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  1. Re: Kentucky K1000 Master Model need help with serial number

    You might try to contact Saga Instruments directly. They should be able to tell you a date or at least get close.
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    Re: Curt Mangan Strings - Wonderful

    I have been using and liking the CM Monel's for quite some time. Great strings that seem to lean towards the bluegrass sound to my ears and they last a long time.
  3. Re: Items stolen from David Grisman's gig last night

    Unbelievable......not really but truly sad. We have had limited options for live music the past few years and someone is finally able to perform and some low life does something like this. This is...
  4. Re: A Gibson A3 in the white. In the white get it?

    Possibly quiescence but since this thread started the price jumped quite a bit? Wondering if any of the pick guard hardware or tailpiece is there? Would make a difference in the value.

  5. Re: ISO Luthier to carve and install new top

    Slightly less valuable mandolin but a recent question regarding a re-top -

    Unless you are...
  6. Re: Gibson F5-G with bottom edge damage (need advice Buy or Pass)

    $3700 would be close to the top for a F5G in really good shape with no issues. Did the seller disclose this in the ad or after the fact? If he was not upfront it would go back, period. I agree with...
  7. Re: Flatiron Performer A mandolin Nashville built

    Since no one else has chimed in I will give you my 2 cents. I think they are a sleeper. They are built on the same benches as Gibson mandolin at the time and even have a Gibson label. For some reason...
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    Re: NMD - 2007 Kimble F5

    Very nice...would not be to hard to bond with that one.
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    Re: Flatwounds on an Eastman MD315

    I have used Elixir Nanoweb strings and thought they felt good under the fingers as well. The do have a coating on the G and D strings that will eventually wear off but they last a long time. Might be...
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    Re: Hello, I am new here

    If you decide to purchase another mandolin Eastman and Kentucky make good mandolins and are a terrific value. If you buy one from one of the site sponsors it should come with a decent setup and ready...
  11. Re: Advice on buying a new mandolin? Been playing for 15+yrs

    I think Kentucky and Eastman build fine mandolins. The common thought it the newer ones are better than older ones. Some of the Eastman 605's came with a pick-up, if you could fine a used one it...
  12. Re: Looking for advice on best mandolins around 5K

    Does he have to have an F5 or is he ok with an A or 2 point? It would help to have a general idea of where you are located. There maybe some options to try out some different mandolins such as...
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    Re: Question about shipping

    So how far is it between you and the builder? Across country? Shipping to Canada is expensive and then to add an additional $400 (US or CAD?) on top tells me it would be outrageous. Also they say...
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    Re: Leather Handle for G&S case?

    Someone was selling nice looing replacement handles on the forum, but I have not seen them listed for quite a while. I would think the D rings would be able to be removed buy spreading them.
  15. Re: Mandolin Tasting: Gibsons, Buckeye, Duff, Northfiled

    I listened with a decent pair of headphones. I do like the fact that they all were played by the same player with the same strings and pick. sure some mandolins may prefer a certain string or pick....
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    Re: Loar 600 vs Eastman MD615

    They are also an Eastman dealer so would be good to give them a call an explain what you are looking for and get their recommendation.
  17. Re: Considering a trade - is it me or the mandolin

    I also do not have big hands, so a wide nut or chunky neck does not work for me. I have had several mandolins on the catch and release program. some really good mandolins buy respected builders that...
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    Re: Lloyd Loars in the classifieds

    I believe Tony Williamson has a few as well...
  19. Re: Gold-plated Eastman mandolin tailpiece...

    I don't remember seeing them in gold. Allen makes a similar tailpiece and I believe they come in gold.
  20. Re: Who makes a symetrical F case for my two-point?

    You might check out this one...
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    Re: favorite festival tent?

    I have had a Marmut Limelight 3 person tent for several years. Have used it for camping, fishing and fiddle camp. It is a terrific tent and has held up well. Overkill for most of the time but on the...
  22. Re: Question About Classified Price/Sales Tax Etiquette

    I am aware of the use tax. I was under the assumption that if you purchased something where they do not collect tax (I live in Washington State and there is not sales tax in Montana or Oregon) the...
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    Re: Question about Collings mandolins

    Collings instruments are pretty consistent. If you take 10 of the same model from any maker you will notice some differences and a coupe will probable stand out and a couple might not be quite as...
  24. Re: Question About Classified Price/Sales Tax Etiquette

    Not usually expected to be included. I think the buyer would have discussed the issue with you if they had a concern. The issue I have with Reverb and Ebay is you pay tax on items sold by...
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    Re: My Gibson F5G....

    That would have ben finished/labeled on December 15, 2000 and the third mandolin labeled that day. Charlie Derrington was the head luthier at that time and as mentioned Gibson did not sign the F5G's...
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