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    Re: DI Box w/ XLR IN & Mute?

    The Eventide Mixing Link will do that, but no EQ.
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    Re: Heiden Heritage

    Wow ! What a beauty ! Congrats !
    I'd love to have one of these !
    Right now I'm waiting for my Ellis F5 Special Deluxe. Should be finished in spring next year.
  3. Re: Microphone recommends for home studio recording?

    I own an Edwina and tried it on mandolin, where I most of the time use a Neumann KM84.
    I really liked the sound the Edwina supplies, also on guitar and vocals - great mic.

    Here are two shoot-outs...
  4. Re: A Mandolin & Octave Mandolin duet: Big Hands

    Wow, love that sound - beautiful !

    - - - Updated - - -

    Wow, love that sound - beautiful !
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    Re: An original tune on a Sobell mandola

    Very fine one, Gunnar ! I like the composition and your sound on the Sobell.
    Thanks for posting.
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    Re: Brentrup Prices Up?

    If you are looking for a Brentrup F5 M23V in perfect condition and reasonable priced, you will find one at "New Acoustic Gallery", a great shop in Germany.
    I tried it out last summer, and it sounded...
  7. Re: If money was no object, and perfect bluegrass tone was only g

    My Ellis A5 maybe could fulfill the expectations.
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    Re: Grace felix vs. Red eye

    I use Felix, RedEye and some other preamps playing mandolin, guitar, bouzouki, banjo, dobro, Weissenborn ...
    The Felix is an awesome unit packed with great features, transparent and true sound,...
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    Re: Mandocello Amplifier Thoughts

    I'm happy with a QSC K8.2 - great flat response sound, features a switchable high impedance input and some basic EQ. Sounds great with my Dazzo equipped mandocello.
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    Re: K&K pick up and Baggs Venue DI Help

    Which sound system/ mixing desk ?
    On the Venue D.I. is there something like a mic/line level button ?
  11. Re: A swing tune I wrote called Sunrise Swing with tab.

    Great one - great playing ! Thanks !
  12. Re: Microphone recommends for home studio recording?

    Me again - just remembered I did some comparison some time ago: Five condensers and one ribbon on a Collings MF5 mandolin. Here we go:...
  13. Re: Microphone recommends for home studio recording?

    Shure SM81 would be a great choice in your price range as is Shure KSM 137. Personally I would not recommend Rode NT5. It's a great mic for the money but personally I always prefer more flat response...
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    Re: An instrumental tune for octave mandolin

    Brilliant ! Thanks for posting !
    Wonderful sounds coming out of your OM. You really make it ring.
    More please!
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    Re: 5 course questions

    I play a 10-string bouzouki/cittern made by Stefan Sobell. I tune it DGDad.
    Here are some examples:
  16. Re: Favorite clip-on microphone for Irish bouzoukis

    I tried (besides others) a John Bartlett guitar mic and a DPA 4061 and I liked both.
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    Re: New Vintage playing Big Mon

    GREAT ! Thanks for posting ! Big fun listening !
  18. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    Hey, thank you very much. Yes, it's an awesome instrument. Lawrence Smart is a highly reguarded luthier. And I was lucky years ago to find it at Elderly at a reasonable price.
  19. Re: Please talk about your experience with the Mandola.

    I bought my first mandola in the nineties, pretty soon after starting to play mandolin. I upgraded over the years from Gibson H2, Lebeda H4, Flatbush A5 style to a very nice L. Smart H5. It's a...
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    Re: Describe your MAS progression

    In chronological order, starting in 1990 - Bold means remaining, instruments I loved for their sound are underlined.

    no name A5
    Gibson A1
    Washburn F5
    Gibson F2
    Michael Kelly F5 Dragonfly...
  21. Re: comparison: Ellis A5, Northfield F5 Artist VIE, Collings MF5

    thank you all for your fine contributions - really great !
    I just decided to order an Ellis F5 Special Engelman top / tortoise binding - my dream mandolin. Played my Collings MF5 for 17 years...
  22. comparison: Ellis A5, Northfield F5 Artist VIE, Collings MF5

    Hi fellows,

    for the first time in my life I had the chance to try out an Ellis mandolin: A 5 special deluxe. Love it ! So sweet and detailed! Here is what it sounds compared to my in-house...
  23. Re: pickup/mic vs. studio condenser microphone on a Collings MF 5

    thanks for your contribution - some questions ...
    There is an external microphone in this comparison - maybe you missed it. And can you explain what you mean by saying "sustain is unnatural" ?...
  24. Re: pickup/mic vs. studio condenser microphone on a Collings MF 5

    thank you very much - glad you like it !
    Oh yes, the Schoeps is such great mike, no doubt. Love it like I love my old KM84s. Often hard to decide cause both mikes are so great on guitar,...
  25. pickup/mic vs. studio condenser microphone on a Collings MF 5

    Here is what a fine dual source system sounds like compared to a high end studio condenser microphone. I took my well worn Collings MF5 equipped with a K&K pickup / DPA 4061 attached mic and a...
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