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    Re: Irish Tenor Banjo Recordings

    Hi folks,
    I just "discovered" Stevie Dunne when a friend of mine on facebook shared a video, I really like his playing. A quick trawl through this thread showed that Jill already mentioned him and...
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    Re: Dennis Cahill has passed away - R.I.P.

    Very sorry to hear this news. I fondly remember listening to, and being really interested by his guitar accompaniment along with Martin Hayes.

    One of the things that fascinates me about guitar...
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    Re: Andy Irvine is 80

    A very worthwhile thread Dagger, thanks!

    I remember "discovering" Planxty and really loving their music when I was a student in the early-mid 90's. I love the combination of mandolin, bouzouki and...
  4. Thread: Dawgology

    by Paul Cowham

    Re: Dawgology

    I just listened to the latest episode (#15) of the excellent David Grisman "acoustic encounters" podcast with Danny Barnes. In this edition, Dawg talks about early DGQ and also talks about Arthur...
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    Re: What are your roles?

    Well, the one thing I don't consider myself to be is a frontman, I am more of a sideman.

    In terms on ancillary roles - I helped put a short lived band together many years ago and ended up sort of...
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    Re: Sucks being a Canadian sometimes

    I know they are at the higher price range, but I'm a proud and lucky owner of a Heiden mandolin made in Canada...
  7. Re: Octave Mandolin or Bouzhouki for Backing Instrument in Irish

    Thanks again John,
    This asks another technical point then, if the "Irish" bouzouki has a longer scale length than an octave mandolin but is basically tuned the same, then presumably it needs...
  8. Re: Octave Mandolin or Bouzhouki for Backing Instrument in Irish

    Thanks for your explanation John, which makes a lot of sense. The instruments that you built sound great too, chapeau to you!

    Quick question, presumably an octave mandolin is tuned an octave down...
  9. Re: Octave Mandolin or Bouzhouki for Backing Instrument in Irish

    Apologies for my ignorance here, but I don't know the difference between an Irish bouzouki and an octave mandolin.

    My understanding is that the great late Alec Finn played the Greek bouzouki with...
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    Re: How do you remember all those tunes?

    I agree Bob. It seems to me that there are (at least) 2 levels of knowing a tune; a) knowing it really well so you are able to lead the tune in a session or b) not being able to recall the tune...
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    Re: Mandolin vs Guitar - Do you agree?

    I've played guitar longer than mandolin and get more gigs on the guitar, I practised guitar a lot from about the ages 16 to 23 although the first instrument that I learned as a youngster was the...
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    Re: How many of you play 3rd-less chords?

    I play more guitar backing than mandolin when it comes to Irish music (I'm slightly ashamed to say on this forum :redface:), so maybe what I write here is from more of a "guitaristic" perspective,...
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    Re: Chords and double stops in Trad

    Hi Doug,
    Of course, you're correct although I think that chordal instruments such as guitars and bouzoukis have been commonplace in Irish trad for at least 50 years, and as such, are part of the...
  14. Re: videos and other aids for learning Swedish fiddle accompanime

    I'm certainly no expert on Swedish music, but I do have a fairly broad experience of accompaying folk tunes in a range of genres. I always think that before considering chords, tunings or instrument...
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    Re: ANNOUNCEMENT: TAMCO retirement.

    Hi Trevor,
    Like many others on this thread, the day I visited Tamco, which was I think in Feb 2009, was a day that I'll always remember. This is the only time I've been to Brighton, it was a great...
  16. Songs of our Fathers on Dawg's podcast with Andy Statman

    I'm really enjoying David Grisman's podcasts with Danny Barnes. In the latest (episode 11), they discuss Songs of Our Fathers and Andy Statman is part of the conversation. Andy says that, in his...
  17. Re: David Crosby comments on tuning in Fretboard Journal

    I remember watching Tony Rice demonstrate tuning his guitar on "an intimate lesson with TR" , he tuned his D string to a tuning fork on the 7th fret harmonic and then tunes the other strings relative...
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    Re: mandolins on television

    Thanks Beanzy! I missed that, although did go out just before midnight for a toast and to play auld lang syne on the mandolin for some neighbours, and ended up having a bit of a jam with a guitar...
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    Re: mandolins on television

    This was on mainstream British TV in Nov 20
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    Re: Fiddle tunes that don't work on mandolin?

    Thanks Dagger,
    I agree that is a lovely arrangement/performance and also a great way of playing an Irish air on the mandolin.

    Simon's mandolin playing in this clip reminds me of the way that...
  21. Re: seat of the pants gig from a few years ago

    Maybe I should have started a new thread for this... Anyhow, the great Simon Brady and Jonny Hulme on mando and banjo from the first post on this thread have recently teamed up with some other top...
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    Re: Andy Irvine / Paul Brady

    I completely agree that the string sound they get is really interesting. I love the combination of Andy Irvine on Mandolin, Donal Lunal on bouzouki and Paul Brady on guitar, very contrapuntal in...
  23. Re: Non-Classical/Celtic/Bluegrass Mandolin addition to a band?

    One great thing about the mandolin is its ability to fit in with many genres, obviously it has a more central role in bluegrass and choro and to a slightly lesser extent Irish/Scottish and similar...
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    Re: Best prices Gibson F5

    I don't feel qualified to comment on the specific qualities of different models/eras of gibson mandolin. The range of replies here though say to me that the old maxim "try before you buy" is really...
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    Re: Andy Irvine / Paul Brady

    This is one of my favourite albums

    It strikes me that the band for this album (and current tour) is basically planxty with Kevin Burke on fiddle...
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