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    Re: MP3 of the Day - Dark Eyes

    Excellent stuff - saw them live in North Wales a few years ago - great band.
  2. Re: A New Addition to my stable... a secondhand Fylde with a hist

    thanks guys - I got lucky :)

    I have to move house soon and there will need to be a 'cull' of my collection - this will NOT be involved in the cull, nor will my Breedlove, Buchanan or Stradolin -...
  3. A New Addition to my stable... a secondhand Fylde with a history

    My recently acquired Fylde is now 'ready to play' .. and it is sounding sweet :)

    I bought it from a friend who frequents the same Folk Club as I do. He originally bought it from Roger Bucknall...
  4. Thread: Stradolin ?

    by cbakewell

    Re: Stradolin ?

    Ditto what Spruce said.

    I take it to the pub and play in public every now and then, but it hasn't yet made to the proper live gig stage yet.
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    Re: Post A Picture Of Yourself


    In action at Rhyl Folk Club Xmas party.

    I am playing my Resonator Mandolin, made by Stuart Wailing.

    There was an element of fate involved in its acquisition.

    I saw it in the...
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    Re: Following the tabs vs creativity

    FWIW, I have been collecting as many ABC format tunes as I can from old 'dance master' manuscripts.

    I wrote some code that turns them into MP3 files I can listen to, which helps me identify which...
  7. Re: The Music Room at Cleckheaton has closed down!

    What a shame - I bought my much-loved Buchanan Mandolin from there :(
  8. Thread: USB mics

    by cbakewell

    Re: USB mics

    I second that - I have a Blue Yeti and it sounds great
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    Re: Worst scroll of the last century?

    Absolutely - I have an old Reverse Scroll Regal - it is my 'playing on the sofa' mandolin, and when not in use spends the rest of its time as a pretty wall hanger. My partner says it is a keeper, if...
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    Re: Old Banjolin - any ideas?

    Thanks Allen - seems possible.

    I have scoured the Internet for anything similar and found just one instrument with a similar carved scroll - and that was a 1910 Lute Mandolin on Pintrest without...
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    Re: Found a local mandolin luthier

    Great videos - I can't wait to hear it.
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    Old Banjolin - any ideas?

    This old Banjolin has been lying around in storage for a while, waiting for me to fix it up.

    Apart from a ripped vellum, a terrible action and a decade or two of dust, it seems to be in reasonable...
  13. Re: Hornpipe rhythm vs reel; mandolin vs fiddle on hornpipes

    Rust Gulley (as performed above) is one that plays well on mandolin.

    I love the 3/2 Hornpipes, and have collected just about every one that I could find in the ABC archives.

    FWIW, these are not...
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    Re: starter questions

    What Paul said.

    I can't reach at all - I can force my fingers there, but everything is under tension and there is zero chance of me actually 'hitting' that accurately from another position due to...
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    Re: Antoria headstock ID

    This is my old Antoria - it has a made in Korea sticker on the back of the headstock, and another sticker with what I assume is the model number 'HM6AM'.

    Not sure of it's exact age, but I have had...
  16. Re: Would A New Fretboard Fix Intonation Issues?

    Not sure if this is useful or not, but have you tried recording yourself playing and then comparing with what you hear whilst playing?

    I have one mandolin that sounds odd to me when playing, but...
  17. Re: Hornpipe rhythm vs reel; mandolin vs fiddle on hornpipes

    I agree 100%

    FWIW, I was taught how to dance the 'English old-style' hornpipe (not a 'thing'. just the only way I can think of to describe it) about 40 years ago. Think rough and ready sailors on...
  18. Thread: New website

    by cbakewell

    Re: New website

    It is the javascript that is the issue - works Ok-ish on Google Chrome, not so well on Firefox.

    Also, it is normal practice to have each menu item change color, or be 'highlighted' as you...
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    Re: Breedlove Crossover OO NT

    I have a KM180s and have just ordered a Breedlove Crossover OF VS after trying it out (as discussed elsewhere on the forum). I played it for best part of 40mins in the shop going through a range of...
  20. Re: Just Bought a Breedlove Crossover... not my original plan at

    A proper F-Style is just too much for me too.... not so much the weight as the styling... I think they just have 'too much' style going on (yes, I know that isn't a good reason).

    It's just...
  21. Re: Just Bought a Breedlove Crossover... not my original plan at

    My Kentucky 180s was my second ever mandolin - had it over 25years if my memory serves me right. Plays good, sounds good, never let me down etc.

    Ordering the Breedlove was a bit of a dilemma, as...
  22. Just Bought a Breedlove Crossover... not my original plan at all

    Just bought a Breedlove Crossover OF VS ... wasn't at all what I wanted when I went in....

    I was SO wanting to order an Eastman MD605, but as per the advice given out so often here, decided to...
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    Re: If You Had A Gibson Lloyd Loar Mandolin

    I reckon a mandolin has two values - the value you get from playing it, and the resale/replacement value, and it is the gap between the two that would make the decision for me.

    Like many here, I...
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    Re: How do you memorize tunes?

    yes - that's true for me too :)
  25. Re: How Best To Remove Chrome from and Resonator Mandolin

    Thanks for all the plating advice - much appreciated.

    I think I will follow the path of least resistance - a damn good clean first, then decide if 'further distressing' and/or 'painting black' is...
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