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  1. Are old strings hard to keep in tune? Why?

    I've read many places that if your strings are old and hard to keep in tune, it's time to replace them. What's your experience? I can understand how wear on strings can degrade the tone, but why...
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    Re: 7th fret: 3rd or 4th fingers?

    Or vice-versa. Trying to learn piano after years of playing mando and fiddle, the finger numbers always trip me up. And the LH and RH numberings are mirror images, rather than parallel, further...
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    7th fret: 3rd or 4th fingers?

    I've got pretty short 4th fingers. When I use my 4th finger on the the 7th fret on the D or G strings, it's uncomfortable and even sometimes painful. I recently saw someone instead use his 3rd...
  4. Re: mandolin orange-Unknown Legend (Neil Young cover)....WOW

    It's interesting that Andrew plays an oval-hole A-style, rather than his usual Gibson F-style. Maybe he wanted a more mellow, laid-back sound?
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    Re: Why Mandolin?

    Like a number of others, I played fiddle first. Started around age 10; played in my high school orchestra.

    In my 20's, I spent many years trying to learn guitar. It never felt comfortable. ...
  6. Re: Left Hand Form When Playing Ukelele Tuned in Fifths.

    I have a CGDA tenor uke. I just use the same fingerings as a mando. Never noticed anything special about my left hand; I guess it's basically the same form as with mando.

    I also have a couple of...
  7. Re: Replacing a Collings tailpiece with a James tailpiece

    I too am baffled why my Collins MT tailpiece is so poorly designed. It's the worst I've ever encountered. Makes changing strings twice as difficult. It has smooth pegs instead of the usual hooks,...
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    Re: On-Line Jamming Apps?

    One of my jam buddies is highly tech-sophisticated, and he offers this detailed guide to using Jamkazam:[/URL]
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    Re: On-Line Jamming Apps?


    Thanks for your detailed report. My 3 local jam buddies (living within 20 mi. of each other) and I have been using Jamkazam fairly successfully for a couple of dozen sessions. Mainly...
  10. Practice Schedules for Multi-Instrumentalists

    I'm wondering how multi-instrumentalists arrange their practice schedules.

    I usually practice each of my instruments--mando, fiddle, tenor guitar, piano--every day. I fear getting rusty if I...
  11. Re: Play with backup tracks, sing with mp3s. Looking for new sour

    Another vote for Strum Machine. I use it every day. 1000 pre-set tunes, plus you can make your own chord progressions. Instant key changes, chord display in either letters or numbers, and even at...
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    Re: We need songs for these times

    Like many of you, I've been spending WAY too much time staring at a screen, trying to keep up with the latest news. So here's my parody of a Johnny Cash classic:

    I Stay Online

    I keep a close...
  13. Re: Ragtime arrangements on a Tenor Guitar

    It's by Woody Guthrie, not Seeger.
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    Re: GDAE steel string Baritone ukulele

    I tried the TIs in Granger's recommended gauges on my Pono MB model bari, and I love the result. Nice crisp and loud but balanced sound, much more guitar-ish. Great for finderpicking, strumming, or...
  15. Re: This Week's Mandolin Playing Epiphany

    I finally got a response from Matt Flinner about his "Rock & Roll Mando" course:

    "I haven't opened the [archived] courses up to the general public yet---only to past students thus far. But I'm...
  16. Re: This Week's Mandolin Playing Epiphany

    By "archived, I didn't mean you can find it here at the Cafe.

    What I meant is that it isn't one of his currently interactive "live" courses. But I was able to buy the original video lessons,...
  17. Re: This Week's Mandolin Playing Epiphany

    Thanks for the insight.

    I too, play in an acoustic classic rock band, both mando & fiddle. I'm currently learning a lot form Matt Flinner's online archived course, "Rock & Roll Mandolin".
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    Re: Useful Tip For Changing Strings

    I tried sblock's technique last night. It works! "Wrap, then poke" was at least twice as fast as my usual "poke, then wind" approach. And with no worry about the loops slipping off the tailpiece...
  19. Re: You all downloaded the free mando summit app from Northfield

    Apparently this is only available for phones, not desktops. Is that correct?
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    Re: Carbon Fiber Mandolin

    I'd be interested in an A-style with pickup. But I have physical problems that make the weight of the instrument critical. Even with a strap. (That's why I'll be selling my Ovation mando--it weighs...
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    Re: Ingles Violin Stand Question

    "I’ve been using an Ingles stand for my fiddles and mandolins for over ten years without any damage to any of my instruments that I can see."

    Same here. My fiddle & mando (Collings MT) are in...
  22. Re: Who makes a good inexpensive Octave Mandolin?

    I sold my Hora OM. Bought it sometime last year. As John Flynn says, the neck felt like half of a baseball bat. I always got pain in my left hand after playing it for even a few minutes. (This...
  23. Re: A mandolin/violin relative price story

    Getting back to the original question about relative prices of fiddles & mandos, here's my story:

    For fiddling, I'm happy with my $200 garage-sale discovery. It's a pre-war eastern-European...
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    Re: Goals for 2019

    Memorize at least half the tunes in Joe Carr's "Bill Monroe Tunes & Songs for Mandolin"
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    Re: The great guitar break that wasn't!

    Thanks to everyone for educating me about the history of bluegrass guitar breaks.

    Rowen still looks awfully pained and frustrated in this particular performance. Maybe he was just having a...
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