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    Re: Plastic Bushings! Yuck!


    I was talking about replacing the tuners not the bushings, sorry for the confusion! In fact, I was wrong and it appears your gear configuration is standard. I had a set that looked very...
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    Re: Plastic Bushings! Yuck!

    I believe they are Golden Gate tuners made by Saga and are very inexpensive, though I am still surprised the bushings would be plastic. Because they have the gears on top of the shaft, this limits...
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    Re: Gibson Oval-Hole Recommendations?

    With a budget up to $7500, you can get one hell of a vintage A model Gibson. With some searching, you could even get a Gilchrist Model 1 which is the modern king of oval holes IMO. You can pretty...
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    Re: Best Book for learning Mandolin

    I agree with Caleb. I have bought many books and DVDs over the years and the most helpful by far were the beginners books written by Joe Carr, who sadly passed away only last December (RIP). His Mel...
  5. Re: Refretting In The Lower New York Area Without Breaking The Ba

    My only suggestion if you do plan on getting all frets replaced is to go with EVO fretwire. It has a golden bronze color and lasts much longer than regular fretwire. The cost should be the same or...
  6. Thread: JBovier FM5

    by sgrexa

    Re: JBovier FM5

    I had one that I sold a couple months back. It was a well crafted instrument, with a nice THROATY voice and a beautiful instrument. Also came in one of the nicest custom shaped HSCs (brown faux...
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    Re: Headstocks, just headstocks

    Simple but elegant IMO.

  8. Re: "violin necks" on violins-do they leave them in the white?

    This is the best I have handy right now.

  9. Re: "violin necks" on violins-do they leave them in the white?

    I think you have a future career in "speed necking", nicely done!

  10. Re: "violin necks" on violins-do they leave them in the white?

    Just to avoid confusion, my particular Nugget mandolin has NO finish / varnish / lacquer / dyes etc. of any kind on the "usable" portion of the back of neck. My experience leads me to imagine 3 pages...
  11. Re: "violin necks" on violins-do they leave them in the white?

    I know that when I asked Mike Kemnitzer if he used any type of sealer on my bare mando neck, he said it was simply bare wood but the oils from my hands would "condition" it over time. It is the most...
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    Re: do new strings need to be trimmed down?

    I wish all tuners were like vintage Kluson strat type with a hole on the top to put the string in and a notch to bend the string before winding. Changing strings on a strat is almost pleasurable...
  13. Re: Is the Gibson design really better than Neapolitan mandolins?

    Great video, looks like Dave is wearing the same shirt Jimi rocked at Monterey!

  14. Thread: Adivce on Ode

    by sgrexa

    Re: Adivce on Ode

    As I said in the other thread, is there something terribly wrong with the neck that would make a truss rod install necessary? You live in the vicinity of some very talented setup people (Lynn...
  15. Thread: Advice

    by sgrexa

    Re: Advice

    Why do you think it needs a truss rod? Unless there is something terribly wrong with the neck, there are plenty of setup tweaks you could try to get it playing to your satisfaction.

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    Re: Breaking in New Unplayed Instrument

    I remember reading either here or on Comando decades ago a quote that went something like this:

    "At some point, you just have to sit down and play the damn thing."

    Not sure who said it (Sam...
  17. Re: Allow shipped solid state Amp to Acclimate before opening?

    Funny, I left an old Fender Deluxe Reverb in my trunk the other night. Remembered to grab all the guitars and mandolins. The amp sat overnight in sub freezing temps. I didn't think twice about firing...
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    Re: I cant understand why not........

    I believe Chris used to practice 8 hrs a day minimum from age 4 to ~25. He still practices about half that many hours a day. The advantages of learning an instrument that young (especially with a...
  19. Re: A-strings - one goes sharp and the other does not - why?

    I have been dealing with this problem since time immemorial. I have had some of the most advanced repair persons in the world look at a couple of different mandolins. This problem can be somewhat...
  20. Re: Why are some mandolins so expensive...I mean really

    I think everyone would be wise to purchase the finest instrument they can afford and spend a lot more energy on practicing and playing. I have all kinds of mandolins and love them all, but after 20...
  21. Re: My new BRW A5- "Vlad the Impaler" has arrived........

    Ben is a much better photographer than I.

    124776 124777

    124778 124779

    124780 124781
  22. Re: My new BRW A5- "Vlad the Impaler" has arrived........

    I can't edit or delete the video above, but here is a much better quality video.

  23. Re: My new BRW A5- "Vlad the Impaler" has arrived........

    Here is a song me and my friend wrote tonight and I decided to break out the BRW.

  24. Re: My new BRW A5- "Vlad the Impaler" has arrived........

    John, as I said, the Carpathian came out better than I expected. I think the high E on this mando might be my favorite of all I have owned. It is very balanced, but so new, difficult to truly...
  25. My new BRW A5- "Vlad the Impaler" has arrived........

    I first heard of Ben Wilcox in the early 2000's while browsing the Cafe' and was always impressed with his work, especially with how young he was at the time. I was particularly fond of his humility,...
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