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    Re: Exotic Canary Wood F5 Back

    I'm pretty sure no instrument builder, ever, said their first instrument was as good as their subsequent instruments. But I just searched for prices on canary wood and it doesn't look like it's rare...
  2. Re: Ideas for what could be rattling on Mandolin!

    OK, I agree that this sounds like a tailpiece issue. I had this situation once. The tailpiece itself was not making a firm connection to some strings and would cause a rattle. I removed the...
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    Re: R.I.P. Kip Carter...October 26, 2020

    So sad to learn this. Praying for Kip and his family tonight.
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    Re: Weird Intonation Issues

    If the A strings are in tune when played open, and are sharp as soon as they are fretted, the initial problem is with the nut slots. The slots should be cut so that they point downwards toward the...
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    Re: Mandolin recommendation for new player

    Beatles as contemporary... Following up on Allen Hopkins' note...

    The Big Band era was reasonably close in time to the Beatles era, but the instrumentation was wildly different. Two guitars, a...
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    Re: A-strings constantly going out of tune

    Hope I'm not too late to the party. Grab your nut slot files and cut the A string slots just the next bit wider. It "sounds" like the slots were cut for a lighter gauge string than you have on. ...
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    Re: Mandolin to DADGAD

    A few others have suggested starting with a standard sized guitar if your intention is to play in DADGAD. I concur. The shorter neck length can make the lower-tuned strings buzz. I play a few...
  8. Re: mandolin orange-Unknown Legend (Neil Young cover)....WOW

    Thank you for this. Great tune, fantastic performance. They did a nice version of Harvest Moon a couple of years ago. Andrew’s mandolin playing is superb and I love her voice.
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    Re: D'addario strings (Consistent breakage)

    You should call D’Addario. A few years ago I had a problem with a set of strings. They quickly sent replacements. The guy I spoke with told me they were having problems with counterfeit strings.
  10. Eliminating fret buzz on a couple of frets

    I'm not adding this to the free e-book, but here's how I cleaned up a few buzzing frets on my mandolin. The aluminum sanding block, along with a crowning file, was under $20.
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    Re: What's the real difference?

    A great player will sound better on an $800 mandolin than an OK player on an $8,000 mandolin. On the other hand, if spending $8,000 on a mandolin won't break your budget, go for it. When Wayne...
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    Re: Rob Meldrum's excellent setup e-book

    For those of you hearing about this for the first time: just email and put Mandolin Setup in the subject line. I'll send you the ebook for free.

    Now go make some music!
  13. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #529

    Well, here's an early attempt, replete with missed notes! I'm looking forward to improving... :-)

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    Re: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

    For those of you that jumped to the end of this thread, I am still giving away the ebook. It's my small way of giving back to the music world that has brought me so much pleasure. :-)

    Over the...
  15. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #529

    Hi Simon, in July I set myself a challenge to learn a new song a day (guitar and singing) and post it on FaceBook. Friends suggested tunes and I learned a lot of songs I hadn’t even heard before. ...
  16. Poll: Re: Poll for the Song a Week Social Group Week #529

    I sat down this morning with a cup of coffee and realized that I am wasting my retirement - and COVID isolation - reading and replying to Twitter and Facebook. Hours per day, lost. So I am stopping...
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    Re: Can you teach musicality?

    I'll weigh in. I think "musicality" is largely talent and cannot be taught as such. I think it is like learning a language. There is a time in one's (early) life where one learns a language and...
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    Re: Live From Home

    Lovely. Just lovely. Wish I could have been sitting in that room with a glass of wine....
  19. Re: Original Song and Video - Wash Your Hands!
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    Re: New song and video - Wash Your Hands!

    Hmmm. Try this...
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    New song and video - Wash Your Hands!

    I've never posted here before. I wrote and recorded this a couple of days ago and a friend suggested making a video. So, here it is.

    In these difficult times, I hope it brings a smile. Please...
  22. Original Song and Video - Wash Your Hands!

    I think this should have been posted in the Songs and Compositions Forum... apologies! Please feel free to delete this or move it... I don't know how. :mandosmiley:

    Hey, everyone,

    I wrote...
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    Re: Rob Meldrum is the Man...

    Thanks, Saluda! Anyone wants it, the price has not gone up... it's free! Email and put Mandolin Setup in the subject line.

    Stay healthy!

  24. Yes, you can improve a professional setup by yourself!

    Hi everyone,

    I'm still giving away my ebook on how to set up a mandolin (to get your free copy email me at and put Mandolin Setup in the subject line).

    Every now and then...
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    Re: Mandolin Set-up E-Book by Rob Meldrum

    Hi folks. I apologize for some delays in replying to emails. My wife and I retired in June, spent the summer living on our boat (still trying to sell our house), and moved to Maui in September...
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