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  1. Re: New Player - Kentucky KM-150 vs KM-250?

    You seem to be assuming that the KM-250 won't need a set-up? That would be an additional $100, less or more, depending on quality of work, your location, etc.

    BTW, virtually all factory-built...
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    Re: Secure Endpin?

    That's worked well for me. ==> But let it dry overnight BEFORE inserting! <==
  3. Re: I have no idea what it is, but it aint a mandolin

    My initial guess was that, being wood (possibly integral to the neck), someone lubricated or "preserved" it with some oil that attracted the local rodents, maybe?

    Interesting that virtually every...
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    Re: Gibson Mandolin Bass

    The one I'm caretaking for my mandolin orchestra was bought maybe 12-20 years ago -well before my time- for around $6K; not sure if that includes the hefty shipping charge from the midwest. $4K -...
  5. Re: Dead Sounding Strings - Do I have a bridge issue?

    Yeah but... The main reason that cheap mandolins are, ya know, cheap is because nobody has put the last hour or two of fine handcraft into it. If they had, the same body would have a higher model...
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    Re: This seems odd

    And it even comes with an "after marked" case!
  7. Re: Looking at your hands while playing -- opinions?

    Back in the '60s, when my college rock band played at a local high school (and none of us had been playing more than 2 years), it would have been nice if they'd warned us that they usually turn the...
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    Re: Something different
  9. Re: Augustino LoPrinzi electric mandolin on Ebay

    Note the 1964 date on the case, long before his full-time involvement, and possibly made on his parents' kitchen table! IIRC, he was in New Jersey then.
  10. Re: Double Stops with Radiused vs. Flat Fretboard

    That was my first thought.

    A radiused board should effectively give you more "finger-room" between otherwise-equally-spaced courses but, IMHO, that would primarily apply to fretting a course in...
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    Re: Luthier Tune-up Frequency

    Exactly what I've been thinking.

    Just for example, my main '72 Martin guitar has been in -only- for:
    - the backbrace crack that it had when I bought it in '90 (priced accordingly);
    - the...
  12. Re: bowl back mandolin attic find, help identify?

    With over 40 "barrel stave" segments to the body, it probably started life as a higher-end instrument (which need not necessarily translate to big bucks now, especially if there's no maker id'd). ...
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    Re: Vice grip fingers

    Just because the action "looks okay", in your guitar-based experience, doesn't mean that it IS okay. Most of us started on guitar, and the tolerances for "okay" on mandolin are much tighter than you...
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    Re: Why is my action so high?

    True, but looking at the side views of the neck, I suspect that there's more relief than necessary (especially as some consider that NO relief is okay on a mandolin). And that indirectly affects...
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    Re: Nut Width Preference?

    As somebody who has found that being comfortable with a variety of sometimes-contrasting "architectures", each emphasizing different handling characteristics (whether it be instruments, skis,...
  16. Re: Whatís the oddest mandolin related gift youíve been given?

    Gotta love the "stitching", embossed-steel of course, around the top edge. Someone put a fair amount of thought into that thing!
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    Re: Surprising mando songs?

    See the looong-running thread on this topic whose 13 pages, approaching 2 decades, by now lists hundreds of such songs, if not thousands....
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    Re: Lifting bridge on a cheap acoustic guitar

    When my laminated '63 Kay parlor guitar ($29.95 new!) needed help 20 or so years ago, here's what I did:

    ... and then ...

    Yeah, the body's still a bit warped between the neck and...
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    Re: Learning mandolin and music theory?

    Mandolin for Dummies, by Cafe member Don Julin.

    Once upon a time, that phrase was the punchline to a bunch of jokes, then the actual book was published and ... it all became clear! There will be...
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    Re: A mystery mandolin on Craigslist

    Auto-body class project??
  21. Re: Please Help ID Instrument - Partial Label and Pat 88 Tuning P

    Uhmmm... Can't help thinking that someone with ~75 instruments might still have 2 tiples and not even know it?
  22. Re: Please Help ID Instrument - Partial Label and Pat 88 Tuning P

    Hopefully, one of our bowlback experts will recognize that bit of label and ID the builder.

    I'm pretty sure that the three banjo tuners were not original to the instrument, but such tuners are...
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    Re: Ashbury mandolin neck questions

    If it has an adjustable truss rod, that's what it's for.

    BTW, Ashbury is not a name with which we colonials are real familiar!
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    Re: Problems with playability. Help!

    It helps to elicit responses from others if you tell us WHERE you're located. A great luthier could be within walking distance, but won't be suggested if you might live ... anywhere! Plus, there...
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    Re: Chord Questions

    ... and most often isn't, except when it is! Just to expand our view a little:

    In the last few years, I've been playing the '30s-era "Smile" with my local library mandolin group ("Smile though...
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