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    Re: String spacing?

    I have a very inexpensive Kmise acoustic tenor with a 10mm nut and 14mm bridge spacing.
    Overall width is 1 3/16" nut and 1 11/16" bridge.
    It is slightly wider than an early Favilla baritone...
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    WTB...Blues for Tenor Guitar

    <Belongs in the classifieds and see you found that>.

    Per posting guidelines: Refrain from using the forum as a market place, ie., a resource for selling, purchasing or trading. Please limit...
  3. Re: New and recent Tenor, best than vintage Martin's and Gibson ?

    There is a huge difference between honest play-wear and abuse.
    When I handle a road-worn instrument, it feel completely different from a new one.
    This to me is "mojo".
    That also goes for this...
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    Re: Mandolin Set Up Ebook and Mandolin Users

    A big thank you to Rob for all of his work.
  5. Re: A quick and inexpensive way to try the tenor guitar

    I bought one a few weeks ago for $50.00(Ebay). It is all laminate. The neck is very wide for a tenor guitar. 36mm (29 string to string). Think tenor/baritone ukulele.
    Tuned in fourths (Chicago) it's...
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