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    Re: Pandemic Reading

    I want to thank responders for providing me with a great music/mandolin reading list that will hopefully keep me busy until the end of social isolation. I ordered Graham McDonald's book and received...
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    Re: The Mandolin in America

    Nice to know they are following WHO recommendations but perhaps taking them to a new level. OK with me.
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    Re: Tremolo Tips

    I do not feel qualified to give lessons beyond teaching my grandchildren but I do play with a lot of tremelo and have one observationI have found.
    Do not use a death grip on your pick, hold your...
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    Re: Speed of bluegrass... is it just me?

    No, you are not alone. I find that most people can't play cleanly at excessive speed, with a few exceptions, so the music gets "muddy" and you lose the sound of...
  5. Re: Changing Keys in a Song...Can Someone Help Me Understand it?

    When I first started playing I read a book called(I think) TEACH YOURSELF TO READ MUSIC. I found reading music rather simple to learn and with much practice not too difficult to develop some skill. ...
  6. Re: Changing Keys in a Song...Can Someone Help Me Understand it?

    Poul's post with the ruler is a great looking tool.
    I wish I had had one when I first started playing.
    You may also pull up a printable copy of a "CIRCLE OF FIFTHS". Easily available with a...
  7. Re: Tommy's Tarbukas and some SeŠn Nůs

    Really nice. Your skills are rapidly gaining momentum since you first started posting. It won't be long for me to see you on the big stage.
    Congratulations and keep up the excellent playing.
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    Re: Over $21K for a NEW Gibson F5 MM

    I can not verify the validity of this statement but have heard it said many times that " A Rolls Royce is purchased for the privilege of having the hood ornament, not for the car".
    Not a mandolin I...
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    Re: Reading music

    Alfred's Learn to Play Mandolin will simultaneously teach you to read music and learn the fret board as well as muscle memory on your fret hand.
    As per my humble opinion, and surely many here will...
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    Re: In search of a mandolin...

    An issue often resolved with some string change experimentation.
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    Re: ?Leather shoulder Strap Pad?

    I saw this and it was the inspiration for my desire to try a pad. Unfortunately it is a little narrow and will hot accomadate a 3 inch strap.
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    Re: How to remember tunes?

    I, too, have a hard time remembering tunes. I have used all the methods I have previously read about in this forum and they have helped, but I still find it more difficult than I think it should be....
  13. Re: Romeo in love (my last mando experiment)

  14. Re: Three Early Kentucky Mandolins Made In Japan

    I can't answer your question, but I can tell you that I am impressed with your collection of mandolins! Good luck with your research and I am certain someone here will help you.
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    3 Month Stiver Review

    After initiating a thread on Stiver mandolins when I ordered mine one year ago and now having had in my possession mine after nearly three months I thought a review was in order. I would like to do a...
  16. Re: Stewmac shipping outrageously expensive and NOT eco-responsib

    Your point is well taken and I do not disrespect your point of view. I'm just not so sure the OP fully understands the costs companies charge for S & H. If he already had that understanding, would he...
  17. Re: Stewmac shipping outrageously expensive and NOT eco-responsib

    I agree with your assessment of the eco choice of paper vs. bubble wrap. However, your admonishment of the writers dislike of Stew Macs shipping costs might be a little strong and certainly...
  18. Re: If money was no object, and perfect bluegrass tone was only g

    Just an opinion here, but I would not rule out a Stiver. But, that is to say many builders exist building fine instruments available at your cost point and you will ultimately get many fine...
  19. Re: instrument an offensive weapon (no mando)

    When our youngest (now 30) was in the third grade he was trying to select an instrument to learn. My wife quickly put her foot down and said,"No" when he suggested trumpet. For trumpet fans don't...
  20. Re: mass produced instruments & size variations

    If you follow the Cafe Classifieds daily between now and Christmas you are likely to find a used 304. Buy with a 48 hr. trial period with you paying shipping both ways if you are not...
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    Re: First song to learn on mandolin

    Rhythm. Blow’n in the Wind (chord changes very recognizable)

    Most Hank Williams tunes are easy play for melody or rhythm.

    Melody : Beatles “Yesterday” (don’t try this for rhythm)

    When I...
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    Re: Advice on a Mandola?

    As you know mandola cases are rarer than mandolas. I placed a wanted ad here in the classifieds and came up with a very nice Collings mandola case for my Coleman. It didn't come cheap. Supply and...
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    Re: Advice on a Mandola?

    I previously owned a Trinity College Mandola that now resides with our youngest son. I liked it quite alot and sometimes wish I hadn't given it up. It gave my Weber a good run and for less than half...
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    Re: Narrowed it down to three

    I second the Kentucky as per Mark.
    And as per pops1 do not depend upon a guitar tech to set it up. Usually under a $100.00 depending upon where you live.
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    Re: Instruments on a Road Trip

    Northern Michigan ( U P ) in October is more likely to have snow.
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