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    Re: Gibson A3 number 74336

    Probably not, and it may not even have a slimmer neck. The serial number points to a 1924 shipping date. But we don't know the FON, which may well be from before slimmer neck/snake head time. A truss...
  2. Re: Musiccompo in Hong Kong Carbon Fiber mandolin cases

    Interesting, thanks for the info. I came to my conclusion by (alternatively;)) trying to put a vintage Loar-signed F5 and two recent Gibson Master Models into my Musiccompo case. The instruments did,...
  3. Re: Musiccompo in Hong Kong Carbon Fiber mandolin cases

    Two years ago, I wrote the following:
    I started a thread on those cases about a year ago:
    I own one of those. Of course, they are...
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    Re: Blonde Loars ?

    The F5 in question should be ser.-# 81626, shipped in '27 according to Spann. That mandolin has a non-original neck and non-original (worm over) tuners, most likely redrilled. There are no F5s made...
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    Re: Mike Marshall's Loar?

    Absolutely correct. Mike and I talked about the subject several times. The mid range portion Mike is so fond of in his "antique" (and the Northfields) he sometimes refers to as "bone structure".
  6. Re: Ever just love the sound of your mandolin?

    You bet!
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    Re: Mike Marshall's Loar?

    I played Mike's Loar several times in quiet situations (e. g. at my home) switching back and forth between his Loar, a couple of recent MM Gibsons and another Loar at hand. While Mike is a fantastic...
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    Re: Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    I found that most any - certainly not all - newer (recorded) version of an older song or tune is faster than the original from the 40s - 60s (live anyway). Try and play "Little Cabin Home on the...
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    Re: Earl taylor's f5

    Absolutely right, Glassweb. Wonderful F5; I checked it out 2 years ago.
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    Tony Rice passed

    David Anthony Rice passed away on the 25th; very sad.
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    Re: Adrian Gross - Ashland Breakdown

    Great pickin', Adrian. Ashland Breakdown has been one of my favorites for almost 30 years. Aside from Kenny Baker's wonderful rendition, I absolutely love Monroe's recording from the mid '70s with...
  12. Re: Gibson Master Model F5 @ the Mandolin store

    FYI, the F5 James is playing in that video is not the one pictured on the MS website (telling from the different flower pots).
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    Re: Gibson inlays

    Jim, that F2 has the earlier Aumann inlay (where the "o" is open under the "n"-connection, if I may say so as a non-native speaker). That A4's inlay is a later than mid-'23 inlay (with the "o"...
  14. Re: C.J. Lewandowski has been diagnosed with COVID-19

    I hope it's okay to ask: Is C. J. sick?
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    Re: Lyon & Healy vs Gibson

    Jeremy, up until a few months ago, I had a super nice sounding L&H Style C (c. 1920; long scale) and found that the top thickness was, indeed, less than my Gibson oval hole F4 (measured with a...
  16. Re: Plating on a Lyon & Healy Model A tailpiece

    Those spots are to be expected on nickel silver items and shouldn't be anything else than corrosion, as nickel silver is not a precious metal.
  17. Re: Plating on a Lyon & Healy Model A tailpiece

    Don't know about the "brass with nickel plating" observation. The book on Washburn (by MC member Hubert Pleijsier) specifies "a nickel silver plated" tailpiece cover, which is misleading and must be...
  18. Re: Plating on a Lyon & Healy Model A tailpiece

    Tim, those L&H tailpieces (of models A, B, C) were never plated AFAIK. From what I saw on my own Style C, and according to the original sales literature they were made of an alloy commonly referred...
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    Re: 1907 Torch & Wire with Virzi?

    Several Loar-signed F5s and other Gibsons were retrofit with a Virzi. In order to do this, they just sawed the back off with a thin saw, leaving the back binding "narrower" than the top binding and...
  20. Re: An interview with the last Gibson Gal - NMC

    Are there also sour grapes involved in the story? :)
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    Re: Stew-mac prices

    Since I have no valid data, no access to StewMac files at all, I have no idea about StewMac's taxable profit, expenses &c. Hence, I'm reluctant to judge their prices.
  22. Re: Dumb and petty complaint (Doyle Lawson F-5 content)

    As you seem to like the Gibson sound, why not try and get a recent 75th Anniversary F10 or a Victorian? The latter even has a connection to Doyle.
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    Re: Wood identity question

    Quite possible, Peter. After some googling I did find a source for my claim, not sure, if that’s the one I referred to above. However, reliable or not, it does seem like the „white spruce“ was...
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    Re: Wood identity question

    I believe it makes sense to make a distinction between the wood species (usually one latin term), the trade names (many in some cases) and the growth pattern. "Quilted", "flamed", "tiger", "curly",...
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    Re: Wood identity question

    Tim, as to your question, your L & H is from "birds eye maple", a certain growth pattern of acer saccharum (= sugar maple, rock maple). In case you're interested, I read (in some forum with reference...
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