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    Re: Obscure, solid Mandolin Players

    Interesting to see this old thread pop-up and open it up and see Cruz Contreras and the CC Stringband as the first post. I'm a big fan of Cruz's songwriting and have seen him a bunch of times. He...
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    Re: George Frayne (Commander Cody), RIP

    There is no video on this one, but this might be the thread you were remembering?
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    Re: Mid-MO value

    Sometimes with the Big Muddy/Mid-Mo they will change woods on the same model number, so if you know what woods yours are made from, that might be a differentiator from the new models. Otherwise, the...
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    Re: Mid-MO value

    They retail new (Big Muddy, not Mid-Mo, for what its worth) for $855 without any options and about $100 more than that for some different configurations. I would place this somewhere between $650...
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    Re: Warm up song

    Used to be Old Joe Clark, but I've switched so it is usually Angeline the Baker now. Just songs that I learned to play and like to play.
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    Re: Another newcomer

    Ya'll are terrible.

    You don't even mention his need for an electric...
  7. Re: Old time / bluegrass in Richmond, VA?

    The Front Porch in Charlottesville is restarting its Jams tonight. There is an Old Time jam the first Thursday of each month and a bluegrass jam the second Thursday. I'm hoping to make it next...
  8. Re: Advice on buying a new mandolin? Been playing for 15+yrs

    Yes, they are generally Golden Age tuners. I've round references to Grovers, but I don't know if somebody else upgraded that instrument or if he just used those for a time and later switched to the...
  9. Re: Advice on buying a new mandolin? Been playing for 15+yrs

    Are you open to an flat top? Oval hole? That would expand your number of options. I have a very nice Big Muddy that I bought for less than your budget, and I could put a pickup in it for pretty...
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    Re: reverse music identification

    Shazam does this. I have never used it, so I can't tell you how good it works or how large a dataset it works on.
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    Re: Mandolin Builder Recommendations

    There's a thread of mandolins under ~1500 in the forums now that you might check out. A Silverangel, RAG, or Big Muddy might fit your bill, but those are all different mandolins with different...
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    Re: Sarah Jarosz

    That Bela Fleck lineup is crazy stacked. Not sure if I am going to get to see that one or not, but it looks awesome.

    Not sure how long he is on tour with her, but Mike Robinson has been playing...
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    Re: New Big Muddy M-16 Mandola

    That is very nice! Can we get a sound sample?
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    Re: greg butler/ viper strut

    I've never heard of him, but as this band looks like they would play music I would like, I clicked a few links. It appears Greg has moved on and they no longer have a mandolin player with them.
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    Re: South Florida Mandolin teacher

    I have no personal knowledge, so I am not endorsing, but here is a place you might try:
  16. Re: 4 string or 8 string that's the question....

    At least one of each, there is no need to choose. I have two eight strings and a four string electric.
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    Re: Rockygrass 2021

    I did not watch a minute of it, as I was occupied with other musical ventures, but you missed a few good ones. I really like Fireside Collective, who I've gotten to see several times recently and...
  18. Re: Fry’s Mandolin (L. Ricca employees) ???

    Luigi Ricca made mandolins in New York from ~1886 to 1900s. I don't know about the Fry's part of it. My first guesses two guesses are either a split-off of disgruntled employees or an attempt to...
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    Re: Key of the song based on the melody

    Not too much to add, because I barely understand mixolydian mode, but quite a few Grateful Dead tunes use mixolydian mode, such as China Cat Sunflower (G mixolydian), I know You Rider (D Mixolydian),...
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    Re: How Much Difference Do Speakers Make?

    You'll get more advancement in your sound quality by focusing on your input rather than your output. As long as you are recording through your cell-phone, your audio quality is going to be quite...
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    Re: How Much Difference Do Speakers Make?


    I think your recording setup is going to be more crucial to your final sound quality than your speakers. Are you using a mic? A USB input? A set of PC speakers is relatively cheap, but...
  22. Re: some good mandolin on this new Billy Strings video

    Jeff Lester, I did not know this was previously performed by BK3, so thank you for that!
  23. Re: What price level and up gets you a "lifelong keeper" mandolin

    All correct. I'm probably looking at a lifetime mandolin somewhere in the 3k range. Which can get me a really great instrument. I have more money than that, but also house project and other items...
  24. Re: What price level and up gets you a "lifelong keeper" mandolin

    I think for most people it is probably directly related to how much money they have to spend
  25. Re: Anyone have TAB/sheet music for The Weight, done in G?

    I haven't looked at either of these, but here are a couple of videos. NOt tab or sheet music, but should give you a place to start:
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