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  1. Re: Good Tone - How long does it actually take?

    There’s a great story of Julian bream, the great guitarist, giving a seminar and at the end one of the students says, ‘sure you have great tone, but you’ve got a great instrument. How do I get great...
  2. Re: Good Tone - How long does it actually take?

    Like many here have stated, tonewood, strings, pick type help. I do think we confuse 'response' for tone, particularly with electronics. But setup - ease of playability helps. How does rob meldrum...
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    The other thing that hasn't been mentioned in 'natural relicing' is the acid content of people's sweat. Rory Gallagher and Stevie Ray Vaughn literally burned the finish off their stratocasters....
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    Re: Distressed Mandolin and Regular Playing

    Hollow body electrics though... and George maintained that it worked for the rest of his life. So... ? (I don't know myself)
  5. Re: New San Bush album focuses on John Hartfiord tunes

    Can’t wait.
  6. Re: The Dilemma of Motivation, Attention Span, and Practice Regim

    Take it one step at a time. Learn a song. Then develop it. Pick one instrument to start.

    Have fun!
  7. Re: Your favourite manufacturer offers you a signature model

    It’s autocorrect for metal. Grrrr. Stupid autocorrect.
  8. Re: question on Getting Into Jazz Mandolin exercises

    That’s exactly it. Home is the root note. Third is the third scale note. So in C, that’s E. The Fourth is F.

    The C scale is C D E F G A B C. Converting those to numbers you get 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  9. Your favourite manufacturer offers you a signature model

    What specs do you give it?

    Me? Oval hole f-style with Gibson headstock. Grover tuners. Bone nut. Slightly wider neck. Ebony finger boards. Tobacco burst. Rosewood bridge - with the meatball strip...
  10. Re: Dark trails appeared on the neck of my mandolin

    I'm thinking its natural wear and tear - finger grease if you will. No need to do anything....
  11. Re: Anchor a finger on the pit guard or not?

    There's a YouTube video where Chris Thile argues that keeping your fist in a ball is better energy management - I think he's right, so I try and do that. But old habits die hard...

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    Re: Info on J. Bovier mandolins, please

    I have the ELS - such a brilliant mandolin.
  13. Re: Sam Bush plays Clarence White’s mandolin

    It’s a lovely mandolin. I have always liked those points. It sounds like Sam. Maybe a bit treblyer than hoss?
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    Re: Washburn M-1/SB

    It’s a great mandolin especially at its price point. Washburn themselves is a brand name out of the Lyons and Healy brand - cheaper instruments through catalogues if memory serves.

    Over the last...
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    Monel strings - what to do, what to do?

    I’ve often used the Sam Bush monels. Thought I’d give the Martin’s a go.

    So the question is - oval hole or f-hole for the Martin strings?

    What’s your experience?

    Thanks in advance.
  16. Re: Nylon-Strung Piccolo Mandolin Prototype

    Aw, gee, thanks. You do great work, and I'm always amazed at what people come up with here. Love your work.

    If I ever get your way (or you mine), let's make it happen. I'd love to have a go at...
  17. Re: Nylon-Strung Piccolo Mandolin Prototype

    They are really nice. If it's taking up too much room, I'd happily store it for you ;)
  18. Re: Who thinks this is really an refurbished antique Italian mand

    I think it might be from east Italy. Jakarta, or Beijing east Italy.
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    Re: Essay on Mandolin Orchestras

    The first thing I thought of when the question of class and mandolin playing was raised was 1) Italian descended players. The second was the notion that the innovative instruments - loars (and the...
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    Re: DO I need a better mandolin?

    We’re in a golden age of instrument manufacture. It means that the more expensive instruments are incredible. But it also means that mid price and cheaper instruments are much better then they used...
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    Re: Tuning to Flatt and Scruggs

    Fascinating discussion.

    One of the Monroe biographies - I think Smith - mentions that the bluegrass boys would all tune to concert pitch at the beginning of a tour and then tune by ear. By the...
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    Re: Essay on Mandolin Orchestras

    I’ve got nothing t add, but that I enjoyed reading it very much. Do let us know when it’s released.
  23. Re: Urgent Strings Question! (Help a beginner, please!)

    I think mediums will be fine. You may need to adjust the intonations. It makes a big difference on bowl backs.
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    Re: Crafter mandolin

    One of the few instruments I sold. (Under pressure from home). Like the other few regret it.
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    Re: Mando Strat Case/gig bag ideas

    I use a baritone ukulele case. Works nicely for my jbovier.
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