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    Re: RIP Tony Rice

    Wow, so sad to hear. He was truly one of the great players that influenced so many of us. RIP Tony.
  2. Re: New Superior CD1521 Mandolin case Strong Chemical Smell

    You are smelling the chemicals used in the manufacturing process, most likely adhesives and dyes. Just like a new car smell, it will dissipate over time, especially if you leave the case open with...
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    Re: Beginner Instrument Question

    My experience is that the GC techs can vary widely in skill level. I've met some who were very knowledgeable on acoustic guitars, and could probably do an average setup on a mandolin. I've also met...
  4. Re: New to mandolin. Looking for recommendations

    Congrats on your new mandolin, I hope you get lots of enjoyment from your purchase.

    I think you made a very good choice, it looks like it's in good shape. Make sure you check out all the resources...
  5. Re: New to mandolin. Looking for recommendations

    If you were to go to any factory that builds mandolins or guitars, and pick out two identical models that came off the line back to back, they wouldn't sound the same. The more expensive the...
  6. Re: Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    This is very true, but there's a huge down side to not learning which sharps and flats are in which key. I played by ear for years and years, and was "ok", but I often got confused as to which notes...
  7. Re: Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    This is one of those topics which comes up fairly frequently. To me, the more ways you can learn, the better. Standard notation is a must if you're playing with many different musicians, and learning...
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    Re: New Northfield/Gilchrist tailpiece-Nice!

    I like the design, very nice. If I were ordering a new high end mandolin, I'd consider this if it had the right logo.
  9. Re: Happy Birthday Dennis Vance, hoping for a transplant

    Wishing Dennis all the best. I hope he has a speedy recovery without complications. I only dealt with him once, but he was a true professional.
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    Re: String winder

    Lots of folks, including myself, have tried to use guitar winders on mandolins. They don't work well at all. So it is not uncommon to try and modify guitar winders to fit. I cut the side off a cheap...
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    Re: NMD Pava Pro

    That is a fine looking mandolin, congrats!
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    Re: Buy without trying

    When you go to a store, you get the option of trying several different instruments and doing an AB comparison. But what I don't like about trying an instrument in a store is that it never sounds...
  13. Re: Sierra Hull playing as half the audience walks away.

    I had a cat for almost 20 years, she recently passed. But she loved it when I sang to her, especially in minor keys. Not sure why, but I would make up silly songs, and basically sing her name (Tiger...
  14. Re: Gibson opposes Collings' headstock trademark registration, ci

    "I'm soooo confused!" "I bought this guitar thinking it was a Gibson, but now I find out it's a Collings!" "I guess I should have read what was on the headstock, instead of going by the shape."

  15. Re: Charlie Daniels, fiddle (and mandolin) player dead at 83.

    RIP Charlie, thank you for your music. I saw him several times, he was a hard working musician and put on a great show.
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    Re: A little late but here is my NMD post

    Looks nice, you should get lots of enjoyment out of it.
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    Re: Stringwinder's for mando

    I've never tried that string winder, but it looks pretty cool. I finally broke down and bought a Frank's Crank for my mandolin last week, and man, what a joy that is to use!

    But the winder you...
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    Re: Advise on a Webcam

    Hi Jim,
    Take a look at, it's a great site with lots of free lessons. He's got a whole section that talks about what equipment he uses (both currently and in the past), you can find...
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    Re: Question about customising a mandolin

    Feel free to customize your mandolin to suit your needs and tastes. In theory, paint does affect how the sound is transmitted through the wood, but in real life, I doubt if you could hear the...
  20. Re: APM cancels Live From Here amid other layoffs and cuts

    I am saddened by this news. The world was a better place with the show.
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    Re: New Mandolin Day!

    If it sounds half as good as it looks, you should be very happy.

  22. Re: Mandolin Recommendations - Beginner to Intermediate

    What mandolin to buy? That is the question we all have to answer; from the very beginner who has never even held a mandolin, to those of us with years of experience wanting to upgrade to the next...
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    Re: Introduction and my new to me Gibson Fern

    Congratulations on your mandolin acquisition! There are many on this board that feel the new crop of Gibson mandolins produced under the eye of Dave Harvey are among the best that Gibson has made...
  24. Re: Buying my first Mandolin- Equipment questions


    I had the wrong link for string cutters above, this is actually the correct ones for cutting strings.

    They're close, but the string cutters are a bit beefier than the wire cutters.
  25. Re: Buying my first Mandolin- Equipment questions

    That's a good question - what else do I need when I get a mandolin? I think a headstock tuner is a must have item, but there are plenty of other options out there. I like the one in the link because...
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