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  1. Re: Recommendations for a great Jazz tenor guitar?

    Alex Bishop, but he's in the UK in my nearby city of Bristol, is a selmer/maccaferri sort of luthier - and he's made some serious kick a** GJ tenors :)

    As you might see, I personally like an...
  2. Re: Ashbury AM-240 Solid Body Electric Mandolin

    Ashbury can be quite variable in terms of playability. But had I spotted this earlier Bill, I'd have been happy to trial one for you as I'm in the UK near a Hobgoblin store.
    That said, I totally...
  3. Re: Eastwood Classic Tenor - Experiences from other owners?

    Hi mate
    Wasn't that, but maybe the same guy - while back!
    Let's face it - people have been modding the fender teles with string trees etc and pickup swapping is soooo normal.
    And you're spot on...
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    Re: Eastman El Rey?

    great thanks Verne, I really appreciate it
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    Re: Eastman El Rey?

    hey man thanks for that. Wondering whether to find one over here (UK) and give it a trial. I don't get feedback that often on the K&K, but I don't need all the mandolin anymore as I really only play...
  6. Re: String recommendations for 1928 Gibson TG-0

    if the current set on the guitar are good for you, why not get a set of digital callipers (with the screen) to measure the gauges, from Amazon or something - they are not expensive and useful for bad...
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    Re: Today's Tenor Rumour Mill

    So.... I have actually had a try of this guitar.
    I'm really sorry I don't have decent pic (since this damn browser won't let me upload) or sounds, but as it's a prototype... seems unfair on the...
  8. Re: New Eastwood "Duo-Sonic" Style Tenor Guitar

    I wish they did have a little competition though.
    I picked up the WE 2p the other day... and nope... I just cannot bond with that wide neck. I get that it's cost effective for them to build this...
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    Re: Martin with extra sound hole!

    Makes you realise how desperate some are to get a vintage Martin.
    I don't even play mine - but at least it doesn't have "a custom soundhole" - well not since one of its cracks got repaired :))
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    Re: Today's Tenor Rumour Mill

    ha ha nice mistype Fox :)

    I have nothing more to share with you sorry - literally that's all I know.

    The good news MJBee is; this is mass production as far as tenors go. They are usually made...
  11. Re: Another unusual one on U.K. eBay

    I know Alan. Interesting character! Lives not so far from me in the Glasto region

    Kinda feel fan frets are better suited to a five string seems a bit overkill-y

    I played a fan fret zouk of his...
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    Re: Dr. K Bubble

    also this one - less mad, but still cool (again NFI!)
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    Re: ? about Dunlop Primetone picks...

    Found the large primetone triangles, 1.4 to 1.5.
    No need to change for me.
    The grippy ones.

    I had a BC. I lost it of course being brown (whyyyyy!!!????!!). Was recommended one of the white...
  14. Re: Thinking about learning fingerstyle on a tenor

    Nonsense :) Six strings = overkill and besides everyone plays six string

    That's my first resort... I leave the left corner nails of my right hand a bit longer. You don't need six inch nails -...
  15. Re: Eastwood Classic Tenor - Experiences from other owners?

    Hey Verne - many thanks man - nice one
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    Gypsy Jazz stylez tenor

    Local maker to me... Alex Bishop (I'm connected to him on social media but NFI)

    For those who love the idea of a tenor with a soundhole that makes it irksome to fit a magnetic pickup in... :lol:
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    Re: Lot of tenors on U.K. eBay

    I think I'd file that bad boy under 'quirky', Fox!
    Cool tho, wonder what it's like.

    @Ray - did you mean "but do I really want another tenor guitar" cause if you haven't got one...
  18. Re: Eastwood Classic Tenor - Experiences from other owners?

    the warren ellis models are a LOT better on quality control - perhaps the astrojet is korean made too (Eastwood's own admission to me).
    The classic was my first electric tenor - so i took the rough...
  19. Re: Octave C & G courses for mandola?

    I did it once on my old celtic mandolin. I tuned GDAD. AWESOME FUN!!
  20. Re: Has anyone use a K&K Dual channel preamp

    that's OK :)
  21. Re: Has anyone use a K&K Dual channel preamp

    it's got the optional mic input - there are two jack ins. the switches above the jack inputs dictate what type of input IIRC
  22. Re: Newbie to this board...but with a TG under construction

    Nice one Bob - real nice to see an archtop oval hole! Not many of those around. Keep the pics coming
  23. Re: Has anyone use a K&K Dual channel preamp

    To elaborate on what I sent you - my bass player was using his for mixing his two pickups on his double bass. One's a kind of magnetic, the other a piezo in the bridge.

    Hope that helps. ...
  24. Re: Has anyone use a K&K Dual channel preamp

    Don't know if I fully understand but...
    and the older
    the latter seems to have been...
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    Re: The Detectorists

    Wonderful warm hug of a series.
    I'm good friends with Davey Dodds, who wrote The Magpie - on the series it's sung by The Unthanks (and mercifully it's better than the original (sorry mate if you...
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