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    Re: Blue Chip pick for oval hole mandolin

    With several ovals, including a 1923 Gibson A2, I either use a Blue Chip TAD 40 (on most) or a Blue Chip TAD 35 if I want a little more brightness for that particular mandolin. I have tried...
  2. Re: A Reference for The Differences in oval holed Gibson A's?

    Sorry, I will be less formal from now on, J-baby! ;-)
  3. Re: adjustable bridge with different side height

    I agree the G side would likely be best higher but in most string sets the G strings are under slightly more tension than the E strings.
  4. Re: A Reference for The Differences in oval holed Gibson A's?

    So that means that that particular '21 paddlehead has a top graduated like a snakehead but the thicker ribs of the older models, if I interpret it correctly, right? Interesting! Thanks, Mr. Condino!
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    Re: Warped bridge saddle

    Thanks, John!
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    Warped bridge saddle

    I have a warped bridge saddle on a Gibson A2 from 1923. The ebony is striaight all along until you get to the e string portion, which then bows up (i.e. away from the bridge base) about a millimeter....
  7. Re: A Reference for The Differences in oval holed Gibson A's?

    Can anyone answer this specific question? Thanks to all either way.
  8. Re: A Reference for The Differences in oval holed Gibson A's?

    Sorry to dredge up an old thread but - So the paddleheads that were made during 22-25 - did they also have the skinnier rib thickness and thinner tops or was it just the snakeheads?
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    Re: Vega Cylinder Back - armrest solution

    I just sit to play and angle the neck out so that my arm does not cross the sharp corner with any real pressure on the corner. It's better ergonomics all around.
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    Re: Stefan Sobell mandolins and other instruments

    I think small but I am not sure. Mine is one of the older ones which were all large. Wow, a 1 5/8" nut!?!?! Mine is 1 3/8" and it always strikes people are huge. Definitely made for a guitar player!
  11. Re: Ranking old tenors (generally speaking) by brand?

    Agreed on the late 20s - early 30s Regals. You have to be careful, as some will require a little or a lot of work (true of any used instrument really) but once fixed and set up, they are great for a...
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    Re: winter non-adjustable bridge

    Your luthier probably has a piece of ebony at hand - left over from an old fret board - and could make a bridge easily enough (or use a shim like Barry Canada recommended). Or, and this is what I do,...
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    Re: Mandolin stands

    I love the Cooperstand Pro Mini. It looks very nice and wooden and is so small I can fit it in most of my mandolin cases and gig bags. 191515
  14. Re: Modern case options for teens Gibson A models

    I did need to adjust the box. It took all of 5 minutes. I did not need to let the case outgas. It did not smell when I got it. On protection, I just presume that a well made archtop fiberglass case...
  15. Re: Modern case options for teens Gibson A models

    I got one of these and it fits the body wonderfully and is more protective I think than the TKL. Now, the disclaimer - you have either remove or move the neck box for your mandolin to fit (due to the...
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    Re: Tunings and string gauges

    On the National and Tonewood, I would have a knowledgeable person / guitar tech check out your nut and saddle. My guess is that the either the saddle is not compensated (and maybe it needs to be) on...
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    Re: Hornpipe rhythm

    I would just listen to YouTube videos of good players of Irish music. For the most part hornpipes are played with a dotted timing but how "straight" or dotted they are depends on taste really.
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    Re: Regal Tenor in Want Ads

    I just saw this thread this morning. I am the seller and the guitar has sold, with 48 hour approval pending. Yep, I love the spruce top Regals presuming they have been cured of any problems like neck...
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    Re: Irish tenor banjo

    Jill's string gauges should work for a 21" scale length but remember that 17 fret really means nothing, it's the scale length that matters, so on something shorter than 21" (which I would really not...
  20. Re: A quick and inexpensive way to try the tenor guitar

    Mredsma - For a 20s Regal tenor, I just got a Kala Sonoma Coast gig bag (really nice and protective) for about $60 and it is a snug but good fit in every direction. To me, a perfect house for my 20s...
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    Re: Taran Springwell

    Identical to mine except mine is almost four years old now. Incredible, aren't they? I totally agree with Kevin - play it hard and listen for it to develop even more. Mine certainly did, within the...
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    Re: Free Waterloo Mandolin

    Pick me! Pick me!
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    Re: Gibson A Oval Tuning Machines

    As far as I know, these are the only ones that are an easy drop in fit (and they work very well)....
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    Re: Loud, or Not So Loud?

    I have a portable, air-conditioned and heated practice facility that really works well for me, whether at work or home. Its called the back seat of my car. Seriously.
  25. Thread: Clean picks

    by liestman

    Re: Clean picks

    I find that if a student of mine has trouble with a pick slipping around, washing hands and pick with soap and water generally solves the problem. Different people have different oiliness of the skin...
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