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  1. Re: Tennis elbow in the picking arm - how to avoid it?

    I've suffered from this on and off for the past year, brought on by some prolonged bouts of scything the paddocks on my property. What I've noticed is that it flares up again if I'm doing anything...
  2. Re: The Butterfly- My first mandolin cover

    Nice one, sounds like you've hit the ground running!
  3. Re: My favorite Red Bear pick just broke after a decade :(

    Charmed Life make casein picks:
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    Re: Your favorite mandolin tuning tips?

    I was just sat down playing my mandolin this morning - one pass through with the Polytune tuner, starting with the G course and working my way down, and it was all good. Sometimes I need to go back...
  5. Re: The Cobblestone, Famous Irish Pub Saved from Developers

    Yes, I was delighted to get a notification email this morning from Dublin City Council to say that permission for the hotel had been refused! It would've been an absolute disgrace if permission had...
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    Re: Your favorite mandolin tuning tips?

    I've been around the cafe for something like 12 years now and can say that I can't recall ever reading any threads that recommend tuning strings in a different order or anything like that as a way to...
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    Re: O'Doud's No 9 (Reel)

    Nice work with those triplets - this is a great example for anyone trying to learn triplets of how the speed they're played it is relevant to the speed the tune is played at. A common mistake people...
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    Re: Oval Hole Picking Technique

    I pick right at the bottom of the fretboard on my oval A - I never hit the top, though I do have a wooden finger rest on it, but still, there's no marks on it at all either. You might try working on...
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    Re: 2005 Eastman 504 - any good?

    I've played a few 504's of that era and found them all to be very decent - not a fan of the old headstock shape but aside from that no complaints here.
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    Re: Cavehill - traditional Irish jig

    Great wee jig that!
  11. Re: Everything you wanted to know about the Irish bouzouki...

    Of course here in Ireland, we don't call them "Irish tenor banjos", we just call them "tenor banjos". And the 19 fret tenor banjo is way more popular here than the 17 fret ones.....

    Back on topic,...
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    Re: Euan Cattanach

    Ah, so very sorry to hear this - I always enjoyed when he'd post photos of the banjos he was building on Facebook. May he Rest in Peace.
  13. Re: Price increases coming soon or already here

    Here's something on the topic that was included in the most recent Gryphon Strings newsletter this week:
  14. Re: Now that I have actually tried playing one.. a few questions

    Great tips in this video from Sierra Hull regarding tone - she touches on pick angle and where to pick:

    Mike Marshall talking about right and left hand technique here:
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    Re: Stewmac Golden Age tuners

    The Collings MT-O I used to have came with Golden Age tuners and they were awful, nearly impossible to turn. I had them switched out for Rubners and was absolutely delighted with the switch. Glad the...
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    Re: Octave Mandolin advice

    No tenor guitar has a scale length as long as an acoustic guitar either - my tenor has a 23 inch scale length which would be at the top end of tenor guitar scale lengths - anything over that and...
  17. Re: What Irish/Scottish music do Irish/Scottish people listen to?

    Sadly this podcast, The Blarney Pilgrims, is on hiatus now and not sure if the two fellas who present it have any plans to bring it back, but there are a wealth of episodes to listen back to - music...
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    Re: Always use a strap? Even when seated?

    Interestingly, after years of playing with the strap adjusted to the same length and slung over my head resting on the left shoulder I've recently found the position of the mandolin less comfortable...
  19. Re: New to me mandolin coming. Good string to start off with?

    i second the recommendation for monels - I have the D'Addario monels on my Girouard and really like the warm, played in sound they have. If you're wanting phosphor bronze strings I've always found...
  20. Re: What Irish/Scottish music do Irish/Scottish people listen to?

    Here's some songs for ye:

    Radie Peat & Daragh Lynch from the band Lankum

    Ye Vagabonds:
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    Re: Taran Springwell

    Lovely stuff Kevin - is that a cedar top on the Sobell?

    Great that Rory is building another batch of the Springwells - I see that Macdara ” FaolŠin was over there working in the workshop with him...
  22. Re: What Irish/Scottish music do Irish/Scottish people listen to?

    My Irish is very rusty as far as speaking goes, but I can follow programmes on TG4 pretty well. I've been taking some online courses to try to get more fluent.
  23. Re: What Irish/Scottish music do Irish/Scottish people listen to?

    If you want to go down a rabbit hole of great Irish trad music, the YouTube channel for Hup (a great trad programme that was on TG4, our Irish language station) is a good starting point:
  24. Re: First instrument(s) suggestions - mostly Irish/celtic/folk

    Glad to hear you found something at!

    Regarding mandolins and neck width, I too was a long time guitar player before picking up the mandolin. I actually prefer the standard 1 1/8th...
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    Re: When you get injured...

    Glad to hear nothing was broken! Good reminder that there's still things we can work on if one of our hands/arms is out of commission - keep up the good healing!
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