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    Re: High marks for Schaller GrandTunes

    Have the Schaller Grand on my Coombe. They are the smoothest I've tried. Best compliment I can give is I use them and then don't think about them again.
  2. Re: Happy birthday to me - My new Pomeroy #274

    Beautiful instrument. Love the walnut and the burst. Congrats and enjoy!
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    Re: Ever heard of a "guitar chair?!"

    The guitar chair is a thing. I've seen them with classical players and other fingerstyle folks. That one is a decent price if the height works for you. (A lot of them are custom height for the...
  4. Re: Vintage photo of a Lyon & Healy mando cello

    They may be the same person. Andy Anderson was the emcee of the radio show that ran on WDAY out of Fargo/Moorhead (North Dakota and Minnesota) where the band was featured. The article (which is...
  5. Re: Cheap beater mandolins that play, for leaving in the car etc?

    Recording Kind Dirty 30's. It's a good "cheap but cheerful" instrument. $199US with solid spruce top. I think it's better than a lot of the vintage Harmony or Kay models from the 1960's. Have played...
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    Re: Tuning up a Traditional Brekke Bridge

    Had one of those bridges on a Gallatin. The base bottom on this particular one had been sanded very low to get adjustments to work. That's what I would advise to thin down as opposed to the top of...
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    Re: Thomastik-Infeld Strings

    Good luck. I have done a couple of outdoor jams with uillean pipes, an accordion or two, nyckelharpa(s) and fiddles. Most could hear me okay. And when my wife has filmed us the mandolin does come...
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    Re: Tendonitis and string gauges

    D'Addario flatwounds have slightly lower tension than a set of regular mediums, going by their website. Thomastik go even lower. I do notice a difference between the EFW74 and Thomastik both in sound...
  9. Re: Kentucky K1000 Master Model need help with serial number

    Good price. I passed on one very similar at a festival here in early 2019. In fact, first thought it was the same instrument. The one I played had a great sound. Bet this one will too.
  10. Re: Finally had to set up my humidifier this year

    Been lucky so far. But that's due to the place having electric baseboard heating. Helps keep humidity up at this time of year. But as Chuck mentioned above, once it gets really cold will still have...
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    Re: Old Gibson Mandolin

    Another vote for a re-neck and when it was done, they put the tuners on upside down. Looks like they now work in reverse.
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    Re: Recommendations For Headphones?

    Samson SR850. Been using these for on-line jams and they seem to work fine. They have an adapter for 1/4" jack. Nothing earth shattering in the sound department. So far have seemed reliable. For the...
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    Re: Mandolin - Resonator by Republic

    C'mon, everyone knows WTF means "Wave to Frank". As in Frank Plettro, the famous (and yet unsung) Italian mandolin legend who was so great he disappeared one day in a cloud of smoke. And when one...
  14. Re: Vintage Two Point Carved Top Mandolin - Looking for informati

    That is an awesome find. I agree with Jim Garber that it looks to be inspired by that model Martin. Even down to the one piece bridge. Hopefully an easy fix to get it up and strumming.

    Case looks...
  15. Re: Parting out an EM150 ... why would someone DO this?

    Pots and knobs are there, just not listed for mandolin. Go to the seller's store and you'll see them.

    Looking at his store, he apparently does this to everything. Does have a lot of sales, so it...
  16. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    While not musical instrument specific, there was an article about pandemic hobby regret in the Washington Post recently.

    Also have noticed that parts, especially mid priced mandolin tuners, seem...
  17. Re: Will being a lefty, but playing right handed be more limiting

    Spent a couple days watching and learning music from Dwight Lamb from Iowa recently. He plays a right handed fiddle left handed. It is very interesting to watch. But he plays his Hohner diatonic...
  18. Re: Expanding my searches. Thoughts on USA Ovation mandolins?

    A late friend used one at a Scandinavian jam from time to time. He really enjoyed it. It wasn't overly loud, but I could hear it. He said it was also quite good plugged in.

    Only had one Ovation...
  19. Re: What Irish/Scottish music do Irish/Scottish people listen to?

    This is off more on a tangent - but growing up in Minnesota in the 1960's and 1970's I was exposed to what was the end of the heyday of the great Scandinavian American bands as well as the great US...
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    Re: How many Mandolins to own

    Have been cutting back. Had more for a while but realized I can be satisfied with less. And it helps that the Coombe works really well in different combinations of musicians and music. Also doesn't...
  21. Re: Will being a lefty, but playing right handed be more limiting

    Another lefty playing right handed. Started on classical bass in 4th grade and it was just more natural feeling for me to play right handed. Same when I picked up guitar. Which really shocked my...
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    Re: Thomastik-Infeld Strings

    Have TI Stark on the Coombe and D'Addario FW on the Strad-O-Lin. Obviously different instruments. Will still compare them. The D'Addario are not as flexible as the TI, and obviously don't have the...
  23. Re: F5 Upgrade Guidance - Gibson, Collings, Northfield

    First off, I'm not a bluegrass player and haven't owned a Collings F style. But from your description wanting a traditional bluegrass sound, would steer you towards a recent Gibson. You might find...
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    Re: harmonic dampener grommets

    Normally would do that. This one has the cover turned up. Could still do it, but need a lot more felt (or sponge foam). Did use felt on my A Jr.
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    Re: Gibson 1930's A50 info please

    Strad-O-Lins have transverse braces. Usually a large one near the bridge under the bottom of the F holes. There are some photos around the Cafe of the insides of a few SOL mandolins.

    There might...
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