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    Paddy O' Rafferty - Mandolin

    And just like that, I did another mandolin thing. I am just loving these Celtic tunes. Another in 6/8 time. Watch your picking! DUDDUDDUDD... Repeat!!
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    Stop, Old Hag, Or You'll Kill Me

    It has been a while, my friends. Here is a nice Celtic piece. I chose to learn it based solely from the name of the song. :)

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  3. The Boys Of Malin - Irish Mandolin Reel

    There are always exceptions to the rule and this tune is one of them. This Reel has three sections whereas these traditional dance tunes usually have two. Keep an...
  4. Re: The Wind That Shakes The Barley - Irish Reel

    Thank you!! Good to know!
  5. The Wind That Shakes The Barley - Irish Reel

    A very popular style of Irish song is the reel. It is pretty basic (4 beats per measure), just watch out for that Triplet!!!

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  6. The Road To Lisdoonvarna - Irish Mandolin

    This lovely tune in 12/8 time mixes up your straight forward alternate (DUDUDU) picking with some DUDDUD picking making this quite a tongue twister for your right hand.

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  7. Wo Betyd Thy Waerie Bodie - Celtic Mandolin

    Here is a really nice Celtic piece. Great for alternate picking practice! Please consider SUBSCRIBING to my YouTube channel and sharing this video!
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    Brilliancy Played On Mandolin

    Man oh man this one was tough for me. Please consider SUBSCRIBING to my YouTube Channel and LIKING my video.
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    Arpeggio Exercise

    Hey folks!

    Here is a cool arpeggio exercise I enjoy doing to warm up. I have the transcription available for free at
  10. Song Of The Chanter - Celtic Mandolin Music

    I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed doing it! You can get the transcription from my website at for free. Enjoy!
  11. Irish Mandolin Music - Drops Of Brandy

    This nice tune is known as a Slip Jig. Kind of like Double Jigs, but with nine eighth beats per measure. This one mainly uses the picking pattern of DUDDUD, but when there is a quarter note along...
  12. Irish Mandolin Music - Old John's Jig

    Hi Everyone!
    A nice little tune in 6/8.
    Focus on the DUDDUD picking pattern! Enjoy!
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  13. Re: Celtic Music For Mandolin - Planxty Miss Burke

    That sounds like so much fun!!!
  14. Celtic Music For Mandolin - Planxty Miss Burke

    I hope you like this classic Celtic piece in 6/8. If you enjoyed it, please consider Subscribing to my YouTube channel where you can view more mandolin...
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