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    Re: Picking Fiddle Tunes?

    I think we all know the truth here. Fiddle tunes is the popular descriptor because most of them were composed on and for fiddle. All fiddle tunes can be played on mandolin, and vice versa, but...
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    Re: Better than a Loar??

    “Believe me when I tell you” huh.

    Oh, darling. That’s convincing.
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    Re: Martin D-18 Bridge plate issue

    72, eh? I’m no expert but that bridge plate looks HUGE—is that one of the infamous oversize tone-killer plates that appeared in the 70s? I thought they were later in the decade. This is the old...
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    Re: Need advice between two guitars.

    Right choice made. Fender is an iconic name in electric guitars, but their acoustics are nothing special whatsoever-they basically just sell for name recognition. And I wouldn’t go for the...
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    Re: Doug Unger Mandolin??

    Way back in the Plasticine Era, 1979 when I was a young fella, I spent five weeks in Elkins WV taking a luthiery course at Augusta, taught mainly by Paul Reisler. In that length of time our group of...
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    Re: Willie O' Winsbury

    Never heard Andy Irvine’s version untilI just looked it up now (Sweeney’s Men are long time gone) although I have been listening to him a lot. I learned the song originally from Dick Gaughan who used...
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    Re: Tunes in "F"

    Cape Breton players love the key of F, and Bb or Gm as well. Here’s a set the Ottawa CB Session plays of some of the favourites, including settings for a couple of tunes that have been mentioned in...
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    Re: Help Selecting New Mandola

    I bought one of the Sawchyn mandolas mentioned above in the May classifieds (there were two from two different sellers to choose from, I went with the cheaper deal) and repatriated it to Canada. Nice...
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    Re: The Harsh February

    I’ve always enjoyed this tune as a full-blast reel, it is very cool to hear a different reading that shows the harmonic subtleties.
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    Re: Key Brand Info?

    Looks like my old Bently, bought for $90 in 1989 from a folk festival vendor in Kerrville Tx. Complete with Made in Korea sticker on back of peghead. Served me well,for 15 years, then my eldest used...
  11. Re: Eastman Pingwell tuning machines - RM-1583N-26A

    I totally missed the memo that Pingwells and Ping aren’t the same (or did Ping just change their name?) and that Eastman changed over at some point. If this happened, does anyone know what year the...
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    Re: Strings - Ball end to Loop End

    When faced with this situation, I get heavy pliers or side cutters (used as pliers) and grab the side of the ball and crush it without disturbing the wire loop. Works fine without damaging the loop...
  13. Re: Oval hole mando comparable to a Kentucky KM-505?

    If you can find a good deal on a Collings MTO—lowest used price seems about $2k US, I’m not thinking of any particular ad anywhere-you ultimately won’t regret it. I played mine at a Cape Breton...
  14. Re: Thoughts on an Eastman MD-515 Mandolin as a first scroll

    To be clear, I agree that the 515 is generally a very good instrument. And the scroll factor adds to the resale value, it’s not a dead loss. Largely just a matter of where you want to keep your...
  15. Re: Elixir Official Notice Mandolin strings discontinued

    Having spent a few years with each, I prefer flatwounds to coated. Similar smooth touch, better durability.

    I resisted Thomastiks for a long time on the basis that all strings break when played...
  16. Their loss is Thomastik’s and D’Addario’s gain,...

    Their loss is Thomastik’s and D’Addario’s gain, plus no doubt many other brands I haven’t tried. After all we are a fanatically loyal market, once we find something we like, we tend to stick with it...
  17. Re: Elixir Official Notice Mandolin strings discontinued

    Knd of a snotty tone to that notice which rubs me the wrong way. “We’re the greatest ever, you’ll never find strings as good, we’re quitting on you, too bad, take up guitar.”

    They couldn’t keep...
  18. Re: Thoughts on an Eastman MD-515 Mandolin as a first scroll

    A scroll is handy to hang a strap on. That”s really the only functional difference from a carved-top A-style body with f-holes.

    And I guess it provides some comfort and security to Monroe-style...
  19. Re: Going to invest in a decent mandolin to last me years any rec

    You said it. Talkin to the wall here.
  20. Re: Planning to buy a Epiphone MM-50 - Any comments?

    New Epiphone mandos are flat out bad. Poor fit-and-finish, oversprayed, overpriced, clunky feel and sound. They have gotten worse than they used to be.

    It beats me why L&M (Canadian music store...
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    Re: Primer on buying vintage mandos online

    Ottawa Valley here. Twelfth Fret is number one resource in Canada. Biggest selection and in particular plenty of great mandos.CBOM, and banjos. I’ve talked to Folkway but didn’t get follow through on...
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    Re: First Mandolin

    Hi and welcome.

    There is no difference in quality of construction between A and F style bodies, generally, and probabl6 no difference in sound and playing quality between an F-style body and an...
  23. Re: Current Schedule of Fines: OTJ Deportment Police

    Tomm6 Jarrell made moonshine? Huh, no wonder 3verybody loved him!
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    Re: Mandolins in the Movies

    In the movie Winter’s Bone, Jennifer Lawrence’s breakout flick, she plays a teenager searching the Ozarks for her missing father. At one point she goes to her dad’s sometime-girlfriend’s house and...
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    Re: Thoughts on a 2005 Eastman

    Hi Barry, if the Ottawa Mando Soc ever gets together again and I can come, I’ll show you my 2009 505. An excellent instrument. 12th Fret had a wall full of them in 2009 and I tried most of them—I...
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