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    Re: Tenor Guitar vs Tenor Banjo

    The Tenor Guitar & Tenor Banjo have the same Tuning but they sound different. Of course the Tenor Guitar is a hybrid instrument consisting of a Tenor Banjo neck slapped on a Guitar body. These were...
  2. Re: Strings for tuning Plectrum banjo as Irish Tenor capoed 3rd f

    A Plectrum Banjo tuned GDAE w/ EJ63i Strings is great & the package really clearly says they're optimized for a 26.25 in scale which is the scale length of a Plectrum Banjo. The reason why they're...
  3. Re: Are there any 5-string tenors exist? Are there any vintage on

    Octave4Plus makes 5ths Tuning Strings that tune CGDAEB (the Gauges are 50, 44, 26, 11, 8, 6) & they'll avoid the breakage problem since they're under super low tension, & if you lubricate the bridge...
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    Re: Should a beginner buy electric mandolin?

    Eastwood Guitars even makes a Copy of the Fender Mandocaster that you can get.
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