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  1. Re: Is playing TABS detrimental to really learning?

    This is very true, but there's a huge down side to not learning which sharps and flats are in which key. I played by ear for years and years, and was "ok", but I often got confused as to which notes...
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    Re: NMD Pava Pro

    That is a fine looking mandolin, congrats!
  3. Re: Sierra Hull playing as half the audience walks away.

    I had a cat for almost 20 years, she recently passed. But she loved it when I sang to her, especially in minor keys. Not sure why, but I would make up silly songs, and basically sing her name (Tiger...
  4. Re: Gibson opposes Collings' headstock trademark registration, ci

    "I'm soooo confused!" "I bought this guitar thinking it was a Gibson, but now I find out it's a Collings!" "I guess I should have read what was on the headstock, instead of going by the shape."

  5. Re: Charlie Daniels, fiddle (and mandolin) player dead at 83.

    RIP Charlie, thank you for your music. I saw him several times, he was a hard working musician and put on a great show.
  6. Re: APM cancels Live From Here amid other layoffs and cuts

    I am saddened by this news. The world was a better place with the show.
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    Re: New Mandolin Day!

    If it sounds half as good as it looks, you should be very happy.

  8. Re: Mandolin Recommendations - Beginner to Intermediate

    What mandolin to buy? That is the question we all have to answer; from the very beginner who has never even held a mandolin, to those of us with years of experience wanting to upgrade to the next...
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    Re: We don't need no steenking flat picks!

    Carol Wonderland just uses her fingers:
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    Re: Feline String Change Caution

    No one really owns a cat, they simply tolerate our presence. :)
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    Re: One Mandolin - forever...

    I dunno, on one hand we certainly can get emotionally attached to an instrument. The sound is a huge part, but there's also the feel of it, the smell of the case when we open it, the memories stored...
  12. Re: **Josh Pinkham, Red Diamond Mandolins, and D'addario Picks**

    I think I was mistaken, the Red Diamond mandolin at Morgan Music is still for sale, i think I got that one mixed up with the one at Music Emporium. I think I'd be happy with either one. :mandosmiley:
  13. Re: **Josh Pinkham, Red Diamond Mandolins, and D'addario Picks**

    Nice video. After watching it, I broke down and ordered one.

    Not the Red Diamond, but the pick. :) Sweetwater is out right now, but expects another shipment before too long. I ordered online, and...
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    Re: poor quality or MAS?

    First of all, welcome here. You're right, there's a subtle difference between round holes vs. F, but you can play any style on any mandolin.

    I agree with the advice so far, especially with giving...
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    Re: For John Prine

    Perhaps that's why he has a lot of money. No matter how much you make, you will surely go broke if you have to have the best of everything. I would guess he has some pretty nice stuff though.
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    I Miss Playing Live!

    Most of my friends won't relate to this because they aren't musicians, but one of the things I miss most right now is not playing live music. Sure, it was only in the choir. But we practiced at least...
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    Washington Square | The Village Stompers

    We just finished watching Stephen King's series "The Outsider" on HBO, worth watching if you like Stephen King. The song Washington Square is mentioned in an important scene, then played at the end....
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    Re: Any new pedals for multi-instrumentalists?

    I just purchased the ToneDexter, and so far I'm really, really pleased. I've tired several pickups and three or four preamps, and nothing comes close. It has the capacity for 22 different wavemaps,...
  19. Re: To the multi instrumentalists: which instrument is your no. 1

    I used to joke that I can play "Oh! Susanna!" on at least 7 different instruments, none of which were a banjo on my kneee.

    But in actuality the only two I ever really play now are the mandolin and...
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    Re: Gravity and mando case surprise...

    I always like reading stories like these where the case did its job. I can see how it could have been much worse, it sounds like there was quite a bit of force on your F9.

    I agree with you about...
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    Re: Another ToneDexter Question

    I received my TD on Wednesday, and started messing around with it on Thursday. The first thing I did was try to update the firmware, only to receive an ERR code. I looked it up online, but that...
  22. Re: Need help with information and Value of my new Mandolin

    Hi, welcome to the group. I'm not familiar with that model, and I didn't find much online either, but there are a few references to the Alcivar guitars, it seems the are more readily available in...
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    Re: What if I bought the wrong instrument?

    You can play any style of music on any mandolin. Furthermore, if you ever get to the point to where you are playing live, the audience doesn't care what kind of mandolin you have. I agree with most...
  24. Re: First Time Cafe Seller - Returns Cost Allocation

    This is really the key. Since you're the seller, you can set the terms of sell. And you're right, most ads don't spell it out, but in my view they should. That can certainly cause a lot of ill will...
  25. Re: Gibson Ricky Skaggs Distressed Master Model - My New Mandolin

    That is really sweet, very tastefully done.
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