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  1. Re: Nyberg Flattop Mandolin Build Thread

    Very nice Shaun. Can't wait to see the finished product. A friend had a Nyberg octave in the late 90s and I've wanted one since. Lawrence is the real deal.
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    Re: Cherokee Shuffle - Emory Lester

    Amazing. Emory is a great player and this is one of my favorite tune.
    And I can't help but wonder when we'd be able to see this type of performance IRL again. Sigh.
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    Re: Informal Poll

    When the day comes where spending 10K is like me spending 1K today, sure I would.

    That's probably just another way of saying, probably never.
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    Re: Reduce costs pleased

    I know this may sound like hyperbole, but we are in unprecedented times. I think we are right to be nervous and must do what we can to ride out this storm. For me, while I wasn't in the mandolin...
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    Re: Sierra Hull tour

    I should clarify that the cancellation was mandated by the venue which is part of the University of CA system. They are moving all classes online and cancelling all public events through early May....
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    Re: Sierra Hull tour

    Just got an email from the local venue that all events are cancelled through 5/10, which includes Sierra's show on 4/21. Super, super bummed. I was so looking forward to it.
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    Re: Thank you Scott and Dan!

    To support such a big and longstanding website/forum such as the Cafe is no small feat. My hats off to Scott and Dan for all their (impossibly) hard work for maintaining and improving the site. As...
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    Re: Andrew Marlin's Pick

    Interesting. When did Andrew start playing a Gibson? I am so out of the loop. I'm looking forward to seeing Mandolin Orange when they come to town next January.
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    Re: Alec Finn RIP

    I was just listening to the album he and Frankie Gavin played together last night (I called it the Finn Gavin album). What a masterpiece. Every piece on that album still moves me. Can't believe it's...
  10. Re: Luthier Paul Hostetter has passed away

    I remember Paul's long time contribution to the cafe fondly and he will be missed. He's one of those rare gem that makes the cafe, and the musical community at large, such a great place. I only wish...
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    Re: Two Stanley V-5 Mandolins

    Just FYI - Carter's from 2016. And that one piece back is just gorgeous. If I have the coin I'd probably order both and see which one I like more.
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    Re: torrefied top MT in the house

    That's stunning. Congrats Daryl.
  13. Re: Adam Steffey steps away from the business

    Am I remembering correctly that he and his wife have young children of their own? (Wikipedia confirmed twin boys born 2011). Maybe just done with all the touring and want to be close to home with the...
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    Re: Alec Finn RIP

    I was saving the TG4 piece on Alec Finn so I can watch it properly this weekend without interruption, and now it'll be such a bittersweet farewell to one of my longest standing musical hero. He will...
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    Re: Pava Mandolins

    I've had a lot of mandolins come and go, but I still miss Pava #52. It definitely prefer a 0.016 on the A, and I think that's what they are shipped with. I used a TAD60 on mine primarily as it seemed...
  16. Re: Joining the Girouard club - commissioned a build!

    I'm late to the party as I don't check in as often as I used to. Congrats on the new custom build Jill. If you are curious about an F-hole Girouard, you can check in with Sylvan in Santa Cruz and see...
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    Re: Skip Kelly Mandolins?

    Search for Skip Kelley. Fantastic mandos from what I hear. The builder is active on the forum.
  18. Re: Why is the Kentucky KM900 being discontinued?

    Agreed. I would take a used A9 / MT / Pava over a Kentucky any day. Esp. if they are the same price.

    But then again, maybe we are seeing the mandolin market moving up the price ladder again. The...
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    Re: Tommy Peoples RIP

    Truly one of the greatest. Just earlier this year I was trying to relearn the tune Tommy Peoples Reel but never quite got there. I'll going to give it another try in his honor.
  20. Re: Why is the Kentucky KM900 being discontinued?

    I remember they used to pop up in the classifieds for around $600 shipped back in the good old days. In fact I'd bought and sold a number of them. All good sounding mando, and great for the money....
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    Re: Cheaper Alternative to TP40?

    I was going to suggest Ultex since it's very similar to Primetone, but Tom beat me to it.

    Also not sure if someone else had mentioned but you can get 1mm Primetone also, just not in the big...
  22. Re: For Sale, Fylde Touchstone Octave Mandola

    Do post it in the classifieds section. The forum is not for meant for ads.

    My first serious instrument was a Fylde Cittern. Roger makes wonderful instruments.

    Also definitely post the scale...
  23. Re: Anybody up for a fairly casual CBOM-flavored get-together?

    Is this sort of the new Zouk Fest? I know the old one used to be in NM for a while too.
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    Re: Pava

    #52 - the one I got from Daryl. It was the last one I kept, and my favorite. :(
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    Re: Pava

    Congrats Greg. The Pava is a wonderful mandolin and I know you will be blown away by it. I still miss mine. Like Mark above I couldn't believe I let mine go either.
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