practice tremolo by learning Ashokan Farewell.

    Maybe an Italian restaurant tune instead? I find the elegance of Ashokan is near-ruined with tremolo.

    Then again, I'm inordinately non-tremolo. ...
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    Re: One finger - two frets?

    I like the 2 frets method. Helps me always know where my fingers are.

    In first position I need to cheat and use my pinkie for 6. Hands are too small.
  18. Re: Taylor V-class bracing - No direct mando content

    Peripherally-related. Our local music store won't carry Taylor next year. They said every year the buy-in increases and they simply can't afford to carry their instruments any more.

    I wonder how...
  19. Re: so, do any of you use a chart book when gigging?

    Full time job. Kids. Wife. All the trappings of personal and professional life. Brain over 40.

    Absolutely we use lead sheets on stage (iPad, Bluetooth foot controller). The alternative is not...
  20. Re: Brute Force vs. Exemplar Soloing (Yup, I made those terms up)

    Great thoughts, tips, and context. We're lucky to have a go-to place where you're guaranteed to get really good, thoughtful input.

    I think transcribing might be my best approach. I like the...
  21. Brute Force vs. Exemplar Soloing (Yup, I made those terms up).

    I'm a nerd. I like knowing how things work. I'd also like my solos to get more sophisticated. I have a strong ear, yet it's uninformed. In other words, I get lucky a lot.

    So my approach to...
  22. Re: Chord Tone Scales: Bridge to Practical Application

    I was coming here to quote the same thing. I think if you aren't blessed with a good ear, or intuition, this Chord Tone may have value. But it struck me as just an overly complicated pentatonic + a...
  23. Re: Chord Tone Scales: Bridge to Practical Application

    Oops... I just noticed that I only printed the first few pages. The end of the PDF does address this. I'm still interested in the collective wisdom here.
  24. Chord Tone Scales: Bridge to Practical Application

    I've been running through these exercises. I'm trying to think of a practical application. But I think first I need to bridge the theory (running the scales) with practice (jamming live) with an...
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    Re: Yet Another Tone-Gard Post

    I wonder how much feeling the vibrations in my gut informs my playing? It's what keeps me from ordering one.

    My guess is not much. I mean, many of the top players use them. I'm sure they...
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