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    Re: Phoenix mandolins closing shop?

    Very sad news...I'm glad I got my Select when I did. I haven't found any other instrument quite like it.

    Hats off to Rolfe and Jenny for having kept Phoenix going all this time.
  2. Re: Setting up a jam in Granby, MA (near Amherst)

    You can say that again. Too many Friday nights this past winter where Mountain Road was closed (or should've been), no easy way to get to Easthampton. Certainly kept me from going to the Luthier...
  3. Re: Setting up a jam in Granby, MA (near Amherst)

    Good timing, thanks for mentioning the Downtown Sounds jam, I'll have to look into that. I'm still pretty new to mandolin and have nearly no experience with jamming. I live in the Springfield area...
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    Re: Need Help on Mandolin Decisions

    I owned an MD515 for about a year before trading it in. I had no complaints about the sound, it was the neck profile and nut width that I wasn't happy with. Other Eastmans I've heard played are...
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    Re: Cases For Mandolins

    My Phoenix came with a Hiscox case. Inside is beautifully made, cradles the mando to a "T", lots of space. Outside looks nearly bulletproof, but it's a big rectangular box and probably should have...
  6. Re: Why did you choose the mandolin over another instrument?

    I started playing violin at age 7, largely due to my dad's influence (he also played, not profesionally). Dad also had a mandolin, but that was off-limits, I was supposed to be the next Heifetz or...
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    Re: Advice for a beginner Mandoline

    yankees1 may be right, better not to frustrate yourself with the mandolin. Instead, perhaps you could start learning trombone. I'm certain that there would be a good supply of trombones to choose...
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    Re: Yes, another newbie needing advice

    I recently upgraded from an Eastman F-style to a Phoenix two-point, and I can vouch for all the very wise counsel shared by these folks.

    First of all, play everything you can get your hands on. ...
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    Re: The Mandolin Store

    Bought my first mando, an Eastman, from The Mandolin Store. Only good things to say about Dennis, Brian and the rest of the crew.
  10. Re: Caption Contest - Win a free Mandolin Cafe ball cap

    Here, you can borrow mine.
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    Re: When are you ready for a jam session

    The jam Peter's referring to is at the Luthier's Co-op in Easthampton, 1st Friday of each month. I've also heard of a (monthly?) jam in Granby, MA. There's a Facebook group "Western Mass Bluegrass...
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